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  1. Excalibur No.1 sunk.

  2. Excalibur No.1 sunk.

    Did anyone have the owners contact details? Looks like there potentially could have been another incident with it.
  3. Diesel heating 5kw new for £163

    Thanks for being a guinea pig! My boat is now yellow (accidental, one of the perils of buying paint off the internet..) and is in Barrow upon Soar, although there is an almost perfect lookalike to its former self moored at Charity Dock.
  4. Diesel heating 5kw new for £163

    Hi Col, If the heater turns out to be a complete faff to return and absolutely no good to you then as I was looking to buy one anyway (should only see about 100hrs use per year) then I would probably be interested in buying yours for somewhere close to what you bought it for, so you shouldn't lose out either way. Equally I hope that all works out fine and you've got yourself a bargain boat heater. Harry
  5. Cruiser heads design ?

    Crikey, I'm flattered! Symmetry is a bit of a non-argument, I'll concede to that. Another reason potentially is to make it somewhat less obvious to gongoozlers / interested parties on the towpath as to where the shower is? (I'm really clutching at straws now)
  6. Cruiser heads design ?

    Mine does (Highbridge 32). Assumed it's for symmetry from the outside as well, as it might've looked odd to have different sized windows either side. (Also allows them to only use 2 different sizes of side window)
  7. Diesel heating 5kw new for £163

    Not sure I want one of those on fuel delivery though...
  8. Diesel heating 5kw new for £163

    I've been looking at these too, the stats are actually quite impressive, but as others have said the lack of safety approval is slightly concerning, as is this article: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.sailmagazine.com/.amp/cruising/voe-a-faulty-heater-nearly-leads-to-tragedy Although the cause of their issues was largely poor installation rather than an inherent fault.
  9. How to tackle the damp???? Any ideas??? Thanx

    Sounds pretty grim! Insulation helps, as a short term fix if you don't have shore power the moisture traps you can get will absorb some, as will bowls of table salt. Perhaps you could try as a temporary measure stapling a blanket to the roof trim? What's your method of heating? Gas heaters can produce lots of condensation
  10. If the boat had some form of drive in place then I'd potentially consider having a crack a transplanting the engine out of a small diesel car into it. I met a guy with a Freeman 22 with a 2 litre Passat engine with the turbo blanked off, seemed like a reasonable boat and apparently wasn't too much work. If it didn't have a drive then I'd bulk up the transom and bang an outboard on it.
  11. Very wet and a bit pi€€ed off

    Sorry for leading the thread astray with that quibble on Winter Moorings... I've been to the boat this morning, given it a good check over and it's safe and sound. Massive thanks to whoever has loosened/re tied my lines, if you're on this forum PM me with what your favourite tipple is.
  12. Very wet and a bit pi€€ed off

    Correct Matty, I'll be straight over on the morning anyway asap! And it was just moored out of shot in that photo. What annoys me slightly is that the winter mooring (where we both are) is of course not for residential use, therefore how can you be there every day to check on the boat (as is necessary) without contravening the regulations?
  13. Very wet and a bit pi€€ed off

    Blooming heck! That's absolutely terrified me, I'm the yellow cruiser that's (hopefully) still moored behind the sunken narrowboat. I have been away visiting family for Christmas and in all honesty I've not stopped worrying about river levels etc, can't say seeing that has helped! I frequently adjusted that sunken boats lines when I was aboard to compensate for previous changes in level, fat lot of good now though.
  14. Where can I get electrical plugs like these?

    http://www.citycyclecentre.com/ City Cycle Centre in Ely almost certainly has some, I'm sure they would post them to you.
  15. Design Software

    That may be entirely true once the thing has been designed and worked out, but I certainly find sketching out a quick CAD model useful, especially when moving stuff is in play. (In the same way that most people would use a sketch on the back of a napkin) I also have no clue how you properly dimension a 3D drawing, but handily once the computer has it in 3D it can knock out your orthographic projections for you to dimension and give to all and sundry. Why did that have me in stitches for 2 minutes? It's a joke about trucks built before I was even born...