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  1. Fuel Costs

    Some info on the following........... https://www.french-waterways.com/practicalities/shoreside-services/#fw-tab-content-0-1
  2. The true license evaders

    I imagine any tracker would have to be paid for by the boater and not supplied by C&RT. AIS would be a good system , if C&RT had their own receiving equipment. It may even be used to some benefit other then licensing . In places where locks are manned the lock keeper would be able to see on a screen the location of approaching boats. On the whole I would prefer in tracking was not implemented.
  3. The true license evaders

    I do find the C&RT online system frustrating with regard to starting a new license after a period off water – despite having declared an off water notice.. The system will not let me leave gap between the end of one license and the start of the next license . I end up filling in a paper form at the marina office and paying C&RT later over the phone , which is a bit of a nuisance. Or am I missing an easier method to start a new license online after a period off water ?
  4. The true license evaders

    My point is Why not do something that is very easy to do – like notify C&RT the boat is off water . It will later help to avoid any dispute over a period when the boat has been unlicensed. Also there is no need for everything to be a legal requirement. Laws are often introduced because people with an attitude like yours refuse to do things unless there is a legal requirement.
  5. The true license evaders

    Breathing is not a legal requirement but it makes life easier if you do it.
  6. Should I replace my Eberspacher?

    I firmly believe that to be true. Two friends who I know to be anxious about burning fuel and turning the thermostat down have had to pay out for reconditioning - which is almost as much money as a new heater. One is Eberspacher the other is Webasto . My Eberspacher is as old as the boat which will be 15 years in April.
  7. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    I think he is talking about living aboard as he refers to living aboard in his original post.
  8. Fuel Costs

    I expect Diesel is more expensive in France compared to UK . In France you have to use white road diesel.
  9. Is it worth getting a home mooring?

    I think the law cannot prevent you from sleeping. Staying overnight on the boat in a marina on an occasional basis, such as say two nights a week , is surely not an issue. However you will probably find that marinas may have a limit on the number of residential moorings according to the conditions of their planning permission. Also the marina will possibly be obliged to charge a higher rate for a residential mooring as they are required to collect council tax from those who they do allow to be residential.
  10. Fuel Costs

    Between 85p and 95p per litre. About 5 litres per hour at 5 knots which by the way is probably in excess of the speed limit on a canal .
  11. The true license evaders

    I am guessing in some cases the network access agreement was made some decades ago and the current wording requiring boats to be licensed was not applied.
  12. MartynG

  13. The true license evaders

    According to the C&RT website the definition of 'waterway' includes the great majority of marinas so the great majority do need a license whether or not the boat is taken out for a cruise. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/licensing-your-boat/choosing-and-buying-your-licence However the C&RT wording indicates there are some marinas (which are inferred as being in a small minority) where the boats need not necessarily be licensed while in the marina . Therefore it seems probable that some of the people who think they dont need a license if they don't leave the marina are correct (depending on the marina).
  14. Definition of 'mooring'

    Not necessarily . On the River Trent if you have a valid river license you may moor overnight at C&RT moorings which are located near the locks - usually a 48 hrs limit is well signed. There isnt any need to moor elsewhere although there are, of course, marina moorings which require a fee. I have occasionally seen boats anchor on the non tidal Trent between locks and doubt whether anyone would ask for payment . I dont know the Thames but it seems there are some shorts stay moorings https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-bridges-locks-and-facilities-for-boaters#short-stay-moorings .
  15. Really annoyed the fishermen today...

    Many fishermen are easily annoyed . But perhaps not all easily annoyed men go fishing ?