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  1. bowman end cap

    I give up with this forum, so many times you try to help with your longstanding canal expierence, but get shouted down by others who obviously haven't lived it. Maybe it should be renamed live on something afloat London discussion world.
  2. bowman end cap

    Bowman caps are on the end of gearbox oil coolers not skin tanks. Worked on hire fleets for years !!! Know where they are.Unless the op is posting about a non canal boat, in which case wrong forum.
  3. bowman end cap

    The tubes pass water to cool the gearbox oil. That's the whole idea of the heat exchanger. The only problem you may have is sourcing a replacement cap. There were bowman and polar caps available, one of which is no longer around, slightly different sizes, Stanley knife modification may be required if you can't get an exact match. The cap will have a number on it.
  4. Looking to buy - unsure of what age to look for?

    Well said, we lived aboard for over 10 years. Sold up now, live in a small cottage. Much cheaper and easier on land. The boat was fun at times, but as others have said it needs commitment and isn't for everyone. To the OP please hire a boat over the next few weeks as cold and darkness approaches and see how you get on.
  5. 100ah lead acid starter battery

    The 643 and 644 are the same size but have reverse terminal layouts. These are the starter batteries fitted to the majority of narowboats, irrespective of whether traditional or modern engine. They are commercial vehicle batteries at the end of the day.
  6. 100ah lead acid starter battery

    The usual is a 643 or 644 starter battery. The difference is the orientation of the terminals. A Google will show you which is which.
  7. Try Canal Cruisers in stone, a Google search will get you the number. I think they only take direct bookings, and not via any third party websites.
  8. Llangollen trip

    According to their website the Swan Marbury is currently closed for refurb and reopening late autumn. One other that is worth a walk is the Keys at St Martin's. Moor by bridge 13w, walk up the steps, left up to the village, take a right at the roundabout, continue past the Texaco garage a short while. Good value pub grub, real ales.
  9. Llangollen trip

    Agree hop off the train at Carrog the Grouse Inn is a short walk, obviously check timings for the return !
  10. Llangollen trip

    Yep, they are plotting with Kim Jong Un ! Message us on farcebook.
  11. Llangollen trip

    You do ! Give you a clue, our cat liked your boat and ate your ham !
  12. Llangollen trip

    Cotton Arms Wrenbury, try to get there for Weds or Sat lunch club, still 6.00 for two courses obviously not huge portions but still excellent value. If you are prepared to walk or bus into Whitchurch Etzio Italian restaurant top of the high street is superb, lunch menu at two courses for 9.95 is amazing but you will need to book. Boathouse at Chirk marina, phone up before they usually allow you to moor (but watch the bouncy pontoons !), Aqueduct in Fron for good beer and food (by the way Al tree monkey, the previous landlords were excellent despite the gross colour scheme !). New landlord is an excellent chef. Sun Trevor on the approach to Llan very good, in Llan itself try the gallery for food, Sun and Ponsonby for ales.
  13. Wanting to buy canal boat

    There was a program on Channel 4 tonight called Sarah Beeny's how to live mortgage free. The main feature was about a single lady buying on old widebeam to live on a continuous cruiser licence in London, so to avoid 1700 a month rent. Also featured a couple in Birmingham on a springer, again continuous cruising. No mention of the practicalities of emptying toilets, getting water etc. Brief mention of moving every 14 days. Expect more rose tinted glasses enquiries on this forum soon !
  14. Air cooled engine

    Aren't the fans on Listers flywheel end ? I assumed from the op he meant a fan on the front of the engine like you used to get on old cars !
  15. Air cooled engine

    Why are you buying an engine you know nothing about ? Are you replacing an existing engine, if so what ? A 1958 engine is nearly 60 years old, engine hours will not have been counted. Never seen an air cooled engine in a boat with a fan on the front, Listers have a fan on the gearbox end in an enclosure. Can you match it to a suitable gearbox ? Air cooled engines need to have a means of cool air in and hot air out. They are noisier than water cooled engines. Can you get spares for a 60 year old engine such as this. etc etc etc