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  1. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    sorry to be a pain but those of you commenting who have got a twin tub type could you possibly give make and model details thanks - likely locations will be shower/under tug deck or in an engine room
  2. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    Good thread as I'm likely to be in the market for one of these twin tubs in the next few weeks and am surprised how many on Amazon - what real experience do people have of any of these models - all info good or bad would be appreciated!
  3. Good grip boating shoes or boots.

    This is an excellent thread - please do keep us informed as to how they actually perform in use on the cut!
  4. LED Headlight too bright

    Just make sure the lighting is of the same vintage and you won't find a problem here....................
  5. Buying a new boat

    It might stretch your budget a bit but the one that's just popped up at Rugby Boat sales looks worth a closer look
  6. Caley - you want a proper boat not a bath tub the weather/conditions can change very quickly - v poor conditions across Loch Ness in June are quite possible.
  7. Is it normal to get a test drive?

    Whether normal or not IMHO its simply common sense - it gives you the chance to get a feel for the boat and provides the equivalent of a second viewing - as to timing my view is that it is part of your conditional offer to be done after your offer has been accepted (and possibly deposit paid) but pre survey so if there is an issue you can drop out without further expense or inform the survey process better. Just noticed where you are - if buying blind your surveyor will do this for you if required - sadly probably at increased expense
  8. LED Headlight too bright

    IMHO cruising after dark should very much be the exception not the rule and only done with the appropriate additional red and green navigation lights - please don't overlook that I applauded your actions earlier - your LED light is for improved "torch" style use to better ensure your personal safety.
  9. LED Headlight too bright

    You are clearly already enlightened as to the issues and reactions of others - use it to avoid a swim or an accident - that's what it is for
  10. LED Headlight too bright

    Well done to the OP for acknowledging the issue and being prepared to do something about it - please don't resell to another boater! IMHO these things should be controlled via the BSSC process.
  11. Marina suggestions

    Not 100% sure of 70ft compatibility but if you want a different thought Oundle marina (and others) on the river nene might be worth a look - generally cheaper but you can sometimes get caught out by river levels as first and foremost the Nene is a drainage system and a navigation second - there are a couple of very new ones struggling for occupants at the moment so you might get a good deal - don't EVER be frightened to negotiate and farmers love cash!
  12. Cello 12v TV

    Cello TV/DVD VERY good for 5 years on our last boat - marks and spencers used to sell them and when we bought price was better
  13. Don't Les Allen and Ernie Thomas (of Hatherton fame) deserve a mention here ................?? Extract from Allen history........................................... When the working boat trade died in the 1960's the family continued to repair boats finally moving into building steel boats as the leisure boat industry was born. This industry is today well established but when the Allen's started it was very much a new industry. Boat owners and customers of the Allen's in those days had to be capable of looking after themselves and many of todays appliances/services just were not available. So the yard grew up with a customer base that was mainly the self fit out brigade. Thus some of the first boats had crude but honest fit outs many of which have stood the test of time. But whatever the standard of the fit out the hull/shell of the boat was always first class. Many boats have since been re fitted that makes the quality of the shells stand out. One wonders just how many of todays boat builders products will stand the test of time. The boats of this era were always built with two motto's used at the yard in mind...... Great Les Allen quotes below especially the last one!! "If God had intended boats to be made of fibre glass he would have made fibre glass trees". "There is only one reason to paint a boat, that's to knock it off using the thing" "Why put fenders all around your boat after we have spent hours putting solid metal rubbing strakes all around the boat".
  14. Daily maintenance on RN engines

    The first is the one which people often forget and its very important to ensure smooth running - VERY thin oil needed even WD40 worked for me
  15. Just some ramblings for you to ponder................... I started boating in the late 60's at "Blue Line" in Braunston when (Maid Boats and Wyvern Shipping were the main players) with a Teal 22 convertible and then in my dads Brand New Brooklands Aviation Dolphin 24 and at the time the contenders for our affections were Harborough Marine and Springer (and Rugby Boatbuilders?). A couple of leisure boats I remember were wooden topped (possibly wooden hulls) one called Mai Arde, which was for sale at Braunston when we bought the Teal 22 and I saw recently at Lichfield CC, one called Canada? the near twin of which was for sale at Charity Dock last time I came past, and one really nice probably 45ft centre cockpit steel with a Dawncraft style cantilevered roof called Nanshe??? which I saw app 3 years ago.