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  1. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Gotcha! No I appreciate the input, like I say boats are a new frontier for me so any feedback is good! I'll bear that in mind over the next few days before the sale is settled! Cheers!
  2. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Yes your right. Apologies, as I'm unsure of what further details I could give other than whats previously mentioned. Perhaps the lack of information and history is enough to warrant a withdrawal from the sale. Cheers Mike
  3. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Oh sh*t! Really? Listed at £5750, but after negotiation had it knocked down etc. Though now you've said that, I'm starting to wonder! Haha Is it the condition of the hull that stands out to you Mike?
  4. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Hi folks First off just want to thank everyone for the replies! I went and had the vessel taken out the water on Friday, I had the underside jet-washed to have all the crud taken off so the hull was more visible. Despite not having a certified surveyor, the folks down at the marina were more than happy to point out a few areas of interest. These are a couple of photo's I've included of such areas, as you can see there appears to be the usual cosmetic scratches and repairs on the front. There also appears to be some osmosis 'moon crater' pattern appearing on the hull. (Not sure of the last time it was anti fouled) If anything stands out in particular then I'd be more than appreciative if you drop a comment! All the best!
  5. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Gotcha! Seems like there's a lot more history to these things than I anticipated. Thought looking at old car engines was a rabbit hole but boats even more so! Haha Just had a look online at the Fairline and the Princess, extremely nice looking craft.
  6. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Thanks for the insight Sea Dog, I have no doubt that for more obscure signs of osmosis would probably go under the radar from my observations. Though your not the first to say that osmosis is not a boat killer it is definitely something to take into consideration. Other than the actual hull inspection, I'll be checking around the mechanical areas for anything that stands out such as leaks and unwanted build up of substances common for old engines. Cheers for the advice!
  7. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Yeah thats the one! Reassuring to hear the background on these craft are fairly sturdy and well built! Thanks for the insight, as for the winter season I can imagine that this is an issue. Fortunately with spring just on the horizon I hope this will give me a bit of time to look into sorting heat retention out. Thanks Neil!
  8. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Cheers Alan! I found that site the other day! A few folk have mentioned about the vinegar like smell for such blisters, so definitely something to check for
  9. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Yeah thats right, especially since the vessel is nearing the 40 year mark (built in 1978). This is for the companies I've checked so far anyway. As for the osmosis, I'll remember to bring a along a torch and some other bits to try and identify any problem areas
  10. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Hi Neil I'm probably getting the terminology wrong but the boat is built for inland rivers and canals. So a GRP cruiser built for Inland waters, rather than the brand your referring to? Yes the vessel itself is priced under £6000 and during the onboard inspections the cabin appears dry as far as I can see. The boat is 24ft long, built in 1978 and a widebeam. The engine onboard is a yanmar 12hp job. From this you can probably determine that its getting on abit in years but as stated, my purpose for buying is simply as a 'floating apartment'. Appreciate the reply! Cheers!
  11. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Yeah I've noticed on the quotes I've received so far, a fully comprehensive policy is required of a boat this age. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Carrying Out a Self Pre-Purchase Survey

    Thanks Athy! Thats appreciated! I'll take that into consideration over the next couple of days! Cheers Rusty! Yeah I've been reading about osmosis and trying to look at examples online so I can get a better idea of what to look for.
  13. Hi Everyone A similar question may have been posted before, if so just direct me to that thread. So to keep a long story short, I have recently put down a deposit on an Inland GRP Cabin Cruiser with the main intention as using as a 'liveaboard' (Bit crazy, I know). I planned to have a pre purchase survey to double check the boat is all good around the hull, however due to a long series of events i.e. high water levels, surveyors who don't cover GRP cruisers etc. I have since decided to carry out the survey myself, I have already booked and paid the fee to have the boat lifted out the water anyway. I know this might sound a bit daft since I have little to no experience about boats and only have a small understanding of internal combustion engines. My aim here is to assemble a list of things I should look out for such as common faults that are overlooked, areas on where to look and what in general to check. This is one of the few times the boat will be taken out the water I hope, so I want to make the most of it. For context of what I'm planning to do with the boat: I'm planning to have it moored at the marina for the majority of the time and using it as a 'floating apartment' using shore power. Leisure cruising is not a top concern right now. (I know you experienced boat goers are gonna be reading this thinking "he's way in over his head" however any advice, tips and pointers would be more than appreciated) Cheers!