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  1. Weighing in batteries

    I watched a program on the TV, "How's it done" or something. The threw all the batteries in a large sloping concrete sloping pit with a drainage system at one end and then ran over them with a big digger with wheels like the ones on land fill sites have to smash them all up. It was probably America
  2. Fradley is full

    True I paid £4 20 at Middlewich last week. only once.
  3. Muddlewhich

    I think it may be classed as Fly Tipping by some councils
  4. DIY facilities north west

    I wondered who it was
  5. Muddlewhich

    British Waterways had it up for sale for years I think it still has a British Waterways for sale board up or remains of one
  6. Change "Wiill" to "Have"
  7. Box or rail

    The box stops you getting streaks all along the cabin side as the rain washes the muck down.
  8. I understand this is the boat with Lithium Batteries I think its victron set up but not sure, O and its got 2 girly buttons http://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/boats/commodore/
  9. Diesel etc Ashby canal.

    Maybe they don't want the trade as it stops them doing something else
  10. Not seen for a while

    Where the restaurant boat use to moor
  11. Abnormal data usage

    I use Keepass is that any good.
  12. I read that hire boats on the Broads have started using them Why don't you check with a hydrometer to make SURE they are fully charged before syncing the BMV so you know where you are
  13. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    Just measured some on the T&M and they run between 9 and 12 inches square, remember not all are oak which is why they have rotted so quickly
  14. Muddlewhich

    The one at the junction is a non standard thread, its smaller than normal. most people shove the hose on the spout of the other outlet, I have an adaptor that screws on. I can only think of the two points. The next are Wheelock south on T&M, Anderton North on T&M or Cholmonderston Lock on the Middlewich branch. thats off the top of my head.
  15. Muddlewhich

    There is a recycling dept canal side on the T&M towards Anderton by bridge 172