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  1. A sad day at yelvertoft Marina

    Swans do deserve respect tho.......as a kayaker i was paddling on the k&a just down from honeystreet when we came across a swan that was very teritorial. A lady on a narrow boat did warn us of him as we rounded the corner and lone behold there he was. He was presenting and puffing himself up etc etc. We had to slap the paddles right in his face at 1 point as he almost pinned us to the side of the canal. To add insult to this already embarassing and somewhat worrying moment i was holding onto the bank and my friends kayak when i felt a pain in my hand on the bank.....i turned to find a duck nibbling the side of my hand.......lol It was like dr doolittle animals attack. We bribed them all with monstermunch spicy hot (hope they got the trots) while we ushered our wives past. Funny moment but a tad scary.
  2. Steering wheel or tiller

    When using tiller on small ribs and outboards i always sit to the left of the tiller and steer with my right. Ive almost come a cropper a few times when doing about 17knots and turning hard to port......recovering the g force and pulling the tiller back towards you is no walk in the park.....ive seen people thrown out doing this luckily kill cord attached.....no such issues at 2mph tho but i should imagine striking the canal bed or an obstruction can cause a significant kick back......
  3. What tools

    Is that what there called.......in our workshop we refer to them as "has anyone seen the big f#@#$*# tool adjusting?" Ill tell the lads....
  4. liveaboard costs

    Thats a pricy holiday.......4k....thats a top cruise!!!
  5. Our new adventure day 5

    Thank you for the update and the piks, im gunna keep an eye on this thread keep up the good work!!!
  6. Frouds Bridge Marina

    We visited frouds bridge recently to look at a boat for sale a pinder but it was not for us....spoke to the lady who works in reception for hours. Very friendly and we wish we could moor tgeir but as we want a wide beam its not possible

    Hang on hang on a second here we are first and foremost forgetting 1 thing here regardless of wether the individual has had a personal accident or not.......DUTY OF CARE....... its a commercial run business that has a duty of care to staff and customers. Simple......liability is neither here nor their. If you have reported it and recorded as such in a site diary etc or an official complaints procedure the owness is on the liable party to get it sorted........so instead of attacking the guy for his inacuracys (because lets face it we all make mistakes and beleive things to be right which may not be) we give constructive advice..... Mine is as follows: approach the marina and submit your concerns either individualy or as a collective and await action. Firstly they must isolate the area and effect repair. Of nothing happens speak as a representative of the collective and tell them you feel you should now report this unsafe situation to the relevant authorities HSE and watch the fireworks fly!!!! You must not get any repromand for raising your concerns as lets face it your more liable for ignorance than you are for persistance!!!!!
  8. CCing in a widebeam

    I plan to cc in a widebeam.......

    Guys i did write according to the OP......if we take his word on this then im saying it does not suprise me he gets told to sling his hook if he is dealing with a company who allows his site to deteriorate or fall into disrepair. I am not naive and this could be an individual trying to destroy a reputation....... but im sorry if this is a genuine situation it is unsafe and needs to be dealt with as this is peoples welfare at stake which means more than any reputation of a marina in my eyes........

    See i dont agree here.......yes he ranted but a polite letter may well get you didly with this marina as they have not given a crap about maintenance or upkeep or care for the safety of staff or those paying for their services which should be safe to use and fit for purpose..........instead according to the OP they just chuck you off.......force the hand by bringing in the big boys i say........hello HSE!

    Now that is a good question.....it is down ultimately to the company or person proven to have controlling mind in the knowledge of the damage and that includes individuals should an accident occur (civil action) that will be held responsible. In my mind anyhow........its some years since i passed my H&S neebosh exams byt its how i beleive it to be.

    The above is loosely correct. They would fall foul of section 2/3 potentialy 4 and 36/37 (management) along with 7 for individuals. Report then the HSE. They will place a prohibition notice or prohibtion for repair on them and a time frame to carry out works.

    Its also difficult to cut coke in the blue light so im told........
  14. "Permanent Mooring"

    Hell no!!!! The holday in beds are crap
  15. Disguised £100 Thames mooring sign?

    Yes but as a cc'er you by nature travel alot more than pleasure boaters with moorings........ (or your supposed to) so will effect cc more due to exposure to these mooring restrictions/fee's? My logic anyhow.