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  1. Bridgewater

    You also might find it difficult leaving a lock without flouting 19 (ii)
  2. Stolen Boat

    Thieves cause £2000 of damage to narrowboat during Warwickshire canal joyride http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/thieves-cause-2000-damage-narrowboat-13547834
  3. Fettlers Wharf Marina Rufford - New Owner

    Yes the new owner has proved me wrong so far I'm glad to say. I too forked out for a annual mooring a couple of months ago. Have seen him out and about in the marina most times I've visited and true enough changes are being made for the better. What more do I want? A tarmacked road would be nice. I take in the photo above is pre floods of 2015? The road on the right is now stone chippings - a bit hard on the old plates of meat.
  4. Battery % monitor that works with solar

    Sterling have a Power Management Panel - it ain't cheap but it works, you attach the solar to it via a shunt it counts the amps in and out of the batteries. You can find details on Mr Sterlings website.
  5. For sure a boat is worth what you are prepared to pay for it. But some brokers seem to encourage sellers to inflate the price by 15%-20% as it's more commission for them and at the moment some people will pay silly prices. You can always up your offer if the first one is rejected.
  6. Best advice I've heard (on here I think) is when you make an offer on a 'previously enjoyed boat' if your not at least faintly embarrassed the offer isn't low enough
  7. Controlling flies etc.

    Hope you realise that most wine is not suitable for vegetarians, fish bladders and gelatin being two of the most common products to 'clear' a wine.
  8. Simple TV. Is it possible?

    If I'm in the pub and they have wifi I usually download a couple of programmes from the iplayer on my phone and when I get back to the boat use a chromecast dongle to watch it on the big screen - well a 22" Cello actually.
  9. Narrow boat sinks

    Don't put dawn samples hippy into the duckduckgo search engine unless you have thesafe search switched on
  10. Narrow boat sinks

    Though no longer on airbnb google still has it partially indexed "We had an absolutely fabulous time aboard Sally Cinnamon! Dawn and Bill were the perfect hosts, making us feel really welcome, nothing was too much trouble for them. The boat is beautiful and had everything we..." So it would seem it's not the first time she'd rented it out.
  11. Barton Turns Marina.

    Stayed there for four months earlier this year, as above everyone seemed very friendly. Good pub, nice Thai restaurant, well stocked deli and the not so greasy spoon cafe does a good breakfast. The on site cinema shows a good range of films and live theatre broadcasts. Nice setting with the surrounding lakes and the village nearby has a handy Co-op and several pubs and a good bike shop if you cycle. The noise from the A38 never really bothered me but others did find it intrusive. There is building work going on at the moment adjacent to the shops, a complex of apartments is being built as well as more retail units. Secure car parking, good public transport links for a semi rural setting. If it was closer to home I would have stayed longer.
  12. CRT Licence Disks holder

    If I see a scruffy boat not displaying a licence I usually assume its abandoned and don't bother to pass it on tickover.
  13. Fettlers Wharf Marina Rufford - New Owner

    I had my suspicions when my bullshit detector went off whilst talking to him. I hope I'm proved wrong.
  14. Fettlers Wharf Marina on the Rufford arm of the Leeds Liverpool which has had something of a reputation has recently been sold to Richard Purcell Estates. They already own two or three other marinas including Furness Vale in High Peak. Just wondering if anyone here has moored at any of these marinas, any comments would be appreciated. Fettlers has become somewhat rundown and I'm hoping the new owner will help erase its association with a certain Austrian gentleman.