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  1. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    Ta, You may have noticed a don't do spelling very well
  2. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    You should have been in Middlewich this week, centre rope and then front end of handrail with a nice loop hanging from bow T to handrail at the right height to trip anyone up as they left the boat
  3. ouch

    Well maybe they could coat the steps with a non slip surface if they knew there was a problem, or they could leave them slippery until someone cracks their skull open and not a shoulder blade. BTW the incident report form is back on their web site https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/34316-visitor-incident-reporting-form.pdf I read it that the OP slipped on steps on the CRT tow path,
  4. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    The incident report form is back https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/34316-visitor-incident-reporting-form.pdf
  5. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    You need the same stuff they use to put in widows in deprived areas when the glass got broken, one trade name is Macron, (probably spelt wrong) you can even bend it in a sheet metal folder. We use to make packing machine guards out of it so you could see the product but keep the fingers out
  6. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    Because the things they sell today are like pins, not a decent stake. I wouldn't consider going away leaving my boat moored on them, if I had to leave the boat I would find somewhere else to moor.
  7. ouch

    I hope you report this to CRT officially
  8. Ideal size boat?

    I think I must have tried that site as well
  9. Going through tunnels

    or Fenny
  10. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    You little tinker, pleased to see you back
  11. Modern "old" engines

    Do they make a diesel model
  12. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    I cut a sheet of clear plastic that would just fit the side door aperture from outside, so tight you have to position it correctly to get past the body of the hinges. I then made a wooden frame that was a closeish fit to the inside aperture out of hard wood about 8 X 12 mm, finally I cut a second thinner (cheaper) piece of clear plastic to fit the frame. I then sandwiched the frame between the two pieces of plastic, the out being very strong. To fit I have to open the side doors and fit the window from the outside, it has to be fiddled past the hinges to get it in place and would be very difficult to leaver out from the outside and its also double glazed. I wont go into fixings. See the crappie drawing below
  13. Modern "old" engines

    Also the latest RCD regs stop you buying a boat with a nice new engine that is RCD compliant, then pulling it out and fitting a non compliant one.
  14. Engine mounts

    We had that on a GT hull, I single piece of pipe between the cover and the bottom plate. a second piece was welded it to act as a stiffener
  15. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    That would be an extra half ton in old money that you will be adding above the water line so it will pull the bows down a bit and make the boat a bit more tippy, how bad this would be depends on the rest of the boat