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  1. side hatch

    many thanks guys for the advice, have decided to stick with what ive got for just now, i may relook at this in the future or i may even change the boat in the not too distant future!
  2. side hatch

    hhhmmm, that be a good idea blackrose fink i'll look into that, thanks.
  3. leicester line fuel

    have missed the fuel boat by about a week(contacted them today). i know that there are boatyards , marinas etc i can get fuel from but i try to use the fuel boats whenever i can.............use it or lose it, noticed on the fuel boat site quite a few no longer trading. so will fill up at next terra firma fuel point. many thanks peeps.xx
  4. side hatch

    i have seen quite a few boats with no access to the cratch but side hatches to assist evacuation,i was contemplating removing the kitchen windows and replacing them with hatches. i think i could still do this but leave cratch as is.
  5. hi,how easy would it be to retro fit a side hatch, and can you buy them 'ready made'? also is it possible to have a totally 'fixed' cratch (ie cannot be opened) if you have side hatches to use as secondary escape route? ive been thinking of doing this and the rejigging the inside to a reverse layout. many thanks mac
  6. leicester line fuel

    we are currently on the leicester line does anyone know if a fuel boat is around, Yelvertoft marinas pump not working, Crick very expensive. oh heck wev'e passed those. many thanks
  7. slow cooker

    yes we do have an inverter so that aspect is no problem. still thinking about it...............just have to convince other half! many thanks for all the advice and comments though.
  8. slow cooker

    yes it is for the boat or at least it was, not so sure now.
  9. slow cooker

    evening all, i'm considering buying one (argos £17), never having used one before. do many of you have one, are they easy to use? thanks mac
  10. Our new life afloat

    are you keeping the name?
  11. 1800 bmc problem?

    half post cos i hit wrong button! mmmmmmm can i forgive you? not sure!
  12. hi hope someone can advise on the following: last year i had intermitent. engine smoking on start up and running idle, as soon as i put into gear and whilst running, no smoke. This winter had the engine serviced ie, changed oil, filter, fuel filter, system bled. Now takes a little longer to start, smokes much more and runs rough for about five minuets or so. smoking stops when moving. last winter had new injectors and glow plugs, injector pump has not been touched. have been told most bmc's will smoke but mine seems excessive. many thanks for any advise.
  13. roving traders

    thanks for the info,i'll checkout facebook. have already contacted crt about it, just a few more bits to sort out before going ahead.
  14. roving traders

    hi, just wondering if there's a website for towpath traders as i'm considering starting a wee business, and have a few questions before commencing? many thanks.
  15. what do you use..........

    thanks all for replies, useful and not! sorry about the spelling mistake in post, really must do better!