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  1. Calorifier size

    Hi the Calorifier is a 30 litre one of these https://www.elgena.de/collections/boiler/products/nautic-therm MEE version with a 3bar relief valve.
  2. Amps On a Narrowboat

    Is an instantaneous gas water heater not a more efficient way to heat the water when not using the engine that much?
  3. Calorifier size

    Just me and the wife.......no bath but also NO GYM
  4. Calorifier size

    I have a 30 litre stainless steel 24v, 230v, single coil Calorifier in my shed......long story. Is it going to be big enough for a liveaboard boat or am I going to spend my time wishing I had sold this one and bought a bigger one? phil
  5. Phil's Boat 2

    I have my name down for a few moorings up here on the Leeds Liverpool which is where we will start but once we sort out the house we intend cc ing for a year or two.
  6. Phil's Boat 2

    Well it's a big day for me today as I have ordered my 10x57 sailaway which should arrive at around or just after Christmas......"let's hope Santa has a big truck" I would like to thank you all for answering my silly questions and some folk on here who have gone above and beyond to help me. I hope you will follow my build and brace yourself for lots more questions. Thanks Phil
  7. 57feet ?

    A guy I know went through on the 29th July and the CRT checked the width of his boat.
  8. 57feet ?

    The CRT say 62' maximum I understand they now measure your boat
  9. 57feet ?

    You never know someone on here may have beaten me to it!
  10. 57feet ?

    I am hoping it will if it's 10 feet wide as the stated maximum is 10'6"
  11. 57feet ?

    I am aiming at a 10 x 57 boat as I am based in the north and want to do the Ribble link max 10'6" and the Calder and Hebble which I thought was 57'6" max but today I was reading through the BW details and wonder if I am mis informed, has anyone done the C+ H in a 57x10 ?https://www.waterways.org.uk/waterways/canals_rivers/calder___hebble/calder_hebble
  12. Box or rail

    Thanks for all of the input guys, I have decided as we are not getting any younger I will go with the rail that gives the better grip. I am past style over function......no warerfall taps or brass "that needs polishing" onboard. Phil
  13. Box or rail

    Now you are just trying to confuse me even more! My feeling is that I like the look of the box section but the rail seems more practical and safer in that it's easier to grab and use. Does that sum it up or should I flick a coin?
  14. Box or rail

    I am now down to two boatbuilders, this isn't the deciding factor but they both use a different finish on the top section of the cabin. One has a rail and one a boxed section on the corner. I was wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems? i have tried to attach two exemplar photos phil
  15. Well most of them seem to be in the midlands. Anyone reccomend a boat painter up here preferably in the north west of England. I am close to ordering the shell and want to see if the budget will stretch to a pro paint job. phil