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  1. Header tank replacement

    Thanks. I'll check with local plumbers and Midland as suggested. If not I'll look to improve on the existing design. Thanks for the reply. Re why 2? I assumed its a flow? Does a header tank not require an inlet and outlet? I guess I need to do some research into gravity fed systems.
  2. simple (??) inverter question

    Wow...i seemed to inadvertently upset a few people. Let me try and put this in as few words as possible... First and foremost whether it suits some of you or not ...i derived sufficient information from your initial responses to verify my original problem. Eg worn out batteries. After that i recieved a whole raft of information which was over and above my capabilites. Admittedly i could invest time in learning about such things to increase my knowledge but unfortunatly for all sorts of reasons that i wont go into , i dont have the spare time or desire. Hence another aspect that seems to offend some is that i choose to pay someone to look after such things. I find it hard to believe and even a little arrogant that from some of your comments that you've never been in a situation where , outside of your comfort zone or area of expertease, you might have asked for an opinion or advice and the subsequent advice recieved takes you out 'out of your depth'? A medical diagnosis would be a good example... You response therefore might be....best left to someone more knowledgeable and qualified rather than attempting to sort this myself. Can you not see the similarity? So yes once again i thank you for taking the time and interest and am remain respectfull of the knowledge some of you have. However i dont think its fair to be beaten up on here simply because i dont have enough spare time nor the desire to become an expert in narrowboat batteries. Thanks you once again for providing the answer to my original post.
  3. simple (??) inverter question

    Look guys i really appreciate all the well meaning advice and based on this together with the original comments from the guy who i used originally (who happens to a well respected n/b specialist) i have decided to replace the batteries. I am confident that the modern maintainance free charging set up he installed will do its job and the battery moniter will also be useful once i've had time to read the manual! However for now my question is answered so thank you. In the meantime i am aware of several things ...firstly that theres an awful lot of knowledgeable folk on this forum andcthe advice can used to whatever levels matches that persons capabilities. For me personally its all about having a basic knowledge. Eg. I know that 3 batteries my be better than 2 (although its never shown to be a problem). I know that my fridge is 12v compressor etc However I dont want to and more importantly dont have the time, to worry about "Power audits" or "battery charging regimes" I'd much rather enjoy the occasional weekend cruise, potter down at the marina doing the various DIY jobs that I'm capable of and anything that needs specialist knowledge . ... pay someone to do it. So as i say thanks for helping with the original question....and sorry if i couldnt furnish you with all of the information requested to take it to the next level. Cheers folks.
  4. simple (??) inverter question

    I had all the electrics sorted at great expense when we bought the boat. Its got a very efficient in board charging system together with a digital battery scrolling readout thingy (must read the manual) and we are hooked up to shore power. I do understand the importance of correct 'charging regime' however the marine electrician did point that the batteties looked like they might need replacing in the near future but were holding reasonable charge at the time he tested them . Its all been very helpful so thanks again. I have learnt that there is a difference bewtween liesure batteries and car batteries so will purchase accordingly. Cheers! G
  5. simple (??) inverter question

    Okay folks. Started with most straight forward step first. Removed both leisure batteries (yes i only have 2...) off down to Halfords and woke up spotty youth who after a couple internal phone calls appeared with battery tester (and puzzled expression). The result was that neither were up to holding a charge. We've only had the boat 7 months so no idea how long these batteries had been in ...? So next stop Euro Parts to purchase replacements. Pretty sure this will fix things so thanks again for your input and suggestions.
  6. simple (??) inverter question

    not ignoring you folks....'we are cruising' back at the marina later today. So will look at over the next few days and report back.
  7. simple (??) inverter question

    thanks as always for your suggestions/comments.....will read through again when ive got bit more time and answer accordingly. we do have a land hook up in the marina and a onboard battery charger.
  8. simple (??) inverter question

    We have a 1000w inverter. From my basic knowledge of boat electrics i understand this converts my battery 12v DC power into 240v AC to my 4 x 3 pin sockets. Away from the marina, moored up on the towpath and no engine running we have the inverter switched on. We have radio on and maybe a phone charger plugged in and but no internal lights on we do however have the fridge running. So why then when we run a tap and the water pump kicks in does a loud constant bleep eminate from the inverter? Ive got a feeling answers might involve me heading off to Screwfix for a multimeter....(we do have a digital battery monitor fitted if that helps?) Diagnosis options gladly recieved...
  9. identifying my Barrus Shire

    Ahhh so deeper water makes a differences. So many factors...pitch and size of blade, depth of water, revs, torque etc. Begining to realise that I'm getting a bit out of my depth (pardon the pun) and that maybe i should be happy potterring along at 4pm and mid revs....
  10. identifying my Barrus Shire

    A great response as always so thanks everyone. Some of the comments are a bit beyond my understanding however. We chug along nicely on the K&A and only further afield intentions are to the Thames at Marlow or Windsor so no tidal issues. My engine does seem to a have sweet spot where if the revs are increased there us no noticable extra speed however there is a noticable increase in engine noise and vibration! So i assume the sweetspot could also be the area of maximum torque? Occassionaly boats pass (in the opposite direction) and they just seem to be going quite rapidly with less wash and revs. Dont get me wrong we didn't take Canal boating up to rush anywhere...i was just curious about measuring the engines performance to ensure that we are getting the best out of it
  11. identifying my Barrus Shire

    Thats encouraging Tony . Thanks. I'd be interested to khow how to ensure that the prop size/pitch is correct? I guess that will have to wait until it comes out of the water?
  12. identifying my Barrus Shire

    Have you experinced any problems? I also wondered whether this size of engine with around 35hp was sufficient for a 50ft boat? Sometimes feels a little underpowered....?
  13. identifying my Barrus Shire

    Thank you.
  14. identifying my Barrus Shire

    Its a Barrus plate . Brass plate on top of engine.
  15. identifying my Barrus Shire

    Can anyone help me identify which Barrus Shire engine i have? I know its 3 cylinder and linked to a Newage PRM 120. The serial number is 1552 020380. Thanks in advance for any help.