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  1. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    An update on the fridge after many emails to this company explaining that there fridge does NOT run on 12volt as per advertised i would like a full refund as it is not fit for purpose and getting false promises. I contacted Ebay who authorised the refund it cost me £30 to return this piece of junk and the company refused to reimburse me this so you have been WARNED stay clear of this company they selling faulty unfit for purpose goods i cannot leave a negative feedback as the item has magically disappeared
  2. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    Thank you for all the replies very much appreciated the good news is the seller has told me to return the fridge for a full refund just need to find a 12volt fridge that actually works on 12volts now or do i go the cool box route ????
  3. Chas78

  4. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    You think ebay would flag a warning against this company or something for unsuspecting buyers???
  5. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    Thanks for the quick reply i didn't want to hear this as i suspected as much i have also been in contact with the seller and explained the situation there answer was try it on 240volt i said i do not have 240volt supply and specifically bought it as it was a three way fridge needless to say they have gone quite now so i think it will be an ebay issue to sort it
  6. Hi All, I have just purchased one of these three way fridges specifically to run it on a 12volt supply i have mounted the fridge in a cupboard with plenty of vents but it seems to do nothing and seems warmer inside the fridge the the outside temperature has anyone got any experience with this fridge any advice much appreciated http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CARAVAN-FRIDGE-3-WAY-ABSORPTION-GAS-12V-AND-240V-40-LITRE-NEW-BY-GLACIER/332346220252?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D45564%26meid%3D4d9825ec6c6449a0b5cbf15e671ba8c3%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D332309387332&_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850
  7. Morse control images please??

    That's what i was thinking ie a box type thing to bring the Morse control away from the bulkhead so i get the full throw of the lever so come on show me your wierd on different Morse controls preferably bulkhead mounted ones please I have won an MT2 single lever top mounted type off eblag which will be fun trying to adapt to fit Robbo if i do not need the levers you can have them
  8. Hi All, My boat is of 1969 vintage and has two separate controls for the throttle and gear shift these are mounted on the bulkhead (see picture) which i find them difficult to use in some situations i am therefore going to replace them with a single lever Morse control has anyone got any images of there Morse controls if any are bulkhead mounted so i may get some ideas please
  9. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    Thank you for all the advice and suggestions which i really appreciate BUT it has confused me even more now as which route to go down
  10. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    I was going to do it myself ie buy 1mx10m of fibreglass matting/webbing and go for it the cheaper alternative was seam seal the whole roof then lay a artificial lawn on top to hide the imperfections and stop the UV killing the seam sealer That looks good to me where is the bad bit before
  11. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    That was my thinking but to fibreglass the whole length of the roof with matting the roof it is steel clad with Galv sheeting which is pretty thick as i said it is also rust free i am confident that fibre glassing will seal everything from the elements but my only concern is what the end product will look like ie a roof with many ripples and imperfections/indention's i suppose you can't have it all
  12. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    All good suggestions please keep them coming
  13. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    Thanks for that rusty
  14. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    No i haven't the wood looks very good from inside the boat which is around one inch thick t&g there is little bit of rot where the screws penetrate there are little drips from each one The sheeting is rust free and i don't really want to disturb it if i can help it i think if i can seal the whole roof asap i think i will have got there just in time before it spreads any further causing major problems in the future