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  1. Historic Boats for sale online

    Yes, I realise the boat for sale is certainly not St Tudno unless she's taken a backwards step since I last saw her! I was making the comparison as the bow looks similar and Tudno was confirmed as a very early "Mk 1" bantock. Like the owner of Orianne I'd wondered how early the conversion was done but couldn't find anything on her history at all.
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    Looks very much like the early Bantock "St Tudno" that I owned briefly a few years ago. Motorised the same way and fitted with a JP3m, she still had the kinked knees but had been rebottomed/footed in steel.
  3. The Boating Season

    I mentioned the obvious- that he was due to finish work soon and I could then let myself out with my key. He disappeared again and after another phone call agreed I could proceed but must call at the office in Newark and get a signed note to back my story up! He also radioed all the keepers upstream who then asked upon my arrival to see the note. It's always amusing when the volunteers who are on in season ask your destination. I like to do a long day heading back up north with an early start from Sawley. The first keeper I meet will usually be at Holme where the conversation goes something like; Where are you heading for Skipper? Torksey. No, I meant today? Yes, Torksey, today. Or I would be if you'd kindly open the paddles and get things moving. You'll not be going that far today. I'll put Newark.
  4. The Boating Season

    I once got impounded in Newark Nether Lock by the ever so efficient keeper before the volunteers took over. After checking my boat name/number he disappeared into his office and instead of opening the gates came back and said "You won't be continuing your journey as I've just phoned Watford and this boat is unlicensed" I explained that my application was late being returned and had ended up at Leeds and was now somewhere in the post etc etc.. but more importantly what would happen when the next boat came through?!
  5. MV Chica

    That's the one. I think the thread I was looking at was from 2014 but it looks about the same condition. Is it a cut down butty?
  6. MV Chica

    Interesting old boats pop up on "derelict places" sometimes where you wouldn't expect them to. I was looking through the photos of an abandoned RAF base somewhere in Norfolk and amongst the knackered buildings/overgrown runways was a shortened wooden narrowboat! Trouble is it was late at night and I can't remember exactly where it was.. Definitely Norfolk. Or Lincolnshire.
  7. Aire and Calder landmark demolished...

    I also take it you won't be sitting by a cosy open fire in a pub to enjoy your pint and plain crisps if it's burning coal? But that wouldn't matter as it would be imported coal from Poland or Columbia.
  8. Boat insurance

    I've also just received my renewal from Collidge & Partners, £260 with full no claims and £45k value. Interestingly it came with a note saying that since I've been with them for a long time "I may find cheaper cover elsewhere by shopping around" ! I found GJW were very competitive, in fact by removing personal contents cover over £100 cheaper. The trouble with Collidge is they cover for many things that aren't applicable for a n.b., such as "tender and outboard up to the value of £6k". Beware of "Insure4boats" if you use tidal waters. They don't cover at all but forgot to mention it while offering you a really cheap quote.
  9. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    You might find that a minimum of 2 on board is a condition of your insurance provider for traveling on tidal water, especially after dark. Cromwell to Torksey is lovely on a full moon..
  10. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    If penning up single handed with a keeper on I'll use a centre line or at a push if I'm sharing with cruisers I'll take the bowline off as well and hold it from the centre. If ascending with my own "crew" I just hold the boat near the bottom gates in the middle of the chamber. Having used the electric locks on the SSYN for years where there are no sliders as such this method works fine.
  11. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    The "we" part of this post is quite telling. Try tying fore and aft if single handed, then keeping an eye on both lines as the boat drops, making sure they don't snag on breaks on the nylon sleeved cables. Common sense should be used, as it is by the more experienced old hand lockies. I've never been asked to use ropes when descending at Cromwell alone as there's really no need, and it isn't staffed by volunteers. Compare that to a volly at the Nether Lock last year who argued I should climb around a cratch board in a thunderstorm to secure a bowline when penning down alone.
  12. Caldon canal

    We did the Caldon and Leek arm in September and couldn't really fault it. A bit slow going if you're deep draughted, but very quiet with no problems getting moored at pubs etc. The first mile or so is a bit grim but the rest makes up for it, it's as lovely as the Welsh one without the grumpy Welsh people. The moorings in the basin at Froghall are very peaceful, and handy for the new coffee shop. That's assuming you fit through the tunnel! Don't miss the Leek branch though as the scenery is as good, if not better.
  13. Shardlow to nottingham

    I've heard recently (from a reliable source) that the flood gates at Sawley might be found closed more often than not. As the job has passed to whoever is on call rather than a resident keeper, there's a good chance they will be closed early if bad weather is forecast. Not a problem at Sawley, but will definitely be if the same starts happening at Cranfleet.
  14. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Alan, could you do me a favour next time you see the chap who trains the volunteers? Can you ask him why they insist on making boaters who are descending use a bow and stern line, even if alone in the lock. I've argued many times that it's far safer if you're single handed to use a centre rope or none at all as it's impossible to watch 2 ropes 60' apart that often snag on the cables. What's the worst that can happen if you don't use lines at all? You might slowly get drawn towards the gates? Oh dear, how dangerous..