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  1. New Islington Marina

    no worries
  2. New Islington Marina

    some more info in the attachment. edit- noticed its dated 2016 thanks mark 12_New_Islington_Marina.pdf
  3. Apple MAC cleaner

    I would use Onyx https://www.titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html Cheers Mark
  4. Help please. Oil spill and rattling engine

    That's automatic transmission oil! someone will be along in minute to tell you the correct oil to use :-)
  5. Bollington Wharf under new ownership

    Hi, We will be looking for someone to fit a morso squirrel sometime this year, is this something you could do? Thanks Mark
  6. Improving onboard Mobile communications

    Pepwave max BR1 LTE (a bit expensive?) I'm using ee 4g and a Huawei E5186 LTE with an external antenna
  7. Webasto Engineer

    Top guy does a very good job
  8. Radiators heat exchanger

    Thanks for this...exactly what i wanted to do.... If i put a temp gauge on the engine and once it hits the highest temp I could then manually turn on a pump to the radiators?
  9. Radiators heat exchanger

    Will rethink this over the summer... as we are looking to fit a morso 1410 for next winter but may look at the back boiler option and loose a radiator in the lounge (we only have 3) thanks all again
  10. Radiators heat exchanger

  11. Radiators heat exchanger

    Thanks for your help
  12. Radiators heat exchanger

    Correct only when the engine is running...the stove is fine for the evening but would like to use the radiators some how since they are there!
  13. Hi There, My eberspacher is playing up again and I would like to use the heat from the engine to heat the radiators and the calorifier instead and bin the eberspacher. My current setup is beta 38 engine - calorifier immersion - calorifier eberspacher - calorifier - radiators I would like to use a heat exchanger and a simple pump I can switch on when I want to use the radiators. I don't want the radiators on all the time when the engine is running just a simple system where i can direct heat to them Thanks Mark
  14. Keel Black - Is it any good

    Its been down for over a week now! we looking to use it but will leave it well alone now.
  15. EE Deal 32gb £14.50pm 30day contract

    They messed a lot of peoples accounts up! mine was over charged by 1p £14.51pm I had a quick word on online chat and they sorted it,,,told me they had calculated the vat wrong!