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  1. Angry marina owner

    I read the Floater article with some amusement I'm afraid - I could see the point the Marina owner was making (with poor choice of words) but amused more by the remainder of the content of the article. This prompted me to spend an hour or so reading more from the site that only made me chuckle more, apart from an odd bit of editorial of general interest the site seems to have a bias toward any action that lessens the 'freedom' of some boaters to do as they please and slagging the C&RT in general, fascinating!
  2. If you are near a tv transmitter

    Tesla made some quite 'interesting' claims about broadcast power, demonstrating the principle using RF energy over short distances to 'recover' energy. Perhaps this is what had came to mind. It was curious that he never lived to create his free power network and that his research material 'disappeared' after his death, oddly coinciding with the growth of the energy industry in the USA... Just another 'contacted by aliens' conspiracy theory,but fun nonetheless
  3. EA moorings BS

    C'mon Brian... Lowestoft is nowhere near the K&A! But it does have (maybe did have?) one of the best KFC's I have ever been in, shame I went West instead of staying in East Anglia, many happy memories of Lowestoft I wonder if the 'poorer boaters' would be able to raise the needed funds to move their 'affordable housing' to a CRT marina that charged commercial (residential) rates anywhere near, let even on, the Thames (or even anywhere near Bath / Bristol / Reading etc. ) I certainly can't justify the expense of a mooring closer to home, but then I'm not exactly a liveaboard - let alone one who considers the South East as a 'must be' region.
  4. EA moorings BS

    I don't see how the comment "forced the poorer older boats..." makes any kind of sense in its present context. The occupiers of said boats must surely have made a considered decision to remain in the area otherwise they would be enjoying 2000+ miles of navigable waterways, surely? Pressures of work, school etc would have to have been considered prior to becoming a liveaboard not on a residential / long term mooring - wouldn't they? A hammer to crack a nut the 'penalty' certainly is, but how else could the underlying issue be resolved?
  5. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    I read the same recently somewhere else about Win 10 on mobiles - I suppose a no response makes sense in a twisted way Same as the desktop Win 10 will disregard the 'metered connection' exclusion for 'essential' updates - could be a nasty surprise if a tethered laptop decided to install the newly released 'feature update', a couple of GB down the drain for no apparent visual difference apart from start menu (right click) changes.
  6. License Fee Consultation

    An interesting concept, should they push through this odd idea might we find that a lot of the lower cost moorings (like ours, north of Birmingham) suddenly get snapped up by boats that never moor there? CRT have not appeared to sell off 2 moorings in our block - no longer advertised but certainly never been occupied for the past few months. Thinking about it, the long-term moorings south of Brewood appear to have no boats moored there and are not being advertised - perhaps it is already happening!
  7. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    In response to the 4GB for £15 comment. I have a SIM only 30 day rolling contract with Virgin, (4G plan) that gives 4GB +2GB bonus (which they can obviously cancel at any time) with last month unused rollover. As mobile data is only used on the boat I normally end up with 10GB at the start of each billing period. Not a huge amount granted but at least reasonalbe and with the option to get out with no penalty if I get a better offer. With a 'fixed' data limit I am free to tether from my mobile phone to laptop / tablet too. Nothing spectacular I admit, but may be an option for others should they wish to take a look at Virgin's tariffs.
  8. Peter beat me to it, but I am pleased to say that he will be joining me for the jaunt - many thanks to him of course and to the others who showed an interest. ETA: and apologies - I didn't receive any notification until Peter messaged me - I think it was my own fault though...
  9. Hello again all, sorry for the long wait but I had to get a date from Martin. We have arranged for the boat to go in for work on 4th September. Canal Plan has given me a nice 10 day route ( only 5 hours a day - plenty long enough) so it is anticipated that I leave my mooring on the Shroppie on 25th August. Would any kind person care to join me on this little jaunt? Thanks in advance David
  10. Alternator Output question

    Job done, the new alternator is fitted and the return cable taken from the case (as indicated in the very helpful sheet included with the alternator) without any problems. The output reached a brief 40A according to the ammeter on the console - the highest I'd ever seen on the boat - then settled down to around 20A or so once the initial rush was over with the feed to the domestic bank showing 20+ to 10 Amps over time so good in my opinion My thanks to everyone who contributed their knowledge and advice, the help is much appreciated. Next little job is to sort out where all of the charging circuit wires go, then I can get the domestic bank first in the alternator output chain, but that is for next week!
  11. Alternator Output question

    Back on the boat again for a few days, so got on with some of the chores already mentioned. The split charge relay is 120A - not the 60 as previously thought - so I removed it and replaced it with the electronic equivalent. The relay was just connected with the coil being activated when the alternator is busy doing its thing, no diodes or anything else nasty. Nice chunky bolt terminals too, perfect! The aforementioned chunky relay has now been wired into the heater plug circuit (with 6mm cable out) after pulling out the light duty and very fried relay that had also melted the (thermoplastic) base in its enthusiasm to heat up the new super plugs, a couple of happy hours spent there. It is interesting that the heater circuit uses 2 relays, the first of which only appears to connect the negative feed to the engine block, (as well as providing a negative feed to the second relay) is this common practise? This preamble brings me around to the replacement alternator - the current is a Lucas Marine A127 (50A) with insulated return - the new one is common return with the case providing the negative connection. Am I correct in assuming that I shouldn't put this on as a replacement due to no insulated return? Any advice much appreciated. So as it stands the original alternator remains in circuit - it would only take me an hour or so to fit the new one (now knowing the way to get it off / on without dropping the spacer into the oily bilge again! ) should anyone advise it could be done without messing things up. (Guess I am thinking of Tony in the first instance, not excluding anyone else who has contributed equally intelligently) Thanks in advance to all.
  12. Alternator Output question

    I like the tip for connecting the alternator output to the leisure bank, thanks, that makes good sense. I ordered a sensing split charge relay today so should see it arrive early next week. So it will be a case of change both devices over and see if anything good happens... Like Tony, it must be more than 20 years since I saw a relay in ceramic (or Paxolin) as a mount, thermoplastic - with all its inherent drawbacks - is cheaper to produce and more attractive to those doing fit out. (not only in auto / boats but also in radio transceivers)
  13. Alternator Output question

    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions, they are always appreciated. I have bought a 'remanufactured' A127 75A Alternator (from Ebay) which arrived yesterday as it makes sense to start with the simplest bit to replace. I also have a couple of lengths of 25mm cable to uprate the current wiring as it is both old and not particularly heavy duty. The connections on the existing alternator were removed, cleaned and re-made while I was on the boat but made no difference to the charging output. The split charge relay appears to be of the Lucas type that switches from the charge indicator so I don't believe it contains a lossy diode, although I am seriously considering replacing it with a voltage sensing version - as suggested in the last response. (there is a strong likelyhood that the Lucas relay is only in the region of 60A so may prove unsuitable with the new alternator) As it will be a few days until I return to the boat I won't be in a position to post an update on progress until then so fingers crossed. All that remains in the immediate electrical fun is to find the wiring to / from the relay that controls the heater plugs as the new (higher current draw) plugs caused a wisp of smoke from the relay and no longer functioning heater plugs - these things are sent to try us!
  14. Alternator Output question

    As promised, a few photos... With apologies for being 'not brilliant' but the engine was running at the time. The little meter is displaying battery voltage (showing low - I have to calibrate it yet which will be done today) and charging current. The batteries were fully charged when I got to the boat last night - 200w of solar doing their job even in the poor weather we have had. The only current drawn in darkness has been the fridge and a little for the led lights, pump etc. The radio draws around 0.6 A and was on until bed time According to the little meter, with only the radio on discarge is shown as hovering around 0.6 A so probably reasonably accurate. Charging current is only being shown as in the region of 6 A - when deliberately increasing the load (turning the fridge up!) charge current drops by the couple of amps the fridge draws but alternator output as displayed on the panel does not increase. At the time the photos were taken solar was only providing 400 mA to the batteries so can be discounted (the sun shining brightly in the sky but the panels shaded by the big tree across the canal). I set the MPPT controller for solar at 13.8v (which was the battery state yesterday) increasing it when the batteries are shown as charged and the panels are generating a reasonable output sees a corresponding increase in battery voltage so I believe the batteries may not be stuffed quite yet. An A127 recon alternator can be purchased from Flea Bay for not a lot of pennies so replacing it may not be too painful (and if this shows an improvement a good - non Chinese - one could be purchased and the cheap one kept as a 'spare' ) Thanks to everyone who has been replying even without any pictures - you are all being very helpful.
  15. Alternator Output question

    No black casing on the back, just a large voltage regulator at the top (black, almost quadrant shape) and the legend 12 as a sticker on the middle of the rear casing. Cables are attached to bolt on terminals and not the 3 pin Lucas connector (which I think was common around that era) rev counter probably coming from it too. I'll post a picture Sunday when I am back on the boat. Thanks.