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  1. Sliding glass window

    Just a quick update for anyone coming across this in future, ended up buying a roll of 25mm x 1mm rubber and did both parts with that. All seems okay to so far, first window put back into the boat. Can always add some lubrication later onto the slider side if needed. Onto the next one. Cheers
  2. Sliding glass window

    Thanks all. Looks like flock lined is an option for the slider. W, must have been through your thread a number of times but had maybe missed that part. Will look into the felt and similar. Good to see you have your mojo back!
  3. Old GRP boat, replacing the glass in a window. The window frame contains two tracks, one takes the fixed pane, the other pane slides to open & close. The fixed pane looked to have some perished rubber, the glazer suggested just using sealant to secure it. The moving pane just seemed to have the glass slide over the metal. The glazer suggested some grease on the bottom. Can anyone suggest a type of grease to use? Or any other ideas? Have also just been reading about butyl tape on here, for when replacing the frame. Thanks
  4. Which epoxy? Advice please

    Thanks for the input and thoughts, plenty to think about.
  5. Having now had a chance to look closer at the oak fins/keels, it is clear that in the past the gaps have been filled with something, which looked like some type of flexible filler (sikaflex etc.). Some of it is in good order but some has perished, I have been removing it. Pics below. Generally it looks like the wood is close where bolted but have gained spaces elsewhere. Current thinking is to epoxy rather than filler. Seems a few types though. Seen Watertite which looks like it might be easier to apply. Then West system, which has a hardener. All opinions welcomed
  6. What stern-drive / leg is this please?

    Just to update, and in case anyone should come across in the future, the guys at Sillette have identified it as a TRANSADRIVE
  7. What stern-drive / leg is this please?

    Thanks for all the replies. Do seem to be lot of similarities with the sonic 70. See Sillette have a site, the "sales brochure" on there for the 70 doesn't quite look the same. I'll see if I can talk with them. No luck so far in finding a service or operator manual for one.
  8. Probably because someone suggested it early on, I was thinking this was an Enfield Z-drive. [Two pics] However, having acquired two manuals they both contain diagrams like this. [Image] Where the arm connects is different. Any suggestions to what it is?
  9. Found a thread on here - "dawncraft 25 advice needed" Suggests they are oak. Crane guy wondered if it had happened while on the trailer, but as you say it may have already been cracked and been soaking through. He mentioned epoxying the bolt holes might be crude option. We had been fitting the inside (more because we needed to keep travelling to check on it and it was something to do while there.) but it can all come out if it has to. I don't recall seeing any bolts though.
  10. Boat is now on hard standing. A new issue to ponder though. It has a couple of "fins". Not sure how well it comes out but crack/gaps near the top. Closed back up when placed down.
  11. dawncraft 25 advice needed

    Hope to hear back from Bob. Jim, are you able to share a little more about fitting new ones? The bolts, were they already visible inside or did you have to "dig" to locate them?
  12. Thanks for the offer but a long way from you unfortunately. Currently in East Cambridgeshire and hopefully soon moving to between Oxford and Swindon. Pics are not easy to see. It looks as though the engine driveshaft was cut off in order to remove the engine. We have not been able to locate the handle to raise the z-drive either. Yet to clear out this area. Have not been great at taking pics of the boat, will aim to when next over. Have been doing what we can : putting floor down, fitting wall and doors to the covered cabin, some framing for toilet, seating, that sort of thing. Some fibre on the bilge area, plus the first coat of fibre on the additional roof.
  13. Thanks, will look into this.
  14. dawncraft 25 advice needed

    Now wondering what we will find when ours comes out of the water. Not leaking currently though so that is something. Fins eh.
  15. Advice needed (not a narrow boat)

    Best of luck, enjoy.