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  1. Unhappy batteries

    Often used in stair wells, the big round button you push in
  2. Domestic water quality

    So how many deaths form Legionella are there each year and how many of them were ill before contacting it compared by the number of drownings not forgetting the good old Weills disease. Probably more boaters die from CO poisoning.
  3. Domestic water quality

    And what do you think is in the water that comes out of taps
  4. Domestic water quality

    And remember they are not sterile. the water they had in them was not sterile when you bought them
  5. Domestic water quality

    I'm not sure, but the wife is
  6. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    Other way round, first month driving a series 2 SWB rag top
  7. Diesel Fuel Treatment - Clearwinner LA88

    So what about when the sun shines and we get this extra 10lt of expanded air coming out. Also how do you tell when a Johny is half inflated
  8. Eco Fan

    You would probably do OK on go fund me
  9. Internet Doctor

    Drug companies have been supplying lubricant to NHS workers hands for years. At the local hospital nearly every reception was hosted/paid for by drug companies. They have a grip on NHS staff.
  10. Eco Fan

    Is it a blind test
  11. To survey or not to survey

    Its good to see her looking how I remember her
  12. Boatman stove, help?

    You wouldn't want to use that to hold your glass in.
  13. Diesel Fuel Treatment - Clearwinner LA88

    One of the biggest problems I have had is finding a decent washer to fit the fuel filler, all the ones I have bought from different chandlers have been crap and started to expand after a couple of fills, This leads to the water coming up the side of the filler cap and not sitting flat between the cap and the neck so opening the possibility of water getting in. I have just found some Nitrile ones on ebay so I am trying them.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263260243710 The cost more than the chandlers ones but if they keep the water out worth it. The diesel filler is this type
  14. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    I think it use to be 50 v until the GPO started putting phones in houses and then they lifted it by 10 volts for them. That is what I was told as an apprentice some 50 years ago, but it may have been a lie, I had no way of checking.
  15. Eco Fan

    If you thought that was good just look at this https://www.banggood.com/16-Cylinder-Hot-Air-Stirling-Engine-Motor-Model-Creative-Motor-Engine-Toy-Engine-p-1220106.html?currency=USD&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc_ods&utm_content=Brandon&utm_ho=1865+&utm_campaign=toys-dpa-en-nr-v1-m-xb-B5&cur_warehouse=CN