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  1. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    I think that may be true as 2 work boats just came past me heading south through Berko...
  2. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    Well I managed to get down to the basin in May so hopefully it will be ok. And as to the low levels, again fingers crossed for lots of rain. I'd hope the last resort would at least be bookable passages on a handful of days as they are doing with the Leicester arm.
  3. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    That's encouraging. Just need the residents of Tring to keep flushing lots haha!
  4. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    But presumably there is some degree of pumping taking place? Or it surely would have run completely dry by now? Seemed to be plenty of water in Berko yesterday - the overflow weirs were flowing.
  5. Tring Summit Level Restriction

    Anyone heard anymore about whether the pump has been fixed? Just hearing rumours the water levels are getting worse and the restrictions may be increased. Had hoped to get over the summit and down to Aylesbury for Christmas! Notice Details From Date: 8th November 2017 To Date: until further notice Type: Navigation Restriction Reason: Water resources Notice updates: 08/11/2017 @ 08:50 This restriction will extend to lock 46, Cowroast Lock. Description: Due to a pump breakdown we are needing to carefully manage water resources and restrict navigation on the Marsworth flight between lock 39 to Lock 45. The navigation will be open from 11am to 4pm, with last entry into flight 2:30pm. Updates to be provided as work progresses on temporary pumping installation and the reservoirs refilling and the towpath will remain open Location: Grand Union Canal Starts At: Lock 39 Ends At: Lock 46, Cowroast Lock
  6. Email from cart

    Finally got around to filling this out... I'm not sure I agree with the idea that cc'ers make more use of the system. Having recently switched from being holiday boaters with a home mooring - going for cruises of 2 or so weeks several times a year to being a liveaboard cc'er the mileage covered is much less as we are (thankfully) not charging around doing 9 hour days all week to get as much boating into our holiday! I do make more use of water and sanitary facilities etc but much less use of locks and the consequent wear and tear and water resources from reservoirs. I confess I don't know which of these costs more overall to CRT? I would guess that boats with a home mooring but in shared ownership tend to be out cruising a lot more than most 'types' of boat. And as has been mentioned there are non-liveaboars without a home mooring that will presumably make much less use of facilities. And what about washing machines in boats!! I think CRT should have just said 'look, we need more money, everyone has to pay a bit more in proportion but we will use (some of) the money to make these improvements (dredging, repairs etc) that have been highlighted as urgent...
  7. Doesn't 50 litres seem a bit small for a diesel tank? I think it's quite nice though but way over priced. It's not like Springfield is that near transport.
  8. Ah ok. In that case yes you'd need a home mooring, if you don't want to be moving every other weekend.
  9. The Boating Season

    Also pretty quiet here in Apsley. Only 2 boats through the lock today. Rickmansworth had a nice bit of activity the other week though. Another plus is better views through the trees
  10. Well assuming Katty's boat can get to Burton then a range including Burton, Langley Mill, maybe Newark and Loughborough would be more than enough if spread evenly over the year (10months actually). That would be more cruising than many do. No idea what parking/commuting is like however or if this is at all practical alongside school etc
  11. Hi Katty I'd say in theory it is perfectly possible to cc the network around Nottingham but you'd need a car. You do only really have to cover a range of not much more than 20 miles (at the moment). But It depends how far you want to drive each day. Probably the parts of the Trent and Mersey and Soar closest to notts and maybe the Erewash and then the Nottingham canal would be enough. It was a city I had identified as a possible place I could work whilst still ccing (if my work in London dries up). But as to handling a family whilst managing the boat ...i can't offer any advice on this. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  12. Most Navigation Authorities in one day?

    Wouldn't you have done the Coln and Bulbourne too (technically) if you were on the Gade? Thats my route this winter, hopefully those ones aren't too bad in flood?
  13. Most Navigation Authorities in one day?

    Yep. What is nice is that both the EA and the Wey have Basingstoke transit licences (both £10 I think) much cheaper than standard 24h visitor licences. And the Basingstoke is cheap I think - at only £40 - half the price of the Wey for a week and almost twice the locks and miles!
  14. Sorry if this has been done before, couldn't see it when searching. But it has just occurred to me that when we went to the Basingstoke canal from Brentford earlier this year we travelled on the waters of 5 different navigation authorities in one day. CRT, PLA, EA then the River Wey and the Basingstoke canal (mooring below the first lock). Was just wondering if there is anywhere else in the UK this is possible? Or what the next closest number is?
  15. Mooring at Broxbourne

    I heard the reason given by Lee Valley Parks (LVPA) was the rowing club wanting the full width at this point (although there is also a vocal resident opposite who really does not like boats). A shame though as its a great spot.