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  1. Any idea what these are?

    They are posts to fix tie rods to, to hold concrete upright.
  2. Pump keeps cycling in

    Acumilator diaphragm, if you have one.
  3. The Word Game V3.0

  4. BSS fail?

    I've always found it best not to argue with safety examiners even if I don't agree. At the end of the day there not the one who needs BSS certificate. A nice cup of tea (how do you like it, always asked.) And a slice of cake when they arrive I think is best .
  5. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    When I first acquired my boat the super was the same wood with thin sheet cladding and leaked like a cullinder, I stripped off cladding repaired and treated wood put cladding back stuck down with sicaflex, New joint strips stuck down with sicaflex lots of it, I used handrails and wedges to force cladding down. NO SCREWS. It fixed the problem until I could afford a new steel super.
  6. Narrowboat Insurance

    I'm with HN Johnson, there not to bad. Most will only pay out the minimum they have to,, the same as all insurance providers.
  7. As Bizz says nearest marina to you, they have a variety and not overly priced . I use a jabsco parmax 4. It depends on what your setup with outlets are if you have an accumulator. If what you've got works with no trouble. Then just a straight swap.
  8. Grounded not far from selbycanal

    Yes, used a few times, once on boat took a long time but it works. That saying there may not be any thing to tie round.
  9. Grounded not far from selbycanal

    If you can get to a tree behind you with a rope tie one end to boat go round tree back to boat tiller bar between rope and wind it, makeshift winch. I can't think of what you call it.
  10. Where are we?

    It's run buy owners sun-in-law now always was well kept, I've not been back there for 4 years had muffin craned out last time, had to over plate counters and I wasn't sure if I could do it in the week slot you get in the mills dry dock. Good job I never tried !
  11. History of boat.

    Does it say formally 33' long as well with. Steel hull and wooden super ?
  12. History of boat.

    Correct, owner before me changed it, was the name of colour of paint, often thought about changing it back.
  13. Where are we?

    I don't feel as I've missed out on anything
  14. Where are we?

    Where my boat was from,, lived there for 14 years. mums grand folk lived around there and worked in mill. Lot of my past history from around there. Going up the Stort always feels like I'm going home.
  15. History of boat.

    My boat was built 1970 reg no starts 612. I also have a lloyds small ship reg number from when it was built. I got a lot of info from lloyds. Like me the boats a one and an oddball.