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  1. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    I like it very much! You're lucky to live there David!
  2. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    I've been in Bradford for about a week, and the noisiest thing was the floating market last weekend - but in a nice way... There were a few boys riding around the centre yesterday on bikes doing a lot of shouting and getting in the way of the traffic, but I've seen a lot worse!
  3. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    Just on this stretch. Bradford on Avon, at Dundas and Avoncliff aqueducts, Limpley Stoke, Claverton, Bathampton, Bath above the locks, Bath near the station, Weston Lock cut, Saltford (great museum), above Keynsham Lock, couple of pontoons on river. So, lots of choice! Lovely stretch!
  4. Proposed trip to London

    Sorry, I was tired, yes I should have put if too much rain. We had to leave the boat alone several times for various reasons, and as I say only trouble was at Dobb's Weir.
  5. Proposed trip to London

    We've done all of that. Didn't think we'd enjoy it as much as we did! The Lea and Stort are lovely, although some bridges on the Stort are a bit low when there hasn't been enough rain. There are good and bad bits everywhere on the system. If you don't like the look of a place move further on. The only place we had any bother in the area was at Dobb's Weir, and that's well outside the M25. Someone tried to take the brass fairlead, but didn't manage it. The worst 2 events we've had in 12 years were on the Stratford Canal, again well outside the M25! In conclusion, go for it!
  6. Short term moorings K&A

    I too have recently boated and cycled along this stretch. Quiet with lots of places to moor along the towpath. Wootton Rivers, lots of places on the summit. Lots of choice!
  7. Springer 23 Overplating?

    My 23 foot Springer rotted from the inside out as the flooring was fixed, and there had been water leaks over the years. Not now! Painted the inside of the hull again this week. It was overplated a couple of years ago and it cost £3000. I was happy to do this as the surveyor said it was worth it. Insurance Co. had requested a survey as it was 25 years old then. Also I have an inboard engine, the interior is virtually untouched, and I've had it 12 years now and love it! I got a survey when I first bought it, and the survey saved me £3-4000! Depends how much you like it!
  8. Gongoozlers

    I had a girl on the Wey ask how I could get through the lock as there was a brick wall (the cill) at the upper end. I had to point out that the boat would float on the water when I filled the lock....
  9. Gongoozlers

    I had a similar one in that the lady stated that she couldn't stand the crawling. She thought the floor was at the same level as the back deck, and was astonished when I showed her the inside! I get that too - what have you done with the rest of it? 23 ft.
  10. River Lee Lock Keepers Cottages

    There was a huge fire, and the cottages were rebuilt. Beautiful inside now. I has featured in quite a few telly programes since - ones about celebs cooking for their pals spring to mind. The stadium isn't so brilliant for the people who live there!
  11. Springer 23 Waterbug

    I love my Springer waterbug, the Morris Minor of the waterways! I had it almost 9 years before it needed over plating - and then a very small amount. It had rusted from the inside out as the floor was solid and the inside of the hull hadn't been treated in all the 25 years since it was built. I've remedied this now! I have an inboard engine and like that very much. Do get a survey though. I made an offer subject to survey, and managed to get the price reduced due to a few problems being noticed. The survey paid for itself in that I got more than it cost knocked off the price. I wish you all the best.
  12. Basingstoke Canal - Temp Moorings?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to go in my holidays then...
  13. Basingstoke Canal - Temp Moorings?

    What is the problem with casual mooring on this canal? I had had the same idea as the OP. Cheers.
  14. Weed hatch anti cavitation/baffle plate

    I have one on my Springer, and have only been down the hatch rarely in 10 years, and then for big stuff like yards of polythene (Hatton), a mattress (Somerton Deep Lock) and a dead plant net 10 or so feet long (Leicester). That was a difficult one to remove, but my daughter did it by herself! She's a lot taller than me. I couldn't have done it! We create very little wash too - maybe related?
  15. I don't think he was from CRT (no logo on his jacket), and am going to mention it to them, but I don't have twitter, so it will be by email. Thanks for the comments.