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  1. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    will take a look.....AO.Com do it at a push but you have drill down first Ooohhhh...that sounds like a cattle prod to the backside comment!?....I know you NEVER provoke in fun but!!?
  2. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Finging slimmer depth ones is tricky as I can't any filters on size...was sure some sights use them but not any I can see atm Am fast coming to the conclusion that this is best way for me.......am not a 'Skim Jim' and big longer leg jeans weigh heavy so the 11/7 KG option is probably safest. Hooking up every couple of weeks is no great pain as am still working so makes sense for this option.
  3. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Not getting involved in this one
  4. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Dishwasher!?....not even dreamt of one of those.....I am the dishwasher
  5. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Cheers for that - do you use any special powders/liquids?
  6. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Now that is a bugger....bit like my first flat, bought a new bed but couldn't get the old one out without chopping it up into small pieces. Was a steel framed bed as well Think I would only ever use mine when shoreline attached, given expectation on power requirements
  7. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Cheers for that....is it a gravity drain at end of cycle or a pump out?...guessing a drain....would then need to think of how to fit it in the shower room as was looking at the compacts so cheers for the warning. Don't fancy the launderette route but not sure how people find it......and always worried about the waste water, not being too up on which powders / liquids to use on a boat.
  8. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Hi all, Next on the list is a washing machine solution.....I haven't made up my mind whether to have one or if it should be twin tub in the shower room for ease of draining or if it is a fully automatic with dedicated electric cable from the shoreline power connection. can you advise if you have one, if so was it worth it .....given that I am not going to be in one place all year.....and if so which is the best option. Pumping out the automatic is an unknown to me....sorry edit added - just to clarify, in that am not sure if it goes straight out into the canal or into a sewage tank etc.? As always many thanks in advance folks....need to sort this before I start the rebuild as IF I get one, it will go in the first part of my rebuild...using the l-shape I'm cutting out of the back-up loo.....else this will be shelving. Cheers folks
  9. Not got a boat, yet

    My three are pretty good and love the boat so happy for them to stop over, will keep the 6 berth options for now. Equally, having an option of making up three doubles is good for when a couple of old friends fancy escaping their families and we can have a boys long weekend with a few beers and a bit of fishing. The kiddies also like their home comforts so no danger of them wanting to stay too often.
  10. Not got a boat, yet

    Yep ...always confused me but then eventually you see where the compromise was....I wanted a slightly jibber kitchen but more importantly a more homely feel so all will be worth it...just need very slightly warmer weather to start the rebuild (will make my own furniture except for cupboard doors) ....it could end up a right mess, but it will be mine Good luck young lady and keep us posted!....I will do a blog site or similar when I can get my act together but loads of photos ....and yes a real bomb site....living in bed sit land on my double bed in the middle....fortunately I work around the country a bit so hotels give me an option but loving the boat and the cramped conditions....just good fun.
  11. Not got a boat, yet

    ...and the opinion of a newbie....I had an l-shaped bench seating with table that dropped to make a double bed & have ripped that and everything else out from the front half of my boat and am putting in a diner style seating arrangement but which can convert to a more cosy seating arrangement and a bed....I am being influenced by needing to make sure my 3 kiddies can come aboard and everyone be comfortable ...but happy with my choices. .....just have to build it now
  12. Cassette Toilets!!?....Not 'IF' but 'Which One'!?

    Might struggle on a roundabout in some towns where trees are scarce Very true!
  13. Cassette Toilets!!?....Not 'IF' but 'Which One'!?

    Hmmmm.....that would be good for visitors.....I could put it in the woods .....might be left alone then ...not so hot for 3 young kiddies sadly....be accurate!?....With two young lads it could need a wet room. Cheers for that - the olive oil tip is useful and got to be cheaper thN their own stufff.....hey recommend their own toilet paper....surely no-one buys that stuff except the Royals of camping!?
  14. Cassette Toilets!!?....Not 'IF' but 'Which One'!?

    But surely that only applies if you don't leave them clean!?....are you saying they smell if left clean? I was asking about rubber seals deteriorating or drying as opposed to anything else. I would use mine in back-up situe and then clean and park so to speak.....not thinking of leaving a cassette stewing at half full for any length of time. As mentioned at the top of the thread I have my pump-out as norm but this is a back-up....so will be parked clean.
  15. Cassette Toilets!!?....Not 'IF' but 'Which One'!?

    Just seen those, problem is that they are plumbed in and electric flush. Maybe my back-up could be electric flush but want a safety net over water supply....but as I type that I think, it is going to be empty until needed and then if water is off then it will be bucket of water into the pan job, so no issue there either. Almost criminal. I nearly got caught by that Black Friday Sale but luckily had too much time on my hands that day as working away. Double checking, as per your comments, I found thT there sale price was almost exactly as per others....so I went with others even at £1.30 extra.....a so called £40-50 saving