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  1. Brexit 2017

    Nothing personal but your pessimism throughout this thread is quite remarkable.
  2. PC world

    Maybe the solution in London, to quieten the calls of 'institutional racism', might be to have quotas for stop and search. It's simply a matter of calculating the proportion of whites and non whites, and searching people accordingly. Similarly, if there's a case of football hooliganism, attention should be paid, proportionately, to people of all ages and of both sexes. It will no longer do to assume that the hooligan is young, white and male, despite evidence spanning several decades that suggests this group is most likely culprit. The police should completely abandon so called intelligence. OK, crime might rise but that's a small cost, compared to outraging swathes of liberal idealists.
  3. Any Experienced Dropshot Fisherman?

    In my experience perch are very fickle. One day they'll grab anything within reach of them but on other days they are interested in very little. My experience, 5 years living on board, fishing most winter days for an hour or two, is that the best way is to use bigger lures (3-4 inch). 5 casts fanned around each spot, working the lure close to the bottom in an erratic but not to violent motion. Move 15 yards, repeat. Lure fished weedless on an offset hook to minimise snagging up. If you catch a fish return it 50 yards back up the way you've come from, there's every chance of getting one or two more from the same spot. Return it where you've caught it, you will not catch another. Drop shotting might be more effective if you're certain where the fish are but on my local canal (Macc) they are just as likely to be in the middle of the canal in a straight, featureless length as in the 'classic' areas with cover. In my book drop shotting just doesn't allow you to cover enough water, so is inferior to the approach I use. Having said that, it's been a very poor winter, this canal seems to be a shadow of what it was 2 or 3 years ago for perch. Even if I use bait, I get very few.
  4. Wood pellet stoves

    My sister and husband have a pellet burning central heating system in their cottage. A bit more expensive than gas to run but the grant they got more than covers this difference. Biggest problem right now is that pellets are in short supply to the point that basically, you can't buy them.
  5. OK great well I've sealed the mushroom vent up good and proper, including creeping crack cure to the screws on the outside. Hopefully I'll start to see the water diminishing soon. Insulation is polystyrene, not very thick.
  6. There's no running of the water pump with taps off, so I don't think it's a joint in the water system. What I have found is a leaky mushroom vent. When I took the inside cover plate off there was a drip or two of water, plus more drips on the bearer that supports the roof. Could water from here find its way down into the cabin bilge, or is it more likely to show itself as staining to the interior woodwork?
  7. These replies make me feel a bit better! The problem I have is that I'm going abroad for 2 months in a couple of weeks, a bit worried about the water reaching the flooring while I'm away...or worse. I guess a solution for peace of mind might be to employ a temporary bilge pump with an auto switch in the cabin bilge, with a hose going to somewhere suitable, outside an open window maybe?
  8. The water tank is forward of the front area where I can see the baseplate, that's dry, so I know the water tank isn't leaking. I had a shower earlier, no addition to the water in the bilge. I have considered condensation but the last 10 days have been exceptionally dry. I've not had condensation on the window frames and when I shine a torch onto the small uninsulated areas around the windows these areas are dry. 12 months or so ago my water pump leaked, it took over a week of mopping up before the amounts started diminishing. The leaking window is close to the area at the back where I can access the bilge, so I expected it to dry out more quickly, hence my concern. Incidentally my boat is a 1998 Hallmark. I bought it 4 and a bit years ago without a survey. Took it out of the water 18 months ago for blacking. There was some pitting on the side plates but minimal really, I'd say it was in decent condition. Whether you can translate that into the base plate also likely to be in good condition? I don't know.
  9. I don't have much access to the base plate. There's access at the front, where the water pump is, no leaks there. The only other access is right at the back of the cabin, I can remove a bit of flooring to expose around 10' square of the baseplate. This is a handy place really, the boat naturally slopes backwards a bit, I know this because when I had a leaky water pump the water found its way here.
  10. Around 10 days ago I found there was water in my cabin bilge. I found a small leak on one of the windows which I've sealed up. We've had little or no rain since. I expected to have to mop up water for some time afterwards, it moving around as the boat rocks etc. 10 days on the amount of water doesn't seem to be diminishing much, if at all. I'm mopping up around a pint a day. Any thoughts about how long I should carry on doing this before I start to consider that the water might be coming from somewhere else?
  11. I opened the door of my stove this morning, the glass fell out. Luckily it didn't break. It seems the glass is held in with 4 lugs. There's so much muck around there I can't tell whether these lugs are screwed in, or riveted. One of the bottom lugs is fully intact, the other missing. The two top lugs are partly/ missing corroded. I can just about squeeze the glass in with things as they stand. It seems in no hurry to fall out again. It's not ideal though. Does anyone know if there's a sealant I could use to effectively glue the glass in place, that would withstand the high temperature involved?
  12. Macclesfield

    I've been through this bridge 6 times in the past year. It's been open 5 times, seems I've been lucky!
  13. My Vetus engine starts perfectly during the spring/ summer/autumn. I have an issue during the winter, when the temperature in the engine hole goes below about 10 degrees: Basically, it fires straight away then for half a second or so tries to gain revs but doesn't manage it. It almost, but not quite, dies. It then barely turns over, regardless of how much throttle I give it. This near death goes for longer, the colder it is. This morning it was for best part of a minute. Eventually the revs will pick up and the engine runs normally. Thinking this through, I can only guess it's something to do with the heater plugs. As far as I can tell the plugs are only activated before an attempt to start. There's a key position for this, an orange light comes on to confirm. I hold it here for 10-15 seconds before starting the engine. It seems that the plugs are then immediately shut down. I don't know a lot about engines but this doesn't seem to make sense. Shouldn't they stay on for a period? Any thoughts about this, or other ideas what might be causing the issue?
  14. Cello 12v TV

    I've had a Cello, 21 inch I think, for 4 years no problems. One niggle has already been mentioned several times is the poor sound quality. The other is a minor one but annoying none the less: it doesn't have an on/ off switch. You either have to unplug it from the socket or suffer it using .3 of an amp just sat there on standby. You'd have thought that with a 12v tv, where power is likely to be less freely and easily available, the manufacturer would have gone to the trouble of including a switch.
  15. Last year CRT announced that from 1 November all time limited moorings, apart from ones marked 'all year', would revert to 14 days, until the end of March. I seem to recall though that this was a trial. I haven't heard anything this winter, does anyone know if this applies this winter i.e. now?