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  1. Angry marina owner

    Well, I ve seen quite a few comments from people who have both used the marina and have met the man, and they are not complimentary, seems he is in real life, just as he seems on paper. and facilities are reported as ,, shall we say ..... sub standard. Some are leaving, not many are arriving.
  2. Angry marina owner

    It kinda reminds me of Gerald Ratner who manage to destroy his [inherited] business in one decisive foot in mouth moment.... The Ratner Effect: I forecast the marina business wil be up for sale pretty soon.
  3. Abnormal data usage

    I understand if you are near a train line you might ge free wifi [esp after train hours!], its a cloudy issue.
  4. Canal art...beware

    I think they are quite fun. sort of thing to hang in the loo at home, but its not going to happen at £200 a shot, I find them far less annoying than Vettriano's beach/umbrella postcards art.
  5. Canal art...beware

    Anyone name the boats?
  6. Painting a Narrow Boat DIY

    keeps the boat intact, too
  7. Painting a Narrow Boat DIY

    yep, tins upside down is essential to prevent a skin, but it was my old yacht paint that went off, no skin, OK to apply, just v v slow to dry,
  8. Painting a Narrow Boat DIY

    Right, that makes more sense, ty. Its best to be clear about these things, I think i'll stick with the Craftsman Paint if it does not need adjustment: from past experience, I always end up with 0.65l of non standard quantities and colours at the end of any job where I have done a bit of mixing. They get kept "just in case", then ten years later, when I need a bit of paint in an hurry, [as last weekend], I find the paint has gone off, and its still drying this weekend!
  9. Red Diesel...At last the facts!

    I have an assortment of oils which are mainly for diesels engines, old and new, is it OK to add a bit to diesel to get some use out of it, or should they be kept "just in case", which is how I accumulated them?
  10. Painting a Narrow Boat DIY

    I checked the Owatrol website, and there are quite a few products, are we talking Owatrol CIP to prime any steel surface. Does it sand? The Dulux Weathershield is a masonry paint, is ths the one you are all using on cabin sides and roofs?
  11. VHF radio

    me me me
  12. VHF radio

    I;m not sure I am a CB person, is it obligatory to say "good buddy"
  13. VHF radio

    Is there much chat on the canals, I ll get a cheapo vhf for emergency use, but like to listen in to find out what s going on
  14. All crew members have to wear kilts and ginger wigs for the Scottish Passport photo