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  1. Tesco's Reading

    Anyone notice this? Is 'recoverying' a real word or did they make it up.
  2. Spiders

    Yes its just a web o flies.
  3. Engine won't start!

    Ah right, misread that bit.
  4. Engine won't start!

    How many batteries in the bank Rich? Does your engine start off one starter battery or use the domestics? Just trying to understand why the batts you tested seem fine, but the sound would indicate flat battery. Maybe the domestic bank is good, but the starer batt is dead.
  5. A sad day.

    Instant photo resizer. Guaranteed to work with any old camera.
  6. A sad day.

    Yes, it will work with any old camera. Just take a photo of it with your phone, download it to your comp and resize the piccy with any photo resizer, and you have a lower resolution photo of your Pentax M.E Super. What good that will do you I don't know.
  7. Getting dogs on and off the boat.

    I don't think my dog would cope with steep steps either. He has no problem with stairs though. I very much favour this kind of arrangment.
  8. Getting dogs on and off the boat.

    There could be an easy solution there. I would need the heavy duty ramp, but even they are quite cheap.
  9. Getting dogs on and off the boat.

    This may work fine if against a pontoon or armco, but what if a gangplank is required due to not being close to the bank.?
  10. Getting dogs on and off the boat.

    I have this worry also Neil. I have a large german shepherd who is not terribly agile. He has cow hocked back legs which make him a bit clumsy. He is certainly not a jumper. I will be looking for a cruiser stern as my boat of choice as access looks to be easier from the stern.
  11. Stillwater boat

    Ah sorry. I didn't know you were referring to the make of the boat. I don't know about the Stillwater type, but someone else may have some info.
  12. Stillwater boat

    You really need to give more info Russ. What type of boat? Cruiser stern, semi trad, or trad. What do you intend to do with it? Holidays, or live aboard. What sort of toilet do you want? Do you have a boat in mind? A link would be good.
  13. Notice board type locks.

    Yes the hole would have to be drilled small then filed to shape. Could be a long process with thick steel. Its more like a square hole with 2 opposite sides rounded.
  14. Swans attack

    I've seen a man break wind.
  15. That's a bit misleading as you really need to read the instruction on the side of the can. One can of Dehydrated water mixed with one gallon of water produces 10 gallons. A lorry carrying the raw product to the cannery crashed and overturned in the rain a few years back. It caused a major flood in a local village.