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  1. DIY facilities north west

    I found the floating dry dock at Altham on the Leeds Liverpool was great for DIY, it's family run and the guys there are helpful also the price was the cheapest I could find in this area. It was also a novelty using a floating dock. I can PM the contact details if you wish. Worth a call...
  2. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Jp3 on the bay. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-JP3-generator-1945-/401379638408?hash=item5d74173c88%3Ag%3Aw-4AAOSw3IdZhykK&_trkparms=pageci%3A547ad42e-7c90-11e7-aaef-74dbd1808055%7Cparentrq%3Ac427589a15d0a991f0c1071bffffad9f%7Ciid%3A1 A good looking project. I'd take it myself if I had room and time...
  3. Could always black the base plate while it is accessible...
  4. Is there enough boats on this stretch to fill another marina? Not in my opinion. The L & L is quiet around Burnley but let's hope this brings some more boats to the area.
  5. Post count

    I think like RichM said, reputation is more a tell of the (popular) experienced members. But without the post counts it can be a bit meaningless. I like to see the ratio of posts to reputation and this can help decide who the members are that the community trust. I just hope it can be returned to the mobile screen, it was here two days ago and there was no one complaining that the screen was cluttered (I think). The large areas of white space where the bigger problem if I remember... Thanks again
  6. Post count

    I've done a quick edit. This is what it looked like before. Not so bad in my opinion. Thanks.
  7. Post count

    I only ever use mobile. Post counts were on mobile yesterday, it only takes up abit of wasted white space anyway. 49 posts in almost a year, I need to cool it
  8. Post count

    Hi So on that previous thread I asked about post counts. Mr @nicknorman says that total post counts are still visible. But they are not on my screen. Pic below... I'm using Legacy theme. Is it me doing something wrong?
  9. Character assassination

    I may be the only one who wants this but can people's total post count be turned back on? It used to say, for example, buzzard 9,057 posts. Next to the name I liked this feature because it shows who the experienced members are, also helps to tell who the newbies are that ask one question and never return again. Thanks
  10. Cracked stern tube

    The stuffing box is just out of picture to the right.
  11. Cracked stern tube

    OK thanks for the replies. If it ever stops raining I will take a pic. This is not the only problem I have found, you should see the exhaust (what's left of it!) Pictures to follow...
  12. Electric or hybrid

    http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/65x13-Solar-powered-widebeam-house-boat-/362044595848?hash=item544b8a1e88%3Ag%3AckYAAOSwpmBZcfgT&_trkparms=pageci%3A50f2d9be-72b1-11e7-a965-74dbd1804f2c%7Cparentrq%3A83764ee815d0abc1e14c2fe5fff6fe2c%7Ciid%3A4 What about this one. I'm not a technical whizz but others here may be able to make sense of the description.
  13. Cracked stern tube

    Also why did the title change??
  14. Cracked stern tube

    I think you misunderstood. It is not the stern tube greaser that is cracked. It is the actual stern tube with the propeller shaft running through. I have never replaced a stern tube but I imagine it is a bigger job than you imply. Firstly the boat would need dry docking, then prop shaft removing, faulty stern tube removing and a replacement fitted. Not a job that I can see being tackled in the water???
  15. Hi. So yesterday I got the job of filling the stern tube greaser on my mates boat. Job done, I gave it a couple of turns, which is when I noticed that grease is being force out of what looks like a crack in the brass stern tube. He says he's never noticed it before but he is very laid back when it comes to maintenance. I've suggested wrapping it in Denso tape and putting a jubilee clip on as a temporary fix until he can get something sorted (which could be never). So this has got me thinking, what could have caused the crack? Is this so serious that it needs fixing right away? Has anyone had/seen this problem? Thanks in advance.