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  1. Actually a house does not cost that much to run unless you live in a mansion, with certain criterior we own the house no mortgage, we provide most of our own water (drinking water via the Berkey) 1400l of catchment water in the backyard via waterbutts and gravity fed guttering, 20% of house power via a makeshift solar array, firepit/bbq/oven (12 weeks worth of wood drying in cycles). I think all of that cost £2000 outlay 4 years ago and no maintenance costs upto now. Got rid of sky 2 years ago replaced with freeview + a plex server containing 4000+ movies and 192 tv series. When we get our boat I will probably add a few more 280w solar panels to the house plus a few relion batteries and cancel our gas/electric all together (the idea being the firepit/wood stove + solar would keep the house going for the short times we spend there) Only costs we can not remove fully are Council tax + water rates (we only pay £5 per month water rates) + insurance. That comes to £60+5+22 £87 per month to keep our house and always have a place to go back too. Phone/internet costs are not added as they are already mobile enabled and thus part of boat life. (sorry for not being around for abit, issues came up)
  2. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    Could some one tell me the Maximum Width (Beam I think it is called) and the Maximum depth of a boat to comfortably travel the TMC and most other UK canals.
  3. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    A Point I may have not been clear enough about. Paola is mainly in a wheelchair due to the balance issues of the drugs and weakness in her legs, she walks around the house fine and goes next door mostly without aid (on good days) to put it in perspective when we got off Kathleen when she broke at Aston Number 3 lock on the TMC, those that know that lock know that where you moor up there is quite a steep steps, we got Paola's wheelchair up on to the path on the top of the embankment and Paola was able to using the railing walk up those steps. A wheelchair allows us to go further and covers us when Paola is having a bad day, we have a stair lift but ours is and old semi detached house and have a 20 step staircase from ground to upper floor. on the TMC in stoke on trent (shelton) there is a double bridge next to a lock a foot bridge next to a rail bridge (just before the cemetery if you are coming from stoke towards festival park marina) First time we ever explored that route we wanted to get off in shelton and did not know that further down was a ramp, so I pushed Paola through the undergrowth to what we affectionately call hell steps (that foot bridge has 40+ steep steps either way) Paola made it while I lugged the Wheelchair. I an not honestly see a time where Paola would need a wheelchair 100% of the time or a house/narrow boat with internal wheelchair access, after looking after her for 20 years I should know what I am talking about, the simple and sad fact is this, IF the cancer comes back it is an acute form of leukaemia very fast acting she will be dead within 3 months , wheel chair access to a boat will be the least of our worries and as for her other side effect from the drugs/secondary illness once again the doctors agree that if it goes bad it will not be home in a wheelchair it will be intensive care in a hospital. We already carry an emergency GPS alarm system that can be triggered when we are out on our walks so being on a narrow boat is not difference really (if the emergency services can get to Paola in under an hour up a mountain or out to sea then they can get to her on a narrow boat). A lot of people put things off for many reasons, illness, budget, family, we put our life on hold always expecting to have time tomorrow or next week or next year, the amount of people I met in the different cancer wards all wished they had acted now and had regrets things they wished they had done, 20 year olds, 40 year olds illness can hit you any time. Paola wants to be on the water, she wants to be taking pictures, painting, and watching nature go by, we love rivers, canals and all that kind of thing we also love the community of people, now while I will take my time and make sure the that when we get a new boat it is the right one, the one thing I will not do is wait for a better day or say no to what I know is important in life and that my friends is not money or playing it safe because life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.
  4. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    Actually Paola prefers a NB to a Wide, see our old disabled persons bungalow was built in a way that no space or was more that 4ft, designed so an infirm person always had a wall, or surface to steady herself, our old kitchen was smaller than a NB galley, even now when we moved into this semi detached house the big rooms were fitted in a way by us to make them a lot smaller, the living room is cut into 4 by a huge sofa, couch and chairs same with every room of the house and before some one points out "omg you are taking a person who may fall onto a boat!!!" Paola has not fallen in 6 years it is more a comfort thing now and she handled Kathleen and that boat rocked quite a bit especially when day tripper NB didn't slow down as they passed you. What most would find as confining on a NB we would find normal compared to our old place. And yes we are still open to all suggestions and ideas.
  5. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    We plan to take a walk down there once all the tests are done, it is close enough and yes that it is very good advice lol We just live in different worlds, Paola wants to spend the rest of her life on the water, to see and do things most people take for granted and we already proved it was doable with Kathleen, as in on a bad couple of days she was able to get on a boat with no modifications, took a lot of pictures some of which she is planning to paint and thus we both know what we want and how to achieve it.
  6. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    What we are planning is realistic
  7. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    I am going to take what you said as if it was meant with the best possible intention and as solid advice here is the situation.. I hope most of you understand I am not wasting any of your time, this is not a flight of fancy, the goal is to get Paola on the water and spend the rest of our lives (or as much as possible doing things Paola never could in the past) the obstacles in front of just jumping in and doing it are real but not permanent. Some one asked how Paola was and how the tests were going on, Paola's illness and side effects are weird to say the least, the best case scenario is very likely to come to pass which is her body will settle down get use to the new regime and we could have another 18 years of her at this level of illness without it getting worse for 5-18 years. Her Diabetes could be a type (according to the specialist) that could actually be fixed, a certain type can be Switched back to normal function but only if it is this specific type which we will know after another 4 weeks and new blood tests. At the same time the really toxic drugs currently at 300mg could be dropped down to 200mg which would alleviate much of the side effects but the test is like an 8 week test to know if the % are low enough to drop it to 200mg. In a perfect world you are right PD1964 but the simple fact is Paola could be dead in 3 months 6 months a year we have outlived the doctors and specialists best guess by 16 years up to now when you face that kind of mortality and see so many people waiting for a sunny day I hope you will understand the following. All the time Paola probably feels bad enough to put most of you in bed but unless it is bad (her version of bad would put me in hospital) she will still want to go out, she was ill when we were on Kathleen but she does not regret it, Paola just about does everything everyone does even if she is ill yes she suffers for it but what is the other options sit at home let it beat her and wait to die ?
  8. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    The evolution of this thread and the last one is very interesting to me as my knowledge and experience grew, ideas and options I had completely shut out became worthy of consideration and I have met some wonderful people, spent time talking on the phone to great people, visited multiple marina's and made plans for both me and Paola. Yes If I did not have my current situation I would be visiting a different marina every week, to put it in perspective every time I leave the house I have to first check if Paola is okay, is she well enough to come with me or better of at home, is Mum having a good day or wrecking the house, does her partner need my help and only if those conditions are satisfied do I go out the door.
  9. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    lol, its okay see most people on this thread know the idea and why we are hear looking for advice and help, some very few are just being awkward and negative. I think a 50-55 or even 60ft myself but a lack of knowledge means I am going to look at all options. BTW I will also point out there is a big difference between negativity and offering realistic advice, the second I am always open to the first I will point out what a fool they are making of themselves.
  10. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    The other point to make is unfortunately my mum is in late stage dementia and if we did decide on a NB and live about we would not sell our house or move onto a boat until that situation resolved (we moved to live next door to her last August so we could help her partner out) so while in theory I have a lot of spare time on my hands most of that is tied to the house and local area and while the TMC is 70ft away and perfect for walks only one Marina is within the distance we can get to without it being too far.
  11. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    Well if once again you had bothered to read the thread you would know my wife has hospital appointments and tests all through August and into September meaning most days we have to be at home or in stoke on trent plus these tests can lay Paola up for a week at a time meaning I can sit around bitching and moaning or I can use that time I have to be at home on here asking questions, talking to people and generally increasing my knowledge base, also as I pointed out we have two expeditions out next month, one to a Marina another to spend some time on a NB these both will help solidify our future plans so by the end of September I would think we have a good idea of what we can do and what fits then we move into the actually going out and look. Paola thinks a 45-50ft NB would work as a live aboard what are peoples experiences on that ?
  12. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    Okay lets do the specifics If its a GRP cruiser (large) (based at newark or another marine like that) we would like it to cover rivers and coastal (negatives for this are mostly due to distance from home) £40k maximum) no problem with access to doctors or hospitals as it will be used between visits. If its a canal/river cruiser GRP then limit is £40k and we will base out of Aston Marina canal and river access from there. If it is a NB limit is £140k and will base out of festival park Marina or another stoke on trent TMC marina. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. All are viable for a future including boats. All will be considered. We need a real bed We need access for Paola (available or ability to be modded) Good heating
  13. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    We are not wildly swinging from side to side, we just spent time considering our options. GRP boats are still in the mix, if we go that way 40k is the maximum as I explained, we have just opening up our options. See we have very specific requirements so having as wide a pool of options as possible is a good thing. We are visiting a Marina with a member from here at the end of september to look at 30-40ft GRP cruisers We are visiting a NB owner on here in september and going out on a day cruise. We have researched both Diesel and Petrol and can see no viable reason to discount petrol based on our needs. This is all a learning experience.
  14. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    Now this reply I do not understand. 40k is a big investment in a boat (actually with a narrow boat we would be willing to go the hole hog sell the house and spend up to £140,000 (we own our house outright) (leaving a nice amount to live comfortably). 40k would be the maximum for a boat we would use for adventures/holidays/time away from home £140k would be the amount for a home replacement. Now while we really do love GRP I have not seen a viable (for different reasons) 100% home replacement, those big enough to be home replacements are bigger than I would like to take on a canal, home replacement needs to be able to use canal's because that way on the TMC we can be close to our Doctors/hospital/friends/family, Remember we have walked the 8 miles of TMC around Stoke on Trent we know all the ways off and on the canal and those 8 miles are full wheelchair access, from the canal we are 10 minutes from our Dentist/Doctor and the hospital (did a lot of scouting). We also have the money to afford all year round mooring at festival park marina or another NB one within stoke on trent. (the closest viable mooring for a GRP is Aston) We have a home address next door to our own (Mum) also the canal runs 70ft from our house. We already live a minimalist lifestyle. We had discounted this option due to our knowledge of NB and the access problems but we adapt and learn yesterday's walk along the canal gave us a fresh perspective and options, as some one has mentioned we could have the steps taken out and a small hydraulic lift put in, in the scheme of things that cost is not great.
  15. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    And I wish you would actually take the time to read the thread if you are going to comment, we have not said no to anything, we have just opened up further options, "added to the mix" I should not really have to explain what that actually means, feel free not to visit the thread as all you seem to bring is negativity and snide comments, We have just opened up our options even more which allows different people from different experiences NB, Cruisers to all give input, no where did I say we were not still looking into GRP, all I said was we are adding another option. Each type has positives and negatives, strengths and weakness and it is further complicated because each type has subsets like GRP which have a really nice boarding platform or NB with custom wide steps and access, we are still months away from buying, as most understand this is about opening up the floor to other ideas and possibilities from experienced people, which may lead us down another path, good thing is now we have at least a couple of people from this forum who have a lot of experience in different types of boats willing to come and look/check over any boat we decide on whether GRP Cruiser or NB which is a great positive.