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  1. Engine won't start!

    If I put on a <pedantic hat>, and I 'erroneously' used the word voltage, would you replace the word with electric potential or electromotive force? Or would 'ampage' be OK for current? <pedantic hat/>
  2. Battery Isolation

    Spot on and apologies. There is this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handheld-Digital-Clamp-Multimeter-AC-DC-Volt-Amp-Meter-Tester-/262861536981 which I have a little more confidence about and is posted within the UK although it is from a Thai company! It is worrying when in some descriptions you see: DCA:6V/60V/600V And few now seem to do DC current. This is the one I bought, though at less than half the price 7 years ago: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNI-T-UT203-Digital-Handheld-Clamp-Multimeter-Tester-Meter-DMM-CE-AC-DC-Volt-Amp-/232050132333 Another thing is to make sure the meter clamp can hold the size of cable in use. The one I bought can do 90sqmm with a heat-shrink thin colour sleeve.
  3. Abnormal data usage

    Also best not use WEP, it is well and truly hacked. WPA2 is best and currently isn't compromised - yet. But don't use a simple password.
  4. Battery Isolation

    All of the above!! However, a less intrusive way is to measure current withone of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LCD-Digital-Electronic-AC-DC-Clamp-Voltage-Multimeter-Current-Volt-Tester-Meter-/232288839877 I have one and its a handy way of making sure that a charging current isn't being taken by just one battery, or where a battery has minimal capacity and taking none. Depending on setup and how the batteries are connected a little arithmetic might be required. I would connect the batteries together. As long as one doesn't take the others down, both discharge and charge currents will be lower and kinder to the batteries.
  5. Abnormal data usage

    My apologies but don't have time at the mo to explain. Here's a link that might help. http://www.digitalcitizen.life/how-use-resource-monitor-windows-7 Windows updates could certainly be an issue and the first thing I would check and turn off.
  6. Abnormal data usage

    A new phone? Is this the issue? Many phone manufacturers put all sorts of Apps on the phone that consume data. Another is to look at task manager -> Resource monitor and look for network usage and which program is using data.
  7. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    I redid the calculations and naturally I agree spot on with the currents in Method 2, even though the result doesn't looking intuitively correct. I should never have doubted Gibbo's calculations!
  8. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    I also recommend Method 2, though obviously applied to 3 batteries. My issue is I don't see it as a sub-optimum solution as per the link.
  9. Stove chimney

    I think too much, certainly for occasional use. One like mine in a non-working condition, probably £500. One in fine fettle up to £2,000.
  10. Do you hear a 'clunk' and then nothing? Or just silence? If a massive clunk then it can be the solenoid contacts, especially if they've been submerged (don't ask!), or the brushes. If silence then a bad connection, and perhaps worth a tighten up of the spade connector on the solenoid?
  11. Engine won't start!

    Check the battery voltage when starting. If 9V or much below then they are toast. If above 9V check terminal voltage on starter when starting. If the starter is getting a good voltage then I would suggest the brushes need looking at as you're probably using just one one the series/parallel windings. Anything else is wiring or switch issues. And can be checked for volt drop when starting. Others might advise on the success/fail criteria of voltages.
  12. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    I have used Method 2 which according to this link still has a small imbalance of discharge current according to position. I was curious because I thought this configuration was optimum. So I've just put some numbers into a spreadsheet for equal current drain independent of position and I get 4 x 12V batteries. If I put the website values as per Method 2 I get a mismatch of battery EMFs. If anyone knows better or wants my spreadsheet..............................
  13. BMC 1500 cutting out. Video

    I would hope the sedmimentor would have been dismantled and cleaned. The OP does mention "filters"? Do you think this is a water in fuel problem? I feel changing the filter/taking the filter assembly apart and looking what's in it might be a wise move?
  14. Stove chimney

    They seem to have phoenixed: http://www.colchester.co.uk/products/colchester-centre-lathes/ They claim to have the Colchester heritage, but who knows! Mine is more of this ilk: http://www.lathes.co.uk/colchester/page2.html
  15. Stove chimney

    Its a rather old Colchester Student. It hasn't got the nice screw cutting gearbox. However I do have two more Students that do, and I'm in the process of making one good one out of the two :-) If you didn't live as far as the Milky Way.................