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  1. Engine Porn

    See post 17. Kelvin made more petrol paraffin engines than they did diesels and continued to do so until I believe the late sixties.They are well engineered reliable and so quiet. The F4 in the photograph produces 30 H.P. at 700 RPM albeit from 6 litres. It has considerably more torque than many traditional boat diesels and is so, so quiet. Tom posted a video clip on you tube of an F2, admittedly with rudimentary silencing and that has, as you would expect, half the power at the same revs. We have a number of these beautiful engines and are in the process of developing a cold start on paraffin adaptation. If you search for a video of Joel you will see an exceptional boat powered by an exceptional engine HughC.
  2. Engine Porn

    Ex Willow.
  3. Boat Stretching enquiry

    Given power above the minimum in free water the maximum speed of a displacement boat will be between 1.1 and 1.4 times the square root of the waterline length. Where the boat sits on this curve depends on the hull design. Regards, HughC.
  4. According to local information, offered when we were stuck in Filance, the over enthusiastic use of pressure grouting has led to this problem. It would be interesting to know which other narrow locks have undergone this treatment and whether or not this is causing problems. HughC.
  5. Who made these boats?

    These boats were built for Swan Line by Horace Greaves Ltd. in Derby. Regards, HughC.
  6. We have I guess been up and down the Erewash a hundred times over the last 40 years. All our boats have been deep draught, Wyrd for example draws three feet over the whole length of the boat. We have never been unable to complete a trip because of the lack of water. It has sometimes been slow going but the friendly welcome at Langley Mill will make up for it. Regards, HughC.
  7. Wrought iron hull vs steel pros and cons?

    We haven't as yet. As soon as the dock is free we'll have a good look. The 'best' answer would I suppose be to remove the footings and weld or rivet a new section by each knee which was where the corrosion had taken place because of coal dust packed between the knee and the side of the boat. Finding coppered iron to make the repairs might be difficult. As there is still a considerable thickness of metal remaining we will probably weld up the largest pits which will of course be only postponing the problem. Interestingly we had fiitted anodes to protect the replacement steel helm and these have completely disappeared. Regards HughC.
  8. Wrought iron hull vs steel pros and cons?

    When we first bought Meteor in the nineties it was my understanding that the hull like many of the early small boats had been made with coppered iron. The boat was refooted shortly afterwards using IIRC 10mm steel. This in 2017 is showing significant pitting whilst the hull looks much as it always did. The steel is probably acting as an anode. Regards, HughC.
  9. Log Boats - ancient inland navigation

    It is possible that the dates have become confused. Boats of the sub-Roman and early middle ages would have had access to the considerable mileage of improved rivers left by the Romans. However in 'The Piercebridge Formula' the author considers that the Romans improved waterways which were already in use for smaller boats and this may mean that improvements had been carried on for many years. It is, I suppose, always worth considering the site of mediaeval mill sites which I believe often appropriated early navigation works as ready made weirs etc. Regards, HughC.
  10. Witham Navigable Drains

    Around the turn of the millenium we took Wyrd and Meteor around the drains on three occasions. We reached New Bolingbroke and the junction of West Fen and Castle Dike near Revesby Bridge. Accompanied by Star we went as far as Hagnaby Lock but although the levels were OK the amount of builders rubble in the lock stopped further progress. Winding a full length butty was problematical in places but even at the entrance to the New Bolingbroke drain we were only short by a couple of feet and the soft mud allowed us to drag Meteor round. There was clearance in the Bunkers Hill 'tunnel' even with the cloths up but IIRC we had to remove the cloths and stands around Frithville for a couple of bridges. In the late seventies we had Avon as far as New Bolingbroke and the local Boston paper ran an article with photographs. Restoring the basin at New Bolingbroke would give a worthwhile destination and encourage the use of the WND. East Fen lock should be restored and then the way would be open for a route to Skegness. Regards, HughC.
  11. Red Cabin Tops

    Dacrylate in Sutton in Ashfield do a very good machinery enamel for around £35 + VAT for 5 litres. We use it all the time. You will need to open an account but they also do a range of oxides and a good thixo. bitumen for around £65 for 20 litres. No connection except as a satisfied customer. Regards, HughC.
  12. Progress on dock

    If a piece already been let in where the rot is on the chine plank was it of poorer quality wood? Regards, HughC.
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    At Langley Mill opposite your dad's boats. Meteor is soon to return to the same mooring. regards, HughC.
  14. What to ask for in fitout?

    The fit out is important, of course it is, but, if you are considering a new build of either a narrow or wide beam there are more important considerations. If you're gong to CC then you should, as your primary concern, choose a builder who produces hulls that swim well and look right. Long after you have decided on the colour of the work tops or whether or not you need a hairdryer the shape and style of the boat will be what takes your eye every time you leave or return to it. Any part of the fitout can be changed the hull is the most important consideration. Do not be seduced by glossy fitouts of clone craft hulls that swim like bricks and look like sheds. Regards, HughC.
  15. Long Eaton Lock

    I have now received a reply from CART who say that they identified this lock as being suitable for an early autumn stoppage after consultation with the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association. Now I realise that the Erewash is not a destination of choice for many boaters but there are some disturbing elements to this decision. Firstly why on earth should the views of the ECP & DA have an effect on every ones use of the canal. I have, over the years used the Erewash far more than any member the ECP&DA and no one asked my opinion. Secondly CART state in their reply that they are always looking for ways of spreading major stoppages over the year. It would seem that CART can choose which 'stakeholders' they consult with over when to close a canal. They say that this was advertised in January so it will have been easily missed though having been caught out by stoppages on the Erewash I keep a close eye on the stoppage lists and I didn't spot it.Today it is the Erewash next year it may be any of the more popular routes after they have consulted with who ever they choose to justify their decision.CART would I am sure would like there to be a 'boating season' and this would appear to end at the beginning of September. It is, for example, a short step from consulting with an un-representative canal society to consulting with angling interests over closures for large fishing matches. This is not an ill considered rant it is a wake up call. I believe CART are gradually changing the conditions under which they operate the system.