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  1. I'm easily pleased I know

    but what's that on the rug?
  2. Fishy boat deal – or paranoid buyer? You decide!

    The broker I bought from was a bit crap, but they had the boat I wanted so I dealt with them.
  3. Raving mad?

  4. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    I wonder if the current owner has a compliant Boat Safety Certificate etc. for renting it out. Those windows make it look like a bit of a deathtrap to me .
  5. Cheap boating experience

    A bit of a distance from Melton Mowbray but the Bridgewater Canal is good for beginners I think, with no locks you can concentrate on steering, mooring etc. and the lack of locks means you can travel that much further. When we first thought of buying a boat we did a boat handling course with Cheshire Cat Training based at Overwater Marina, then hired a boat for a week from Claymoore on the Bridgewater. We did that in October last year. I'd recommend both businesses. Claymoore do short bookings. Earlier and later in the year are generally the cheapest times to book but remember the days will be shorter so less time for cruising although if you plan to live aboard it may be best to sample the canals when the weather is bleak and cold. Many hire firms offer last minute bookings at considerable savings.
  6. Cello 12v TV

    We have a Cello tv - 19 inch I think, with built in dvd player, freeview and it records to a usb stick, never had a problem using it on 12 volt whilst cruising (be aware some sellers don't provide a 12 volt power supply with it though ours came with both 12 and 240 volt adaptors). Bought for £150 last year so not really that expensive. A great little set except for that the sound is crap. I eventually plugged a bluetooth transmitter into the headphone socket and use it with a separate speaker.
  7. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    I didn't say that the op did
  8. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    Was it your intention to cc on the 7 miles of the Rufford arm until the Ribble Link reopens next April? Or moor in one of the marinas over winter perhaps?
  9. Minimum AH for a starter battery

    Thanks guys you've all been very helpful.
  10. Minimum AH for a starter battery

    Starter battery in boat needs replacing, its a SuperBatt LM135 installed by the previous owner. Looking for a cheapish replacement the question is how low can I go in advertised amp hours and what would be a reasonable minimum CCA for a 32hp Kubota?
  11. Media Center / AV Considerations / 12v Networks

    Simplest 12 volt option would probably be a wifi hard drive such as the WD My Passport which could stream to a tablet of your choice which would then link to a 12 volt bluetooth amplifier, I use one made by E-Audio. It can be placed out of sight and connected to (wired) speaker of your choice. You can then play any media on the drive or stream from Spotify, Netflix etc if you have a suitable internet connection. If not Three's Go Binge seems like a cost effective solution, tethering via a phone or tablet.
  12. Bridgewater

    You also might find it difficult leaving a lock without flouting 19 (ii)
  13. Stolen Boat

    Thieves cause £2000 of damage to narrowboat during Warwickshire canal joyride http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/thieves-cause-2000-damage-narrowboat-13547834
  14. Fettlers Wharf Marina Rufford - New Owner

    Yes the new owner has proved me wrong so far I'm glad to say. I too forked out for a annual mooring a couple of months ago. Have seen him out and about in the marina most times I've visited and true enough changes are being made for the better. What more do I want? A tarmacked road would be nice. I take in the photo above is pre floods of 2015? The road on the right is now stone chippings - a bit hard on the old plates of meat.