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  1. General Election

    You knew it was going to happen
  2. Sealing a wooden topped roof?

    Might be worth looking at Acrypol+ and painting the whole roof, there are a few black rubber membrane systems on the market but they are all black in colour,
  3. VAT to pay on importing a boat?

    As mentioned the French can be very funny about bringing boats into the country, even if the boat was made in France and the VAT already been paid by the first owner . A friend of mine has a place in France and he acquired an Amel Super Maramu from outside Europe and wanted to keep it in a local marina so he could go cruising when he liked. The French wanted him to pay VAT on it as they said it had been exported or something like that as it had been out of the country for a long period of time. Anyway he got it sorted at the end of the day, but he said he would never do it again. .
  4. AC Monitoring

    If it is AC you are looking at, I have used the SPC mini data logger, it is quite expensive but is very good at recording all the information you need http://www.spcloggers.com/product/the-spc-mini/
  5. VAT to pay on importing a boat?

    Boats built before 1985 are deemed VAT paid if they were in the EU on December 31, 1992, providing there’s paperwork to support both dates. For age this could be a marine survey, Part 1 registration, insurance documents or a builder’s certificate, while receipts for mooring or winter storage would satisfy the location requirement. When buying a second-hand pleasure craft from any VAT registered business in the EU, the invoice should itemise the VAT charged to you in that transaction. Newer boats after that might need proof that the VAT has been paid
  6. 78ft barge crane lifting

    It is not going to be cheap getting that out, I expect it will require a spreader beam /lifting beam due to its length. I would say it will cost over 3K just looking at it. It will need to be a contract lift as well unless you are qualified as a lifting controler who can do all the paperwork and inspections, and the risk assessments etc. Estimating the weight can be tricky you should allow 50% on top of your estimate. Always go for a contract lift as it is then the crane companies responsibility.
  7. Engine life expectancy

    As I understand it diesel engines like to do some work rather than just ticking over or not working hard, I was reading that it can cause polishing in the cylinders that can be a problem,
  8. Engine life expectancy

    Getting to sound like Triggers old broom Lol
  9. Would this product be ok for Blacking

    Thank's for the replies everyone. I think I will just do a sample bit to start with. We have used on large plantroom floors and it traffics very well with machinery and plant being dragged across it . As for the cost it is expensive last time I checked it was £250 a tub I expect that the price has gone up now due the the pound loosing value against the $. when applied it has a gloss to it, but after a few weeks it becomes a nice matt black colour. Having read the earlier posts regarding stray dc voltage and galvanic corrosion I was thinking if would be of any help if coated in rubber.
  10. General Election

    The way I look at it is May might have shot herself in the foot. But I expect not at the end of the day, the way I look at this is it could end up as another referendum over Europe, People who are desperate to stay in will vote for the parties that oppose us leaving. May could loose seats in parliament and will not be able to get the pits past government in a parliamentary vote. Worst case is that she would have for form another coalition with a party that want's to remain in Europe, this could have big implications regarding the negotiations. I only hope that I am incorrect with this view.
  11. After you have done your 20 miles then what?

    You could always write the boat name and number in Chinese ! to confuse CRT, but I expect would be against the law Lol 我在酒吧喝啤酒
  12. Wanting to buy canal boat

    Living in London with either a mortgage or renting is very expensive, I have paid the 15% as well, worked hard in good times and bad times and I have no mortgage now, and would never take another one if offered, I owe nothing to the bank or anyone and I am very happy now not being a slave. It is all about quality of life at the end of the day, I have many friends who live in spain and they love it. Have you looked at renting your property out when the mortgage has been paid off. you can then rent in spain for half the price. Or as other have said hire a boat and see how you get on, remember it is all about the quality of life you are looking for.
  13. Would this product be ok for Blacking

    Remember it is an American product !!!! you must know how much stuff they print on the labels, they even tell you that a microwave is not suitable for drying pets or live animals. Have used this stuff with the recommended PPE and forced air ventilation with no problem.
  14. I am asking your advice regarding this product for blacking the hull. I have used this product before for bunding concrete and steel water tanks and bonds and have never had any water egress ever. It is a liquid rubber asphalt product that forms a flexible watertight membrane. It is quite expensive but has some advantages. the first advantage is you can apply two coats within two hours, so you could black your boat in a day and get it back in the water in the same day. If you do manage to put a big scratch in it all you need to do is rub the area down locally apply some primer and just touch the area up. The disadvantage of this product is when you have applied it to your hull you will never be able to get it off, even by grit blasting, when applied it is nearly impossible to remove it from the surface. Your honest advice would be most welcome. please find the link below regarding the product information sheet. Many thanks http://cimindustries.com/products/cim-product/cim-1000/
  15. Engine life expectancy

    I have to agree with that, Kubota make fantastic engines and just keep going and going. A lot of our construction plant had a Kubota engine in them, and they took some stick and worked hard and never let us down.