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  1. K&A Trip planned

    Good to see you and Jeff this morning and have a chat, hope you enjoy the rest of your trip
  2. Doodle of the inside of my boat

    I really like that it made me smile
  3. What's the latest thinking on toilet tank treatments?

    Odorloss for us with macerator toilet, you do need to do a few pumpouts if you have used Blue beforehand before it becomes fully effective. We certainly don't suffer from any nasty niffs, unless the dog botty coughs!
  4. K&A Trip planned

    I hope they don't all move at once, we'll have a massive bow wave rolling along the cut!
  5. K&A Trip planned

    Hi Dave, looking forward to seeing you again. Actually I think it has been a bit quieter, despite boats evidently coming up the flight to increase their range. I was working in Kintbury today, there were 3 boats on the VMS so loads of space. Cruised to Devizes marina a couple of weeks ago, plenty of mooring spaces, just a bit slow through Pewsey and All Cannings.
  6. K&A Trip planned

  7. K&A Trip planned

    OK folks let's chuck this in to the mix - Hubby and I live on the Kennet and Avon canal, cruising/continuously mooring from Devizes to Newbury, have done for the last 10 nearly 11 years. We both work, so need to stay in area but do not wish to have a permanent mooring. Our fat/widebeam boat was new when we moved on to it, still tidy and shiny and has items on the roof. How many of you have I lost so far? We do not bridge hop rarely use visitor moorings and move every 14 days unless something really chucks a spanner in the works, we are not atypical of most of the other boaters here on the K and A, there are just a few who really don't move. There are spots with plenty of boats moored, likewise plenty of open clear stretches. The are also hire boats, weekend dumpers, GRPS, marina boaters, canoeists and a great little steam boat who use the canal. We say hello to everybody, most respond, and the miserable ones who don't, well that's their problem not mine. There is a supportive and cohesive community of boaters here of all shades, willing to be friendly and helpful. If you take your time on the canal, there is superb scenery, wonderful market towns, historic monuments, great pubs and so on. My point? The Kennet and Avon canal boasts an ecletic mix of society and does not deserve the prejudiced view that has come about from the actions of a few. Nick, when you are passing say hello, maybe we can change your view just a little?
  8. Boaty legal advisers? Issues with New and Used Boat co.

    Ooooh not a rivet in sight ...........
  9. Boaty legal advisers? Issues with New and Used Boat co.

    My boat was built by Bluewater Boats 11 yrs ago, we just specced up on some of the interior fittings. I agree that a written specification will prove what was ordered, verbal agreements can also be binding, hence as advised in my previous post to the OP I think some legal advice would be useful. The Consumer protection Act 2015 sets out some clear criteria for making a claim against a supplier of goods and services that are not fit for purpose or as described. The citizens advice bureau can also provide free advice and trading standards will usually advise people to consult the CAB first.
  10. Boaty legal advisers? Issues with New and Used Boat co.

    Vetus 65 fitted in my widebeam as standard, with tiller steering and no travel power - so far so good, lots of oomph on rivers and can stop pretty quickly.
  11. Keeping Dogs Cool In Hot Weather

    Both our staffies swim really well and compete with each other to fetch a ball in the water. Getting them soaked helps keep them cool as well.
  12. Moving boat every 2 weeks but not living aboard

    Best upbringing they could have - chained to the chimney and covered in soot............ seriously though it's great for kids as I am sure you know, some people home educate, but work etc does make that difficult for many parents.
  13. Moving boat every 2 weeks but not living aboard

    Quite - houses completely overated!
  14. Twin pack or Bitumen

    Absolutely - ours is 2 pack epoxy from new. Took her out of the water after 7 years, very little wear apart from high impact areas and a scratch from something we had scraped along underwater and no pitting, all the hull was cleaned and fresh coats applied on top with a good result. We also live aboard and move regularly, so glad we went down the 2 pack route.
  15. Boaty legal advisers? Issues with New and Used Boat co.

    What a horrible situation to be in, sorry for stating the bleeding obvious! I would consider legal advice as this has gone on far too long, you have various rights under the revised Consumer Act 2015, which give you a much stronger hand for insisting on 'goods' fit for purpose and so on. Here is a link; https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/how-citizens-advice-works/citizens-advice-consumer-work/the-consumer-rights-act-2015/ I hope this helps a little.