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  1. Leave space for anglers!

    Yup, that's what I meant
  2. Leave space for anglers!

    It more than likely is legit, but..... The heading in Bold is not the same font, look carefully at the shape of the lowercase "a" and you'll see what I mean. The logo and charity number are easily obtainable, sifting through any published PDF from CRT and then opening them with a program such as Adobe Illustrator will eventually yield a vectored version of the logo that has not been converted to image, which you can then scale as much as you like with no loss of quality. Any half-competent designer could emulate the house-style of CRT and knock you up a poster in no time. That said, the mounting method looks more official than you're average militant angler could be bothered with IMHO
  3. This is why we ended up buying a share in a boat rather than hiring like we used to. There is no wriggle room with the fines any more, and its not the school who enforces them, its the local authority. We took our daughter out for a week in what was her last year at Junior school, and after the SATs had been sat (once out of the way they were doing nothing but play games, so much for education). Forms were filled in and sent back from school, absence agreed but unauthorised. And a few months later lo and behold through came the fines, £60 per parent, per child, if promptly paid. We paid the same day, because £120 is nothing compared to what the same holiday would have cost two weeks later (triple the total cost in fact). Or the alternative is to lie. Our local school policy for vomiting or diarrhoea is to not allow the child back to school unless 48hrs have passed since the last episode, as long as you keep the school informed this could see you through the week easily. We've stupidly always been honest, and the last time it cost us.
  4. Hard aground

    If you look closely you can just see it, hidden behind all the reeds
  5. Marina Dog Ban

    You're thinking of the giant hedgehog Spiny Norman who was after Dinsdale Piranha (one of the infamous Piranha Brothers) from the 1970's current affairs programme Ethel the Frog On the dog subject, there's a growing number of dog owners these days who own dogs for entirely the wrong reasons and see them as accessories to their projected lifestyle image. I have witnessed this over several years of taking my daughter to school, and noted the increase of toy ownership (Pugs, French Bulldogs, Shi Tzu, Pommerainian +any popular super expensive cross-breed). The favoured M.O. is to drop the kids at school (usually via car) then take the pooch to the nearby rec by the playground and stand gossiping with similar parents whilst the dogs run around the field unchecked doing exactly as they please. Then they wonder why the kids cannot run round the field after school without stepping in a hidden dog egg.
  6. Huddersfield Narows

    ill take a guess at 30E a lot of the stoppages seem to be Feb to March and gate replacements, I'd keep an eye on those in case they run on.
  7. Little Bit of 70's Tonight

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072072/?ref_=ttep_ep2 Sounds interesting, was only about 2 when this came out, but remember re-runs quite fondly from my youth.
  8. mooring up

    we draw ours if nipping out without the dog, stops her going mental trying to protect the boat from interlopers, she's now stone deaf so only responds if she can see them, otherwise only close if its getting dark.
  9. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    definitely redundancy, same happened to me, Management consulted with the GPMU as to the hoops to jump through to make redundancy possible for those that had been at the firm a long time whilst keeping the two inept sons of the Director and avoid unfair dismissal claims.
  10. mooring up

    The mind boggles at what they were doing onboard that required it to be hidden from public view beyond the privacy of curtains? Unless of course their last name was Denton, they bred toads and had a "nude day"
  11. Obscure connections to celebrities

    What I'm taking from this, is that you're Robin Day's maker. Does that make you God? in that case, I have posted on the same forum as God, that trumps all other celebrities and I declare myself the winner by the same token I can now be accused of talking to God, so expect either the clergy to turn up or those nice men in the white van to bring me a jacket that lets me hug myself all day.
  12. How to make.

    Hot-headedness is not to be encouraged, a calmer approach is required
  13. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    are they sure it was a bomb, and not a courgette? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41857694
  14. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    pipped to the post again, story of my life
  15. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    surely its better fished out than wrapped around your prop?