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  1. hi im pretty sure its canvas..so . im going to cut out the rotten section. and the canvas. replace rotten wood with marine ply?/?/?/ screw and fix. fill edges with epoxy resin. then do a few layers of epoxy and waterproof canvas???? binding the 2 together. sand lightly then apply ant foul paint. does this sound ok??? i suppose its kinda whats already there. paul
  2. hi thanks for your replies. the whole boat is timber frame with ply covered in canvas. with canvas has a adhesive on the ply side and paint on top side. binding it together. it makes a solid hard type of finish the boat is from the 60s and after a bit of research this is how some boats were made. i do not have a picture of internals. boat is far from me . its only the ply that has rotted the frame is in great condition. i think i should def cut out the section reply and re canvas but how would i go about making this watertight? thanks paul
  3. hi. iv lifted the floor in a 40 ft by 9 ish foot canvas covered wooden boat. there was a toilet on board and it has leaked causing the wood inside the boat to rot. (it was soaking i took a chisle to it and it just scraped off. about a 2ft section needs repaired. the canvas is still in place. whats the best way of doin this? obv i want it as solid as can be. any help would be much appreciated
  4. ah its a honda 9.9 outboard
  5. hi my engine is busted . does anyone know a boat engineer around the area. help would be much appreciated.
  6. na boat is moving every 2 weeks i was cruising for 2 hours before this happened. found a engineer so gonna take it to him. thanks for the help always appreciative
  7. its a honda 9.9 short shaft. older model to be honest im no good with this kind of thing does anybody know an engineer who would come out to me? boat is currently moored in tottenham hale.
  8. hi thanks for ur reply and help. any chance of a photo of the thing i need to take off n blow? been lookin on google but still not sure. sorry.
  9. hi. im haveing a problem with my honda 9.9 outboard on my boat. it fires up ok but as soon as i push the throttle above a quarter of the way forward or back it looses revs and stalls. the problem arose when a friend of mine was driving and instead of gently putting it in reverse . rammed the throttle all the way back. since then its got so little revs i cannot even move the boat. any ideas or help would be much appreciated.
  10. im geting mixed opinions with regards to hp. i understand pretty much any hp will push the boat i just want the thing to stop. im going to use the boat as a canal cruiser. only 1 canal. the lenght height and draft are fine for what i need it for. i understand it will not go down alot of canals . obv iv not made my mind up full about hp yet . i was just meeting in the middle of peoples opinions. i will def not be getting over 30 hp that i now know. thanks again everyone
  11. thanks i cant believe iv recieved so much info/help i really appreciate it. im using this boat on 1 stretch of canal/river only. as i work in london. i dont plan on going anywhere else iv been up and down this canal all year and know it well. the ply on the transom is a great idea. i will def do that. i was going to fit a bracket then sit outboard on it. i really appreciate the picture and info thanks wayne. i think im now more inclinded to go for a 30 hp will also weigh less . the boat was cheap 1500 and is in great nick inside and out(except for not having a engine). so for sticking a few extra grand on it i think its well worth it.
  12. thanks for replys so far i feel im getting somewhere now
  13. i hv seen a boat wider and longer with a 15 hp on it but a friend has a 30 ft with twin 50 hp so im gettin confused
  14. hi iv bought a 40 ft by 9ft cruiser it needs an outboard on bk as there is no engine. im thinking 50-70 hp only for use on canal.needs controlls stearing petrol tank battery etc. iv found a speed boat for sale near my boat with 60 hp engine long shaft and im wondering if i can take engine and controlls steering etc of that and put onto my boat ? will this work? please help