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  1. Trump

    America,s only got 3 years more with Trump, wish we could say the same about our stooges, unfortunately or fortunately they,ll probably be around longer than me.
  2. Where Have All My Sparrows Gone?

    Considering the shortage is so local to you it makes me think of predatory kitties again. What else ?
  3. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    I keep my gangplank on the cabintop at the centre of pivot (is that the right terminology ?) Just forward of my centre rope ring. I then find myself steering the gangplank as an indicator rather than the whole boat length, especially through the tight confines of our marina, remembering the stern swings further than the bow. It works for me. Also when travelling down a straight, i often centre the boat and tiller arm and then cruise hands off and see which way she tracks depending on wind or prop walk. Then i just use just very light pressure to trim the steering as it drifts. Using too much power also makes steering more sensitive and so i,m a soft boiled egg captain, 1300 rpm on my 60' Beta 43 does it fine. I,ve never overtaken anyone in 5 years afloat but let plenty passed in a hurry. I cruise to a fuel consumption not a speed or time. Its a lovely life !
  4. Where Have All My Sparrows Gone?

    Old mum in her 2nd floor flat in coventry noticed the same. Occasional bluetits and chaffinch visit her birdfeeder on her balcony overlooking the common. No sparrows for a couple of years now. Squirrels climb up the brickwork to feed. Old mum swears its the recent black n white moggy she sees prowling in the bushes where the sparrows used to nest. Wood pidgeons are still prevelent too. I,m wondering if sparrows nested lower down than the others and have all been gobbled up. Dont know how to let the cat off the hook as the main culprit. I think cats should be on curfew same as in australia where they were proved as the guilty partner in decimation of urban bird population and even baby koalas. Maybe if cat lovers would consider this during nesting time in spring we could prove the point either way.
  5. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    I am very impressed. Who is to judge the skill or value of canalware or canalboat art.? Like many modern things traditional skills die out or morph and then the originals become collectors items at prohibitive costs to many. If i see something as yours above i,d certainly buy it, if i could afford it, and enjoy it aboard my boat anytime. Well done.
  6. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    Mine's 6 inches but i dont use it as a rule !
  7. Time for a party

    I,ll come naked, if you dont mind, but i will have a condom hanging off my nose. You,ll ask me whom i,m meant to be and, of course, i,ll reply " f***k nose !" Oops i hope the vicar isnt there !
  8. Share ya' Music!

    Here,s another little known gem of a place. If you dare venture into Coventry Canal Basin, theres a music club in the old cellar just between the offices there. Its operated by the city council. it has a licenced bar, costs £2 entry. I think it operates every evening. Its intent is to offer a venue for folks to practice and polish their musically presentations, 3 songs each, to a small appreciative audience. Its a nice idea and worth a visit. word of advice: take some earplugs, some require a lot more practice than others. !
  9. Trump

    I thought our three stooges, et al, were in positions of real and worrying power too. Best we concentrate and get our own house in order, Brexit and Carrilion for example, before using Trump as a smokescreen.
  10. Cranberries

    I thought her crewcut hair style was really cute too, lovely face and voice. No cause of death stated yet. I believe she was having emotional issues in her life. Suicide, drink or drugs ? Big shame.
  11. Camper Van

    There was a nudist bell ringer who got the bellrope tangled round his bell end and got tolled off ! Bub bum !
  12. Believers and non believers. 2nd event was in a house we rented in a small village near hamburg in 2003 to 2005. Dormer style with 1 bedroom and large bathroom/sauna upstairs and 2nd guest bedroom downstairs. The missus complained of noises and 'hospital' smells from the small sauna on odd occasions during the day when I was at work, though we never used it. I thought nothing of it until i was alone in the house one evening and had a sudden wiff of a ladys perfume as if she,d walked by me in the street. Windows all closed no draughts. As clear as could be. My brother came to stay from UK for a long weekend a few weeks later. He used the spare room downstairs. Sunday morning i happened to nonchanantly asked if he detected anything strange about the house. His hair almost stood on end and then so did mine at his response. Early that morning he,d gone into the kitchen to put the kettle on and thought he,d heard me come in behind him, but as he turned there was no one so he went though the living room to his room and back. On entering the kitchen he told me he again had the feeling someone was standing close behind him, he thought it could only be me as we were alone in the house, but turning round, again the ground floor was empty. So we were both shocked and i told him my experiences previously. Weeks later the landlady visited and i broached the subject. She was a bit embarrased. But she told me a story that a year before when she lived alone in the house, she,d developed a huge life threatening tumour on her kneck needing severe surgery. whilst recovering she had been lazing in the big hot tub uptairs feeling hurt and sorry for herself and had closed her eyes dozing in the warm water. She opened her eyes and just for a second she saw the face of her sister smiling at her. Her sister had been killed in a car crash many years previously at 17 years old and had survived some time in hospital before passing away. Was it her spirit checking up on her older sister ? Believe it or not, its an interesting theory.
  13. Trump

    It seems a very arrogant view belittling the democratically elected president of our staunchest ally. I'd be more embarrassed sending some of our stars to visit the USA. Are we so proud of Corbyn, who cant tie a windsor knot or have a decent shave, or Boris Johnson who cant manage his hair let alone his mouth, and then there,s Diane Abbott, who just cant manage her brain at all. Mind you the Yanks did love Mr Bean so maybe they would get a laugh out of our Three Stooges too.
  14. Looking out the aeroplane window...

    Here,s my recent out the window shot of Gunung (mount) Agung in Bali, Indonesia. I spend winters here and each 2 months fly 3 hours to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to renew my tourist visa. The cost on airasia a princely £85. Gunung Agung(3000mtres) has just become active again after 60 years and the airport at Bali closed for weeks severely hurting the tourist industry. The volcano has settled down again but as we passed approaching Bali aitport it was so clear i started snapping with my handphone camera. As it passed behind the wing it suddenly puffed up a cloud of ash. See my second shot below.
  15. Pub loos

    Didnt picaso have a an ear for music too ?