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  1. London overcrowding

    And not included the mooring fees for little Venice, one of the most possibly the most expensive moorings on the system.
  2. Boaty legal advisers? Issues with New and Used Boat co.

    Aren't some new boats from this company made in China ?
  3. Business licence fees ?

    Shouldn't the permission be a separate matter to a PBL licence ? it looks like CaRT have tricked trading licence holders out of the scope of the PBL and into a contractual licence. I'm not sure if trading licence holders are aware of this. Note that the business licence terms and conditions contain this little gem. "9.4 We reserve the right to refuse to issue you with any Licence in the future. "
  4. Business licence fees ?

    If CaRT can arbitrarily refuse permission to trade on their waters via the bylaw ( I presume that decision is not required to be reasonable, and cannot be overturned by a court ? ) then is a contract the only lawful way left to trade ? Leaving out the blackmail issue for now.
  5. Business licence fees ?

    If you don't need a special licence to trade as a shop in the first place, any admin cost of providing such a licence is purely their own making. No one has yet provided any evidence that such a licence is a statutory requirement. Unless you believe Mr Deards that an act of 1962 that does not contain any reference to licences or any thing like them, enacted more than a decade before licences were introduced, applies to licences.
  6. Business licence fees ?

    Can a boater break the law if its only trivial in comparison to something else totally unrelated ?
  7. Business licence fees ?

    How far would you limit CaRT in breaking the law to raise money ?
  8. Business licence fees ?

    The permission under bylaw 30 would accomplish that.
  9. Business licence fees ?

    Makes you wonder why they have set up a separate and unnecessary licence category, and dedicated staff for such a insignificant fee .
  10. Business licence fees ?

    Catch 22 situation. You can't use any vessel as a shop without permission, and you won't get permission unless you pay (£80) extra for a licence that you don't legally require.
  11. Business licence fees ?

    My understanding so far. *If sect 10 , 1971 only applies to PBC's as Mr Deards said, then CaRT have no powers to sub divide PBL's. ( only the permission is required to use your pleasure boat as a shop, store or workshop under bylaw 30 ) and the specific licence for trading is not a statutory requirement. *If sect. 10 does apply to PBL's via the 83 act then the sub category of trading licence is valid but the extra fee charged over and above a standard PBL is illegal. Both options are not in CaRT' s favour.
  12. Business licence fees ?

    The head of CaRT legal dept has confirmed that the power to sub divide pleasure boat licences only applies to the relevant rivers, and they are not applying it generally, which means the business trading licence can only be a commercial vessel, there is no power to subdivide that licence. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/business_licences Q. What legislation governs the fees charged for commercial vessel licences ?
  13. £150 fine on long term moorings

    The long term mooring contract makes no distinction between offside and towpath moorings. Can CaRT make lawful contracts to moor on towpath sites ? Which applies on towpath sites, bylaw and statute or contract terms and conditions ?
  14. Giffard Park Refuse, Milton Keynes GU

    The single four wheel wheelie bin has returned, which they know is totally inadequate, because they previously changed it to a side loading enclosed skip, there is now a sign stating that if its over filled the facility will be taken away, and that there is 24 hr CCTV on it, which there isn't. Its already overfilled.
  15. That would allow them to make up the law as they want. Which is what we have now, ridiculous interpretations of the law like licences are issued in accordance with the 1962 transport act a decade before licences were created.