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  1. Backboiler question

    I don't know, the only possibility I can suggest is whether the flow was created by gravity circulation from a calorifier at the end of the flow and return pipes? The system doesn't sound optimal and single pipe is now rarely used in domestic installs. I'm not sure if the regs still allow it?
  2. Backboiler question

    Most boats have a bow higher than the stern, so there is an inherent small slope. If a vent is placed at the most forward part of the flow pipework, then that should be sufficient. Certainly agree that airlocks are the bane of gravity systems.
  3. Backboiler question

    Top and bottom entry are essential for gravity circulation. One member alluded to the difficulty if a radiator needs to the changed when going for this format, where same side entry would make a radiator change easier. That is assuming each manufacturer makes slightly different sized radiators, and changes them over time!
  4. Backboiler question

    Gravity works fine and only a few decades ago was the normal way of heating domestic hot water. The important thing with radiators is to feed the hot water to the top and have the return water from the bottom. The hot water will fall as it cools. But you're right in that you need a temperature gradient from top to bottom of the radiator for a gravity system to work.
  5. Backboiler question

    A gravity system doesn't need the slope in the flow and return pipes. The system relies on the water in the radiators to cool and become more dense and fall. The slopes will have no effect unless there is a substantial temperature difference from one end to the other. If anything the upwards slope of the flow will actually make things worse as the water starts to cool and present a small back pressure.
  6. Can I recommend Oracle Virtualbox? https://www.virtualbox.org/ It's free and does about everything the paid for VMware Workstation Player does (I think). I have run a few machines so I can check that a clean install of my software works. You need a machine that has Virtualisation Threading enabled, or you can only install 32bit operating systems. But I haven't successfully run Mint in a VM, though I didn't try very hard.
  7. I don't blame them. I think the last version of XP was sold in 2002. I don't know of any other software has been freely supported for the next 12 years. There are no adverts or any other income stream to fund MS support of XP. Windows XP still works, if you feel the need to use it. You can see why they were considering a subscription based OS.
  8. That was my thought when I saw the post. Just you don't get security fixes. If you're careful of the sites you visit all should be ok. Nothing wrong with XP, except I had little option to move to Windows 7. To be honest I haven't looked aback and is very similar to XP.
  9. I confess to not using NVU. I used FrontPage many years ago. However, one method I have found is to use MS Word and export as HTML. However the pagination is awful and so I now use Libre Office Writer and export to HTML. You can write the document in Word, open in Writer and save as HTML A noddy example is here: http://www.videosolutions.ltd.uk/tech-articles/ULPI interface.html It was a long time ago and might have manually added the button/link at the top. Please excuse the wrong date at the bottom! However it comes out nicely formatted and just one lot of software to learn!
  10. I think he's saying loyalty to a specific supplier is a recipe to being ripped off. Not sure how that's relevant to this thread, where there is a near monopoly of supply.
  11. In essence its a new machine and, I think, it even has its own IP address. I doubt Defender will scan the files of the virtual machine which resident are resident on the host machine. The XP firewall will work, as will yours on the host machine. However they will be on the local network where firewall rules are more relaxed than WAN access. I use them as a means of having a clean install so I can check my own software will work on a native machine.
  12. BMC 1.5 glow plugs

    https://www.boschautoparts.com/documents/101512/0/0/0b189154-b815-46d7-bf70-e153bb6ecb88 This talks of a "dual-control regulating and heating coil" which isn't the same as "dual coil". I would be surprised if they had 2 coils. There are other explanations too, but it does appear to offer an advantage in terms of warm up time and allowing a hotter plug temperature as preventing burn out. The result may be not having to wait so long for the glow plugs to 'glow' which can't be a bad thing.
  13. Dinette / bed cushion foam type?

    Perhaps I'm conscious on eBay I can buy a laminate 5" reflex/1" memory foam mattress for a small double for £70, including stockinette etc.
  14. Dinette / bed cushion foam type?

    The mattress would be used be used as a seat. I was unaware that chip foam was more 'rugged' than standard 'high density' foam. I might have thought the opposite was the case?
  15. Dinette / bed cushion foam type?

    Just looked up Ace Foam and their firm foam 5" thick 80" x 60" is £200! Many thanks, but was hoping this might not be quite so expensive!