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  1. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    My main concern would be that the new owner of the site is very much a "do first, ask questions later" person. He's already drained and cleared the old pond which was obviously full of flora and fauna, this was nearly touching the canal bank which is a SSSI. The cottages on site came next when half the roof and back walls were knocked out by a JCB. This has left them in a dangerous state so of course they'll now have to be demolished. I'm sure the brickworks chimney has some kind of preservation order on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it blew down one dark night.. It's a shame that some historical records weren't made of the site before he cleared the old sheds and outbuildings,( these were admittedly in a very poor state) it is after all the last user of commercial boats on the canal.
  2. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    Keep up the good work. We all like to see pretty overhanging trees but the amount of leaf fall every year must be adding to the gloop. Totally unrelated and even more off topic.. If you're working down misterton way have a good look at the old Walkeringham brickyard as you pass. I've got a feeling that some important local history will soon be lost forever there. I've mentioned what's happening to various people but nobody seems very interested. Shame, because when it's gone it's gone.
  3. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    The couple of chaps I've mentioned the state of that length to were both doing "bank examinations", one was actually walking alongside me while I boated and commented why I was going so slowly! The other I met on a day when the canal was gin clear so I could literally point out the problem. Yes, we've met a few times.. I've been a moorer on the Chesterfield for years and am now lucky enough to be living by it. Let's just say I had a good view of Python on Wednesday morning!
  4. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    Wandering off topic here but... The length from the Gate Inn to Bonemill Bridge really is the worst on the canal. It's a shame that money was spent dredging the summit pound when a lot of visitors have given up and turned at Retford. A few years back contractors were dredging the Gate winding hole and had to half empty their mud pan because it wouldn't go up the canal to unload at whitsunday lock! I have pointed the lack of depth/channel out to CRT bods on a few occasions but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Maybe if they actually had a trip on a boat rather than walking the towpath..
  5. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    I'm (just) old enough to remember Spitfire being moored in West Stockwith. I recognised her from an article in a magazine about Harris tugs written by Bob May who owned Governer at the time. He kept her immaculate and I was lucky enough to have a ride down the Sheffield canal after helping Bob down the locks. With the Gardner 3LW it was certainly the quickest narrowboat I've been on! P.S. can you please keep doing maintenance on the Clarborough to Retford stretch, with Pythons draught it's the only thing that helps keep the channel clear.
  6. Old barges on tidal Trent

    That's what I thought until I had a good look at low water but they have definitely gone. The high bank that they were half buried in has been levelled too, it must have been quite a costly job.
  7. Old barges on tidal Trent

    I've noticed the old barges abandoned on the disused gravel wharf have gone. A few bits of twisted metal are left but the hulls have disappeared and the area landscaped into a "beach". Does anyone know the history of them and why they were left there?
  8. Converting working boat to live aboard

    I'd also add to this that you need to be careful who you approach with your ideas. There are plenty of current fabricators that will happily build you a "replica" but only a handful of boatbuilders that actually can. These will of course be busy, but my advice would be to be patient rather than go to someone who hasn't really got a clue.
  9. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    I'm not qualified in this department but I didn't get the impression he had mental issues, just a very aggressive, rude individual. In fact I'd go so far to say he'd be intelligent enough to have stayed in his house scowling through the window if a crew of burly young men would have pulled up, rather than a frail woman.
  10. How things can go wrong

    Nothing like a bit of excitement on the river, and the old Gardner needed a de-coke.. Thanks for the bottle Joe, it was much appreciated.
  11. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    Hopefully you'll have a really noisy generator that you have to run while you fix it..
  12. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    Mrs Noddyboater did want to call the Police and had a troubled night hoping they were alright. I thought the couple probably didn't want any more excitement and attention from 'you know who' after the Police had left. I can't be sure exactly which house he was from, I think it was the tarted up one, recently painted white. There's an easy way to find out if you're passing!
  13. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    A quick word of warning about one of the most unpleasant people you'll ever meet.. We followed a boat down the T&M recently that was struggling with locks as the lady had a knackered back and her partner was out of action with a serious illness. She was trying to get to Burton as her Mother had passed away, so not exactly a happy trip. As we passed the entrance to B.Turns marina I saw her boat tied up just after the houses on the towpath, with a bald angry chap waving his arms around and shouting loudly. I pulled alongside to hear "I'll cut your F-ing ropes, and I'll smash your F-ing boat up" I'd realised by now she'd moored on the restricted part behind the houses where Mr Twat obviously lived, but only by half a boat length. I had a word with him and suggested they were having a bad enough time without his threats, but he just carried on ranting at me instead. "My mum and dad were water gypsies, I know all about it, but you lot give boaters a bad name" more swearing, more threatening behaviour, then he went away and came back with a bull terrier! (Which was actually very cute) We moved the boat a few yards for the couple who were very upset at this point, she thanked us and admitted she hadn't seen the sign. As we left, Mr. Shit-for-brains was still marching up and down shouting "Traveller me, Traveller.." Ok, they were in the wrong place, and maybe he's had problems before, but a tap on the window and a friendly word would have been far less stressful all round.
  14. How things can go wrong

    I was involved in a very similar incident a few years ago that could have turned out a lot worse than it did. A chap was heading through Gainsborough on an ebbing tide when his engine died. He dropped the anchor, this eventually bit and he ended up in the willows a fair way downstream. Not being mechanically minded he didn't even lift the boards to check anything. The firebrigade helped him off, and he was left watching from the far bank as the tide went out leaving his pride and joy (also his home) at an alarming angle in the mud. A mutual friend had given him my number as he knew I mooored at West Stockwith, so I went out next tide hoping that it had refloated and not stuck in the mud. Luckily it was ok, and after towing it back to safety a quick check revealed nothing more than a loose spin on fuel filter. Interestingly his anchor, which I managed to recover, was a heavy Danforth type but very bent and mangled. I thought I'd got some lovely new ropes for my troubles but the fire brigade had asked for them back!
  15. Early Chesterfield Canal Trip Boat

    Anyone know the location of the 1982 black & white photo of the 'Norwood Packet'? I don't recognise the old buildings in the background.