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  1. Gas engineer wanted

    Hi. Take it that you looked here https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/. That's where I found mine.
  2. Tv

    I've had to go up to a 3m telescopic pole and serous ariel. Good news is excellent free view once it's pointed in the right direction. Taken much experimentation but finally got there.
  3. And I have working well deck drains. Don't understand why I would want to have them welded up??
  4. Remove pump out

    Can you not just seal it and leave it (after a thorough pump out)? I'm sure I read on here of people doing that. Personally I'm keeping mine. Simple dump though 80s unit, works well and not smelly!
  5. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    Interesting. We will use for everything apart from drinking water or squash. Tesco value mineral water is really cheap. I won't drink tank water unless it's boiled. Boat is 30 years old and though the water looks n smells fine, doesn't seem worth the risk...
  6. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Thanks! The plastic feet are bonded to the roof with contact adhesive. I'm happy with the result too.
  7. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Yes. I'm sharing my 2x100w. Similar setup. Made the wooden brackets but also used some plastic ones. No holes were drilled
  8. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    I'm using option 2 for 3 leisures. Easy to setup. A solar panel would do the job with the SOC while you are away. Same use as you with 200W. Works well.
  9. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I planned to remove and replace myself, though it looks very tight and will have to figure out what else to remove to get to it. One of the terminals to the motor is a little lose, but I've struggled to get a spanner to it. Could this be the problem? I had assumed it was a brush or armature but you mention low voltage...
  10. That sounds promising! Please PM me and let me know what you want for it
  11. For the second time this weekend I've had to persuade the starter motor to work with a big spanner. So sounds like time for a replacement. Can any of you (I admit I'm thinking of Tony) help with a suggestion of the best replacement and where to get one? thanks in advance for your help as ever. Jak.
  12. Thanks for this. I've mopped dry and tightened up the greaser. I know the rainwater gets on from the drainage channel under the access plate to the weed hatch. Design is cr*p and drain always getting blocked...
  13. Now I'm confused. The only boat I've owned is my current 80s trad. The bilge is always wet. Either from rainwater or what I thought was 'normal' leakage from the stern gland when cruising (greaser seals it up fine when not running). Should I be aiming for a dry bilge somehow? How??
  14. Solar panel mounting (on roof)

    Yes, that's not right. In bright sunlight I've seen almost 20a from a pair of 100w panels when testing them in my garden prior to fitting...