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  1. Engine emissions

    I suspect that the builder knows exactly what is required, maybe he just is fed up with OP trying to screw the costs down/alter the spec after agreeing the contract. If he ordered a sailaway that is what the builder is going want to to deliver. If the builder does not want to install an engine purchased by the customer then the customer may be left to fit it using his own resources, the boatbuilder may not allow other services on to his site, I can forsee OP painting himself in to a corner.
  2. Fishing the canals from boat side

    I know someone who applied for a licence over a very long stretch [ie unspecified location] they got it no problem. I think they are more interested in the location of the catch.
  3. another narrowboating term, ty
  4. oh, thought he wants something longer, but my understanding is that you have to remove the interior, and be on the hard of course, I'd be removing the engine , de rusting and painting as much as possible, a bit of a project!
  5. so that's about £12K to get the boat back to what you started with, barely fit for porpoise, sry purpose
  6. Old sayings.

    ach ah thoucht teuchter wis male, never heard of it in the [f]
  7. Old sayings.

  8. Old sayings.

    Ma Broon "I guess Oor Hen got a lumber frae her Saturday night at The Barras"........................ Pa Broon "we'll nae interfere, its her last chance ........"
  9. Old sayings.

    Spare pr{ck at a wedding Chcocolate teapot pretty obviously ................. I guess she 's a fish wife frae Arbroath .........
  10. Re-cycling in to sardine tins?
  11. Maybe someone loves it, but not me ............. dull red, dull green, black and rust .............. nope, I think you can find something more exciting, if the idea is to buy something dirt cheap, well it fits that bill [have you got another £12K to end up with a nice home? Almost certainly a £12K is a project. I am assuming you are young, and able to cope with less than luxury: if I were you, I'd get a smaller project boat, learn how to maintain and upgrade, sell it if find you enjoy the lifestyle, then get a bigger one, if you don't want to do that sort of thing, forget boating. If you are both out working, you just need a double bed, a sf stove, and basic cooking facility, you may not agree, but if you decide to eg paint the cabin, a 60footer costs twice as much, takes twice as long. Do you really love DIY that much?
  12. I am not sure what is going to happen in London, it seems that too many folks are buying boats to live on, many are cc, but only for the purpose of avoiding paying for a mooring. The utilities must be stretched to the limit. There are relatively few Official Residential moorings per se, but it is likely that a lot of non residential moorings are being used as residential, however its not clear if this will be "tolerated"
  13. DENNY A project, but might suit you http://www.narrowboatsltd.co.uk/boats-20k/denny/ they have a few boats in your price range, some on the hard.
  14. where's Burnley. is it on a par with Hull? once upon a time Stratford E London was the pits.
  15. I note that you have not selected the old fashioned varnished pine tongue and groove, which most boats were lined out with pre 1990 [i think]. These can be sanded [lightened] or even painted white! So you want to live in light airy and modern[ish] boat, I suggest that as well as looking at boats which have been "mocked up" to sell to folks like yourself, that you take a good look for boats that have been owned by some old geezer, who looked after "his" boat rather than bothers about modernisation. It is easy to quickly look at a few photos and reject out of hand. What I now do, is to use a spreadsheet, which has about six columns, web address length price age special features [eg new engine!] particularly good builder, I have builders I avoid too.... heating source 1 heating source 2 solar electrics notes I have about five "essential criteria": solid fuel stove, well maintained, charm[aesthetics] , good electrical installation, price [value] essential spend. I must have a nice pointy bit [cratch] not a short stub as I envisage sitting reading in comfort and privacy. Now, if I like a boat and it needs solar, I price that at £1000 If I like a boat and it needs a stove , I price that at £2000, cos as well as stove it probably needs other mods to saloon If the boat looks as though it needs a skip, then fine, I ll get a skip and throw out chrome swivel bar stools/green shag carpet/ dirty gas cooker etc etc, and old light fittings , usually this boat needs LED lighting/electrics upgrade so I "add "£1000, PLUS a posh shower / wetroom [I add £1000 to £2500!, and good flooring and a new battery/electrics £1000. Pretty rough and ready , but you need to have some idea of how much its going to cost to get what you want. A good clean double mattress is £500, and is something I will have as my desert island luxury item, its probably a 4ft mattress not a standard double. So, I have about ten boats on my s/sheet and about the same on Appollo Duck watch list. Half have been sold, two will not sell, and three will sell fairly soon. Most have a good builder for hull and for fit out By doing it all logically, I have got my shopping list £34 to £45k [asking price], often one which some kind person has spent cash on then given up, and 40 to 53 feet. modern engine. https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=535987 ... not madly excited about this one, but it ticks a few boxes, I won't buy it, but it is a goodcomparison. this one is more your price, its been on sale for a bit, imagine it with a tin of paint and fresh upholstery/carpets/laminate, BUT it has a fatal flaw for you, ... no fixed double bed, its quirky, https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=533214 I think a Porta Potti / cassette loo is best value, I' d really be worried about pumpout , too many things to go wrong. Hope that gives you food for thought, it took me about two months to pick out a "nice boat", and I have had lots of sailing experince, so it was just trying to identify features of narrowboats. Of course there are some nice cruisers, on the Broads, .....