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  1. looked at a few boats

    Understood my first boat was £7k 30 years ago! But always remember an older genuine reason for sale quality boat needing no work is very often better than painting/overplating a newer one it will keep its value much better when you change up in the future But hey we all have budgets so good luck ......................
  2. looked at a few boats

    not sure what you are looking for but if £30k works for you have a look at the 48ft peter nicholls at welton its in a different league and doesn't even need painting try a cheeky but sensible offer
  3. 2 seater sofa bed

    Nabru items do look better
  4. 2 seater sofa bed

    All good so far - we are only looking for a 2 seater which will run across the boat with a fold out (not click/clack) mechanism to make the bed up down the length of the boat Keep 'em coming!
  5. 2 seater sofa bed

    Hi, I'm looking for tips (based on actual experience please) of good quality 2str sofa beds preferably those made for narrow-boats and probably "self assembly". I have found NABRU what are they like any issues with assembly quality after sales etc etc What else is out there - price isn't the main issue - quality and comfort definitely is as we are boaters of a certain age with all that entails! Thanks all J
  6. Joseph Hopper - Bantock

    Thanks for all contributions - this thread seems to have taken on a life of its own which I'm happy to leave as it is very informative for others - for my part it has served its purpose - thanks again
  7. Joseph Hopper - Bantock

    that's just an auto refresh Gt Haywood haven't got her on sale
  8. FYI - they do actually say in the ad that it will need over plating
  9. Joseph Hopper - Bantock

    not "shallow" as such but certainly cruise-able in these days where CRT prioritise everything but navigation! My last tug was 31" when stationary and had issues when cruising and the 24" prop dragged her down an extra 4" - 30" underway with more than (RN DM2) 18hp would be OK
  10. Halsey

  11. Don't worry about age look for good builders (as they used good steel) either in their day or now peter nicholls mike heywood evans and son les allen to name but a few Be aware of whilton and most others - basic broker tactic is to overprice so you bid and think you have a good deal - if you have been looking intensively (in the flesh not on the net) in a price band it doesn't take long to get a gut feel and you are probably right
  12. Joseph Hopper - Bantock

    Hi I'm trying to find a boat that was for sale at Great Haywood but didn't appear to sell - does anyone know its current whereabouts?? If it sold no worries but if it didn't and the owner wants to get in touch PM me here ........................ ALSO if anyone knows of a truly classic/historic boat for sale or coming up soon a tip off would be much appreciated. J
  13. Nottingham to Leeds??

    If anyone's interested all the kit mentioned here is now LISTED IN THE FOR SALE SECTION - 2 lifejackets and chain and rope all as new, anchor used but that's not an issue and all bought last year as a result of this thread. Text only please to 07764 186095 is the ONLY way to get me as we are on the boat and moving about (Greater Midlands then Thames then Midlands - June July August respectively) and the phone is generally off during the day. That's 30m new 12mm nylon rope, a "used" 14kg Danforth anchor, 5m of new 12mmx 78mm galvanised anchor chain with bag and shackles and 2 new "Bluewave" 150n automatic Adult lifejackets (in original packaging) - total cost £200 - £150 wanted no offers - happy to split the 2 lifejackets from the rest at £75 + £85 (the rest) again no offers please. BFN
  14. Nottingham to Leeds??

    Hi all (esp Alan and Tony), After all that planning "life" has got in the way and we are not now making the journey for domestic (land related reasons)we may do it later in the year on what would then be a return trip going the other way! Thanks for all the help I hope the thread was of use to others. J
  15. Nottingham to Leeds??

    VERY many thanks - can I assume its a 2 week cycle that I'm keeping an eye on i.e. the next neap period will be around the 29th? The 13/14th looks like the best target for us starting Cromwell to Torksey on the 13/14th then Torksey to West Stockwith 15/16 depending on whether we venture up the Fossdyke or not and then West Stockwith to Keadby on the 16th/17th or 2 weeks later if we go up the Chesterfield - we would like to do the Chesterfield but we are deep drafted (2ft 8ins)so that may not be good for us depending on actual water conditions whenwe get there. All good fun - I certainly feel much better equipped and informed now - thanks to CWDF.