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  1. You have probably already tried this but are the Gas Safe peops able to give you a definitive answer?
  2. What do you think of this boat?

    There was a large electric widebeam here on the K and A with a roof full of solar panels, it ended up with a diesel engine put in it.
  3. What do you think of this boat?

    I am assuming that is just a Will Trickett shell with fit out done by someone else looking at the interior, though i may be wrong it is just my opinion. if you look at Will's website you will get an idea of the quality of boat he produces, he has a good reputation.
  4. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    Ha ha oh ye of little faith!
  5. Jeremy Corbyn struggles with numbers?

    It's good this is being done but it is still a long way from replacing the rentable stock that has been sold off, and providing affordability for families on benefits. Unfortunately the households counted as homeless or vulnerably housed has risen sharply over the last 6 years, so something is not working.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn struggles with numbers?

    What's really needed are Assured Tenancy agreements as per social housing. Unfortunately as housing association properties are now available to buy there are fewer opportunities to rent securely. Some private landlords are very good however there is no statutory obligation on them to provide Assured Tenancies. A change in letting legislation is needed and a return to or a similar system to the old fair rent scheme.
  7. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    Another vote for an Ecofan, other makes are available! Our first one packed up and we really noticed the difference, hence getting a replacement sharpish.
  8. Growlights aboard?

    Ha ha agree, not heard an extractor fan needed for chillies, more for a more pungent 'herb'!
  9. AGM versus Gel batteries

    If it's any help I have recently replaced our 10 year old AGMS with more AGMS, if it ain't broke don't fix it ...........
  10. Brotherly Love?

    Ah the jolly happy boating lifestyle - they're out there...........
  11. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    Just be aware the Avon comes up very quickly after rain, so check conditions and forecast before you set off - have fun
  12. Diesel Stoves

    Ah I see, perhaps move the tank and consider continual liquid top ups to avoid disappearance problems........
  13. Diesel Stoves

    Modern science eh? Whatever next ......
  14. Leave empty or not ?

    Sounds wonderful, the owls have quietened down now, as the weather is worsening.
  15. Leave empty or not ?

    Now you'e asking, it's the diesel biocide in a biggish bottle, per 10ml it worked out cheaper than Marine 16. I would double check but it' in the engine bay - it's dark out there, the wind is getting up and the owls are hooting ...........