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  1. Has anyone used a dehumidifier on their boat?

    For a liveaboard boat in constant use I can understand a dehumidifier may not be required . But for boats that are used only at weekends, and possibly even just visited an not moved, a dehumidifier does have a benefit . The possible downside being 240V mains power required. Desiccant type dehumidifiers are possibly best choice as they are able to work at slightly lower temperatures than the compressor type. I have used moisture traps for some years over the winter and only last winter bought a desiccant dehumidifier. The relatively mild winter conditions seeming to promote condensation that the moisture traps could not control.
  2. Jabsco Par Max 2.9 woes

    I recently managed to get my pump going again after dismantling, cleaning out limescale and reassembly with new O rings on the inlet an outlet and a new O ring internally. The pressure switch spade terminal contacts were corroded and needed a clean up - one of the connectors so badly corroded it crumbled as I removed it. The repaired pump has only had a few days in service but seems to be working okay .
  3. Has it been a busy summer?

    I have done fewer engine hours this year than the usual average, which makes up for last year being a little above average. This is in part possibly weather related but also crew not available for seven weeks on medical orders and only just now back in action. I hope to make up for it next year. As for the preference for going out in the winter I can understand it on a sunny day but must confess my preference for dry and warm conditions, and above all , light winds. I don't mind putting a coat on ,which is often needed in the so called summer months. In the meantime this morning is glorious on the river, and only one other visiting boat in view.Lunch is booked a short walk from the boat and grandchildren joining us later for a couple of hours.
  4. Best place for 205ltr drum Kerosene delivered

    May I ask why Kerosene? Is diesel unsuitable?
  5. Has it been a busy summer?

    A lot of people seem to have already hung up their boat keys. We are presently out for a long weekend and have had complete freedom of choice of moorings. Over the summer my impression is an average year for boat traffic. Never too busy to affect our plans. Never completely free of other boats . However before this weekend we have not been out since the end of July so have missed most of the school holiday period. I am quite pleased to note the large numbers of boats in the marina that do not go out much. Some do not go out at all.
  6. Probably you will have 24hrs per battery. assuming they were fully charged when you left the boat.
  7. Boat price register comparing advertised/realized prices

    The price boat sold at may be misleading . My present boat had defects found at survey and I negotiated a price reduction. The price I paid might look low but then I immediately spent a significant sum making good the defects . I think brokers and owners will not reveal actual sale prices .
  8. All it has cost me is an O ring set. I hope to find further uses for some of the remaining 400 O rings.
  9. My pump is fitted vertically , as you suggest. Looking a the rubber mounting feet I am sure that is how it should be. Unfortunately the pressure switch is then at the bottom. No point in binning it, especially now it seems to be working well. Quieter and more responsive that before so I think it has not been 100% since we bought the boat in 2014 and has been gradually deteriorating a while . But a spare pump in stock perhaps worth the expense. Par max is Jabsco - isn't that all the same or related company as Flojet ? The products look very much the same. I imagine my pump is the same age as the boat =14 years. However live aboard use probably wear and tear x a factor or 5 or more . \and my pump is also a quad type with no accumulator.
  10. Update. I bought an O ring set from Screwfix. O rings on the input filter and on the output fitting and an internal O ring replaced. This seemed to restore pump performance. Found a corroded electrical terminal on the pressure switch - replaced the terminal. Seems to be all in order and working better than ever. I have been in touch with Seaflo about a new pump. The cost will be about £50 but out of stock until next month . I may get one anyway and keep in as a spare.
  11. Wrong HIN number advice

    I am sorry that alan feels that I am claiming to be an expert. I am not. But I can read and understand a piece of legislation. Whether the law is enforced is another matter.
  12. Wrong HIN number advice

    Many laws seem not to be enforced. But yet there is
  13. Wrong HIN number advice

    However if the boat built after June 1998 never did have a valid RCD certification and CE plate the fact that it was sold new as a complete boat remains an illegal act and any subsequent sale, in the EU, remains illegal. We are still in the EU ,by the way, and most likely the RCD with remain a requirement after Brexit.
  14. Wrong HIN number advice

    I did not say the boat could not be examined.The advice says as follows ... Actions to be taken by examiners where an owner of a boat commissions a BSS examination, and the boat appears to warrant retrospective CE-Marking In the role as a BSS examiner, you should offer no advice or commentary as to the legal status of the vessel or its compliance with the RCD. In the circumstances that a boat appears to fit the need for Post Construction Assessment examiners should: a) refer the boat owner to the Royal Yachting Association, CAB Consumer Advice, their local Trading Standards or a competent CE marking consultant for further advice; keep a note in their records that this advice has been given; c) report the circumstances to the BSS Office. Therefore the owner of the boat in question should have been advised accordingly by the BSS examiner . . it intends to mean a self build boat which you build for your own use - not a boat that is built for you by a boat builder. In this case the boat in question is a boat built by a boat builder and sold when newly built.
  15. Wrong HIN number advice

    Guidance for examiners is at the following link https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/professionals/examination/examination-guidance/recreational-craft-directive/ .