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  1. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    We did a very similar design to yours though the bolts are top and bottom, with handles at the sides. Used polycarbonate, which remains clear and scratch free years later it was supplied and cut to size by a local glass firm. Perspex goes cloudy over time.
  2. Selling my body

    Lord Adonis or the Greek divine figure, it could be a deal breaker ............
  3. Portable radios

    I have had a Roberts rechargeable DAB for years now, it's excellent and as long as the aerial is pointing at the window the reception is pretty good. It recharges when the inverter is on, but will give many hours of playtime unplugged.
  4. Fake pumpout card

    Hmmm interesting, I wonder if they will end up this end of the K and A. Are they being sold from official outlets or 'privately' does anyone know? The notice says ask for a refund but it is not clear where they are available.
  5. Continual Cruiser. How to get medical care and other info

    As Upside Side Down has fully explained a surgery cannot refuse you treatment or registering with them if you are 'itinerant'. We had the same issue with our surgery, asking to speak to the practice manager and asking about their equality policy resolved the matter very quickly. A lot of surgeries seem to be unaware of their obligations so it is sometimes necessary to point them out.
  6. So....

    Probably a load of Pollocks! Yes - Auro.
  7. How much gas do you use?

    That's the same as us, liveaboards with ordinary house size cooker, used for kettle and daily cooking usually from scratch, we like to eat well
  8. Branch loppers

    I use the Wolfgarten saw for work, superb quality for the money. I usually stick to cutting branches not body parts ............... Definitely the mutts nuts of saws though!
  9. Branch loppers

    Or arm yourself with a good quality pruning saw, they are fiercely sharp and will go through reasonable sizes branches rapidly. Light to carry, quiet and easy to store.
  10. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    They'll make excellent kindling for the old rubber and sulphur that needs to be burnt on the stove in the evening .................
  11. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    Well done helping them out, he surrounds horrendous, they must have been quite shaken up. Hopefully they will have informed the police as they ought to be aware of his threatening behaviour.
  12. Has anyone lit their stove yet?

    I am looking forward to the heatwave already
  13. Has anyone lit their stove yet?

    Ah could get a wee bit smoky, hopefully not too long before you get a chance to do it.
  14. Has anyone lit their stove yet?

    Light stove - sorted
  15. Has anyone lit their stove yet?

    Warm and toasty by lit stove as I write