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    I'm originally from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, but have lived in Bristol since the 1980s. My first sight of a canal would have been the Shropshire Union Canal as a young child, when my dad took my brother and i fishing one weekend. I'm now a keen rambler, and over recent years have done many canal walks, mainly along stretches of the Kennet & Avon. As a boater though, and as of October 2016, I'm a complete novice, so the next few months are going to be a very interesting learning curve that's hopefully going to be more pleasure than pain!

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  1. What is the most effective (single) thing you've used so far though? I'm particularly interested in the idea of using washing machine detergent since this is relatively cheap and you can therefore be a bit ott if necessary. After our last pumpout i tried using copious quantities of Elsan Blue, but this was pretty useless and so i won't be repeating that experiment!
  2. What i'm particularly interested in is hearing from anybody who has experimented with ordinary bio/non-bio detergent, since both Elsan and Odorlos are overpriced imo for what they actually achieve. My other half told me that someone told her they use cheap bio capsules from Lidl and that they work well. I also need some reassurance that such products would be safe to use in a holding tank.
  3. What would you class as 'good ventilation' though? Ours, as far as i know, is simply ventilated by a hole on the top of the roof next to the pumpout outlet. I think our seals are well and truly gone and the ball is probably also scored. We will replace both over the next few months, though not a job i'm relishing. We'll do the motor first, which is a relatively simple task. We have taken to using a hose down the toilet whilst it's being flushed out but this doesn't seem to have helped much.
  4. Ok, i know this has been done before because i've read a couple of threads in the past, but there didn't seem to be anything like a consensus so would be interested in knowing current views. We have a Mansfield Traveler. Both the pump and the seals have failed and we will resolve these in the coming months. In the meantime we are flushing with water from a bottle and sealing the bulb with dampened tissue. Incidentally, the latter is very effective at preventing smells and also makes it much easier to flush solids with a small quantity of water. Nevertheless, the toilet smells when the seal is broken, and neither Elsan Blue or Odorlos are much use, despite the latter claiming to eliminate odours 100%. We've asked a few boaters and some seem to find bio detergent to work well. I'd be interested in hearing peoples' views on this and have added a poll to the topic.
  5. I can now confirm that there is a (flashing) decimal point on our VDO, so the hours recoded are 4.3k, since the display has been visible intermittently recently, especially after the engine has been running for some while. Great news as far as i'm concerned. So, on to other things. Is that a rat crawling on the roof of our boat or deathwatch beetle?....
  6. So are you saying that it will continue to rust even though oxygen and water no longer reach it? Even the instructions for Vatcan say to scrape away loose rust with a wire brush and don't mention hacking away at anything beyond that.
  7. Thanks for all the input guys. I'm currently on the cut with almost no remaining data allowance until the middle of the month, will reply in greater detail when I can, I might possibly be on dry land again in a few days time. One query I have though: why hack away at rust scale that isn't easily removable rather than neutralise the rust then paint over it? As long as you don't fracture the paint layer there's no more water ingress and hence no further advancement of rust. Obviously the relatively unsound substrate is at greater risk of fracturing if you walk on it, but certainly on our boat we can do most minor tasks in the engine bay without stepping on the baseplate anyway and then it's just a case of monitoring the paintwork and doing localised repairs if necessary. The chances are our 20 year old boat still has a sound baseolate, but finding out it hasn't while the boat is in the water isn't something that fills me with relish. On the other hand, leaving things as they are and applying no rust converter and paint merely leads to further degradation of the plate.
  8. Take the boards up while the engine is running warm and check some of that water isn't coming from leaking pipes and header tanks because that's what I found.
  9. Ok, many thanks for your input, you've convinced me, and the Fertan won't go to waste in the long term. There's a greenie headed your way when I get back on dry land, I cant seem to award any using the mobile site on my Windows phone.
  10. Thanks foe all the great advice and reassurance guys, much appreciated.
  11. Thanks, that was an interesting read. I wish i'd known this before i bought the Fertan!! How much is Vactan for a can? EDIT: i've had a look at this product on what is presumably the official website, http://www.paco-systems.co.uk Are you recommending this on the basis of personal experience, and are you saying that it doesn't create any dust and can therefore be painted straight over with primer? Is this product considered as effective at neutralising rust as Fertan, which is what i was recommended and sold by a reputable boatyard? The product doesn't seem to be available from either Amazon or eBay so i might have problems obtaining it, otherwise i'd seriously consider using it for this job.
  12. Alan, i completely accept your logic here. That's not going to stop me looking to see whether or not there is a decimal point on the display next time it becomes visible though! I'm sure you would have asked questions about the engine before you bought your boat and would have walked away from it, or negotiated a significant reduction in price, for one that didn't come up to your expectations. We couldn't read the display when we bought the boat, so took a chance as per the earlier posts in the thread, but that didn't mean that my curiosity stopped there. Maybe i'm a bit of a worrier, but you are wrong if you think i spend my whole time worrying. I have had countless moments of pleasure on the boat in the short time since we bought it in November. Some of those moments have come from sailing it, and many more have been spent when moored up, watching the wildlife and the scenery, exploring the surrounding countryside, or just sat with with one of my other half's excellent cooked meals, a bottle of Old Tom or something similar, and watching tv or a good dvd.
  13. Many Many thanks for your advice.
  14. Possibly F, dependent on A But i'd still be interested in somebody confirming whether the steps in my top post are the correct ones, because i want to get stuck into this job on Monday.