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  1. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    I can't reverse straight for more than 5' ....a mile or more!....that is some skill. Give me 10yrs and I may try it
  2. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    I've only had my boat since August following some work identified by the survey and have a bit of sympathy for the OP as they appear to be genuine. There is so much to think about in those early days, and despite planning things get missed, I had additional work done in Nantwich in Oct and was on a run south to the Severn when the fuel pump went so that could have put me at the mercy of the winter closures despite having read through them....I probably have a bit more time to kill than the OP as I did read through everything but only just remembered to check with the C&RT site despite it being on my things to do list, so can imagine people missing it in their first 6 months. Have to say, people talk about turning round on the cut after a lock closure but a lot of people may not get that option given no winding hole. Also understand the suspicion on here as one boater actually admitted to doing it after a few beers in a pub one evening, and would not be surprised by any hard stance from C&RT. Good luck to you OP, and to everyone else out on the cut....maybe a milder winter this year!?...let's hope for a 'not-too-wet' one, unless it refers to a drink or two. A winter of work to make the boat my own but looking forward to getting out and about next summer. After a breakdown, split from wife and health issues am enjoying my new life, despite having to work still, and can't wait for early days of spring....although that does mean boat repainting time so lots of scrubbing back of existing stuff and sanding down but looking forward to it.
  3. Advice for Upper River Severn Please

    You have tidal and non-tidal south of Tewkesbury......and to be honest you are allowed to call it what you like, as am I. So long as place names qualify the situation then everyone will understand. History is always changing and our understanding of it also, too many people tend to focus on a specific writing or view of history in order to justify their position as opposed to enjoying it and moving on.....all a bit like religion really, too many people become hung up on a specific focus, telling people they're wrong because it doesn't fit with their own view of life or ideology speaks for itself I think. ......not saying that you were down this path, but people don't have to agree on names for everything. Tolerance in an intolerant World is in itself a self gratifying thing......or you can just turn your back and get on with life.....equally self gratifying at times.
  4. Advice for Upper River Severn Please

    Nice bit of history but I guess the relevant term here is 'was navigable' - as I wasn't around in those days, and to clarify my own terminology, I would refer to the Upper Severn as being the navigable non-tidal section above where the tidal and 'Lower' Non-Tidal river sections meet. I guess that's the beauty of the modern world, always changing I hope that clarifies my view of the River Severn today.
  5. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Aargh!....forgot that bit in the rain....will get him to Show me Tuesday as your info was of big value....I feel that knowing where that is will be a biggie in future ....many thanks again mross Nope - not on the tank, the tank had to be emptied due to the Welding just outside it on the hull. ...but again a good shout.
  6. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    OK folks, RCR guy just left, spot on service I have to say, even though he's been tearing around all day. - No extra filter just the primary and secondary - Fuel came out clear as day, nothing in there except pure clean diesel....no water, nothing - Tested it with a secondary field pump after replicating my issue after just 3-5 minutes of runtime, checked lines and nothing coming through - test pump work like a dream. - switched back to boat pump and awaited it to stall again....nothing!....worked like a dream, but not safe enough to go on the river so having an enforced holiday in Tewkesbury until Tuesday probably. thanks again to all for their help, greatly appreciated. Time for a beer or two to drown my sorrows
  7. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Many thanks for that Ace....and Laurie ...much appreciated .....engine not fully stalled as yet but been close to it so far.
  8. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Cheers for that Not got a fuel tank dipstick yet mind
  9. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    How on earth do you check for that? This would be one of my biggest fears but also unsure how it would have got there as it has been all but full for all 3 weeks and never refuelled in anything but dry conditions. The boat had been sat for quite some time prior to me picking it up but again, it has taken 3 weeks to materialise, just seems at odds with the performance to date. Thanks for the comments again though, all worth considering.
  10. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Very True should have confirmed that they would flush it through or a full clean for me....they 'may' have done it but not sure and didn't explicitly ask. Having said that, it has taken over three weeks to show itself so strange in that sense...unless a slow build up. RCR on the way...will watch closely and going to book their annual free inspection plus add a full service for asap. thanks again for the ideas ...all good learning.
  11. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    It was a hire boat previously and no idea how to check for water but the tank was drained on purchase so that I could get two steps welded near the stern while it was out for blacking and the guy is a well trusted sort so if any water then it can only be since and it has been close to full all the time since then. will get some of that stuff to add in now just in case.....I know it divides opinion but better safe than sorry for the future I guess.
  12. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Many thanks again to all - will keep you posted tomorrow, better go and get some food before early night
  13. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Cheers Bizzard Fuel taps in and excess drain are both ok but will have to hunt for this little burger of a filter - new one for me so all good learnings
  14. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Cheers Nick - makes me feel better about phoning them. Have to book my free service so will get my confidence back by knowing what I'm looking at on the engine .....will check this secondary filter if I can find it, I like to try, makes me feel better....provided I don't screw it up nice to know I'm not alone
  15. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Excellent - many thanks again mross ...sorry to be a numpty so advice greatly appreciated. A few beers tonight and I'll get checking tomorrow morning. An external air breather filter would make more sense as fuel has been bought from 4 different suppliers and topped up to the top each time so just doesn't feel right....even though it is now I've said that. Am used to tracing issues back through in another realm but fuel filter just seemed strange given so recently serviced. A good excuse for a day off tomorrow