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  1. What do I look for when buying?

    I'm in the same boat (sorry) as you - living in Australia but eventually looking to retire back to the UK (canals as a CC'er). Similarly I've done a fair bit of hiring over the years but not recently. To date I've spent about a year planning things out (I'm in no rush), and I've found this hallowed forum to be an excellent source of knowledge and help. I think the best advice I could give - and it's difficult cos I don't actually have a boat yet, is to keep an open mind and prepare to be educated. I will almost certainly go down the route of my own new build but only after a couple of years in a second hand one to iron out my own likes and dislikes and most importantly my priorities. At this point in time I'm focusing on the electrics/power as being my main priority and planning/building around that. This is also probably the area that has changed most since my hiring days with solar/inverters and all that much more 'developed' than the old days. What I would love to get my hands on would be a build plan from one of the reputable builders as I’m sure this would give loads of goodies and pointers that I haven’t even thought of. Now I'm very lucky in that my sister lives in the UK and is driving around looking at things for me and skyping videos to me (like from Crick this year). To be honest this is invaluable – but probably doesn’t help you - sorry
  2. We plan on escaping the heat here next summer (UK winter Jan 2019) and wonder if anybody can advise as to who are good hire companies on the Shropie, or maybe more importantly who maybe might not quite have a desirable reputation for customer excellence. I appreciate lot's will be closed for the winter but I'll do that research - just looking for possible names Thanks
  3. Obscure connections to celebrities

    For a really obscure connection - my 2nd cousins 3 times removed husbands brothers grandson met the Queen. She waved a big sword around his head apparently
  4. Obscure connections to celebrities

    1. A friend of mines Dad was having dinner at a restaurant when he was asked to move by the management as they had mistakenly given him the wrong table. The gentleman who booked the table was appalled at this request and insisted on sharing the table (if that was ok - which it). That gentleman was David Bowie and apparently they had a great evening. 2. I used to live opposite a guys whose best man at his wedding was Sean Bean.
  5. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Whilst all this might be true it does help us far less experienced boaters appreciate some of the dangers/pitfalls that we otherwise might not be aware of.
  6. Flu jab

    Not quite true. In 'healthy' adults (not over the age of about 60) the risk of severe side effects are indeed pretty low. However it does depend a lot on the delivery method (intramuscular or intradermal) with the later about half as likely to produce any noticeable side effects. However in elderly patients the risk of a severe side effect (comparable to a severe flu attack) is about 1.5%. The other factor to consider is the efficacy of the vaccine itself. Again in adults its between about 5% and 60% (95% confidence interval), so not particularly good and any one flu season. Healthcare workers over here are strongly encouraged to vaccine but many do not as the risk of side effects severe enough to require time off work is actually greater than the risk of contracting influenza itself - even in the high exposure environment of the hospital (my wife isn't vaccinated but wears a mask when treating suspected flu patients). That said even with the low efficacy and the risk of severe side effect, vulnerable people (e.g. immunocompromised, elderly etc) would without doubt benefit from the limited protection the vaccine provides. Good practice however for these people is to limit their exposure as much as possible in the first place. Just because you are vaccinated it doesn't follow you are 100% protected.
  7. Featured videos - Thoughts?

    Like a few others who have already replied, I too hardly ever go to the home page. Indeed it was only because of some other posts that I looked to see what all the fuss was about. Have to agree that the 4 on offer are a bit..... but I think the idea does have some merit especially if they can be tweaked to cover 'how to's' or navigation tips or other such stuff that far more useful to somebody like me hoping to get back onto the water in the not too distant future. I would agree that the home page is probably not the place for them (videos or vlogs or whatever) and that random gallery images are just as attractive and provide the forum with its visual identity. A separate area - like gallery has at the moment would seem to me to be a better option. I actually like the ex news guy - maybe not always for the content but its production and filming are good and maybe because he's (so far) covered familiar areas, it brings back memories of home. PS Haven't noticed it slowing things down from this side of the world
  8. Canal & River Trust Licence

    Thanks Mark - very interesting
  9. Canal & River Trust Licence

    I'm guessing that the 6 month limit might have something to do with tax-residency as well. We have been looking at splitting our time between Oz and the UK and to maximise our stay we would have to limit our stay(s) to 182 days maximum to avoid becoming tax residents in both the UK and Australia and having the nightmare of paying tax on income in both countries. We are dual citizens so the issue of visa's and length of stay do not apply and its still not clear if spending 180 days in Oz and 180 days in the UK each year (before anybody says anything the missing 5 days are travelling) would entitle us to 'ordinary' resident status (NHS access) or not, if we are CC'ing and therefore not 'residential' property owners. DandV do you have any insight into this (last point) as you seem to split your time?
  10. sound deadening

    Not come across these before - anybody know what they are like reliability/cost wise? Do they really reduce noise/vibration by 50% as claimed?
  11. sound deadening

    Apart from using the search function on the forum itself if you want to restrict your Google hits to the site itself type in "sound proofing" site:canalworld.net or "soundproofing" site:canalworld.net
  12. Lost bill of sale

    You can complete a statutory declaration if you really want something official. Will cost a bit to get it 'witnessed' by a solicitor or the like - when we last did this about 11 years ago (when we moved here) it cost about £25 from memory.
  13. Narrow boat sinks

    Good point.
  14. Narrow boat sinks

    According to her Instagram site she might not have been the stupid person 'What makes it an even harder pill to swallow is that my home is now on the bottom of the canal because of someone else's totally reckless behaviour That said I do agree with your sentiment somewhat. Over here the mindset seems to be if you make a lifestyle choice not to have insurance and your house is blown away in a tropical cyclone, or washed away in a flood then the council should pick up the bill!!!
  15. Whether the weather....

    Hmm - difficult one. We don't get much wind on the whole here (one thing I miss) except in tropical cyclones (hurricanes). I was lucky enough to be in the path of Yasi a few years back and yes we lost quite a few trees, and there was widespread damage, but rain/flood can be pretty impressive (destructive wise) as well. This is one of our local roads after Debbie went through this March.