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  1. How much gas do you use?

    A 13kg cyclinder has a nominal 180kWh of energy, which at £25 will cost around 14p/kWh A litre of diesel is about 10kWh, so is a cheaper fuel.
  2. How much gas do you use?

    I have been known to place small gas cylinders in warm water to make a flame a little more energetic!
  3. How much gas do you use?

    I was wondering if anyone spotted the poor comparison? Propane has a density of 0.49 giving a price of 42p/litre the same as 86p/kg Still around 1/2 the price of propane in a cylinder!
  4. How much gas do you use?

    Butane freezes from −140 to −134 °C. I really wouldn't expect it to freeze solid!
  5. Angled stove flue roof collar

    We'll see how long mine lasts. It weighs in at 6.5kg so there's a lot to corrode away.
  6. Live aboard moorings on the river Wey

    That may be a rule due to planning and other considerations. Rules are made to be broken though the Marina might face action if too many people claim they live-aboard 24x7x52. Some holiday parks close for 3 weeks in the Winter to prove they're not residential, perhaps a prudent time to book a holiday?
  7. How much gas do you use?

    In my case the 19kg won't fit after the gas locker was raised because of BSS rules :-( 19kg, in most places, can cost more per litre than the 13kg. The weight of a full bottle (43kg) becomes over the safe handling weight of 25kg. Why not mix the two, add air and ignition and you have a tank of hot water?
  8. Angled stove flue roof collar

    Where are you, I have a cast iron one I didn't use? I'm about to put it on eBay. On the other hand you could go the whole hog and make one like outlined in this thread!
  9. How much gas do you use?

    What is criminal is the markup on bottled propane. I find it is close to £2 / litre for a 13kg cylinder. If I bought it in bulk from Calor for heating using an above ground vessel it could cost nearer 42p / litre.
  10. How much gas do you use?

    Given a bottle is 180KWhr, that implies 1kWhr per day, so a ring on max for just 20 minutes. I would use more to boil a kettle each day.
  11. How much gas do you use?

    Lets have a look at what 13kg of propane gives you. 1kg has a calorific content of 13.9kWhr so 13kg should give you 180KWhr Per week that would be 30kWhr Per day just over 4 kWhr Given a ring will provide 2-3kW of heat, and an oven when warming up will take the same, it would only take a combined hour or two heavy cooking every day to consume that amount of propane over 6 weeks. It sounds about right if you cook every day. Especially if you don't turn pans down to a simmer.
  12. It has a Nitrile Rubber disc, so after 30 years I would say its a close call.
  13. I genuinely thought I had put various combinations of letters and numbers into google and hadn't come up with anything. Thanks, its purpose must be to make sure no hot water circulates into the engine when it's not running.
  14. As per topic title Its in the flow side between calorifer and engine. I've googled the numbers and letter and haven't comeup with anything. Any ideas?
  15. BMC 1.8 idling speed

    900 rpm sounds high. The only reason I can think of is vibration being transmitted through the boat and that 900 rpm is a sweet spot where there are no 'rattles'! As another poster intimated, it will give a 'fast' crawling speed. I have never heard of tappet damage at low revs. If there is low oil pressure then I guess it is possible where oil splash relies on oil failing to be being fed to the rocker shaft. On a different engine I have known camshaft bearings to be so badly worn, no oil got to the rocker shaft, but in that case it was the rockers that suffered by wearing into the shaft. I don't know off-hand how the BMC rocker shaft is fed with oil?