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  1. Does anyone have a copy contract?

    I would assume that as you employ the surveyor any redress would be from him and not with the broker. The broker usually advises you get a survey, and there seems to be little redress in law from the broker, particularly if he does not own the boat, which is usually the case. You need to ensure that re-negotiation of the final price will take in to account the survey recommendations if those costs have not been built in to the valuation by the broker; general condition is usually reflected in the original, pre survey price. I think ABNB offer a no quibble return of your deposit, but with any broker you should ensure your money is ring fenced and not put in to the general account. The survey is not a guarantee that there will be no unidentified defects, and you really don't want to anticipate getting any award from the courts or the surveyor's insurance. I have been researching the purchase of my future liveaboard and am still ambivalent about a survey. I might make a reduction in my offer to cover my risk, but the boat would have to be fairly modern, in tip top condition and have a record of good maintenance. The other problem is related to the current market. I am looking for a really nice boat, and some of them sell within hours, with no survey, and no viewings, so I would lose the opportunity. There are only one or two boats per month that appear on the market that fall in to this category. I am not the only person who is scrutinising boats for sale.
  2. Sympathy is not something you will get from any official source; many folks struggle and as they have no cash, they have go on the black economy, and to be honest, this is entirely understandable. If you don't know your way around the system you are a major disadvantage over those who do.
  3. What do I look for when buying?

    If I were you I would home in on the top brokers, those who only have good boats eg ABNB, and Rugbyboats [pro videos], you pay a premium, [you likely won't get a big discount], but its not much in the big scheme of things.
  4. You could do a two day course eg Willow Training [and others], then you will feel more confident, and see if you like being outdoors in horizontal freezing rain! It s very unlikely you can't cope with the navigation, there are maps/guides, mileposts and fingerposts.
  5. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    I am no expert in these matters, but in order to qualify for pension and other benefits, either now or in the future ie long or short term, , I understand you need to sign on every second week, and they will need an address where you reside, this is not a mail forwarding address, though I did get the impression from adverts that you can have an "address". It seems to be a grey area especially if you don't have an obliging relative or friend. Certainly a lot of insurance companies, banks etc will check your details against various databases. including your address. What I am saying is that you can't just be a non person, do your own thing, you need cash, ergo you need a bank, who will want an address,
  6. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    I agree, but what does he do in October if unemployed and trying to claim benefits with no fixed address?
  7. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    OK, in this town you can rent a really nice one bed flat for £400pcm, you need a deposit of £400, as for references, well ... Your address will cost you money, you don't need it to vote. Your plan assumes that you will gain from the venture, I think it is more likely that you will lose. I might be missing something, but what exactly are the potential gains?
  8. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    If you are short of cash best to rentaroom in a place where you can get a job. Trying to get a good job with good money is going to be difficult if you don't have an address, which you won;t have if you live on a non residential mooring. This can be overcome as can all other difficulties but tbh, boats cost cash, and outgoings are unpredictable. A lot of people have had your plan before you, and have come unstuck. I do not understand why you think a small boat, which is so far from ideal for living on, is a better idea than living in a house, I can't see it being cheaper over a six month period. . You are probably assuming that once you have bought a boat all you need do is to buy a few gallons of petrol. That will not be the case. PS I consider a fridge to be a bit of a luxury burden, one can pop down to the shops for fresh supplies. Just buy a relevant cookbook, lots of great recipes from tinned meats, and jars. Cooking is something anyone can manage with a bit of practice, and a supply of unwashed veg. eg home made Pizza, naan, spag bol, stew, sandwich filling, toast toppers ettc. The only thing you cant have is ice cubes, well you can, but not for long.
  9. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    I sailed for years in a litle wooden yacht that had no battery whatsoever, oil lamps. Electricity is not essential. Wood is hell to maintain. But this was summer only. We were hardy souls in todays terms, and I was a slip of a girl. Glass fibre boats need insulation , heat, and ventilation. Best advice is to spend plenty of time in the pub [maybe behind the bar], and sleep on board in a four season sleeping bag with a hot water bottle and plenty of fresh air.
  10. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    You are correct, and have found that innocence [aka ignorance] is no excuse on this forum. Best to never ask a Q to which you don't know the answer, and then when you challenge the answer, expect a big hit from fan debris. If you survive your first two weeks, you then become one of the CW discussion forum, and in less than two years, they will forget you are a newby.
  11. From Regents Canal along the Thames

    OK, never thought about that.way. I had a VHF licence, PPL and maritime, I can therefore legally broadcast. Not sure about that.
  12. From Regents Canal along the Thames

    Oh yes, but I only need the Ship's Portable Radio Licence, I quote <As discussed, in order to obtain a Ship Portable Radio Licence, please register at our online licensing service: https://ofcom.force.com/LicensingComSelfReg - you will then be able to apply for the licence online and the documentation is issued immediately on completion. The MMSI is produced at the same time. >
  13. From Regents Canal along the Thames

    From the RYA site, it states " if you hold the 'old' VHF licence (pre -1999) or a UK aviation radio licence you need to upgrade your qualification and may skip the course and jump straight to the assessment." but when I spoke to the licencing authority a nice man told me I should just apply for a new licence, took a few details, but obviously had no record. I had to admit defeat here: https://ofcom.force.com/LicensingComSelfReg Ofcom hadn't been invented when I got my radio licences. It recognised me, but refused to let me in, story of my life
  14. Please buy that poor dog his own bed, ty I think it looks great btw