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  1. I set it up years ago - it may all have changed since. In all the years since nobody has ever asked for my documents. That said, unless you have actually done the VHF course you would have absolutely no idea how to use a radio properly. And having done the course one would hope you got the license!
  2. I seem to recall that the EA people always write down both the name and the CaRT number. Because I regularly use the tideway and have a fixed VHF radio I registered my narrowboat onto the SSR, Small Ships Register. Given that most people use a mobile VHF these days, is an SSR registration necessary anymore?
  3. Brentford to Teddington also requires your boat to have three separate identities. On the GU you are identified by your CaRT Index Number. On the tideway you are known by your SSR Number (assuming you have registered one, nobody ever looks for one up there) and on the Thames you are known by your boat name.
  4. What happens if you leave the paddles open

    Maintenance work on the lifting weir at Richmond and ad hoc repair work on the bank anywhere up to Teddington.
  5. Basingstoke Canal

    Well I have travelled the entire length of it. My overwhelming impression was that it was very different from any canal I have ever been on before or since. I will be on it again in two weeks so I will look out for any changes.
  6. Basingstoke Canal

    A team of people travelling alongside you in a Landrover laboriously sealing up each lock with ash and juggling then the water levels - that is nothing like meeting a Vol Lockie.
  7. Basingstoke Canal

    My permanent mooring is on the Grand Union. And this summer I travelled the entire length of the GU. It seems to me you have never been on the Basingstoke. It is a totally different experience from any of the many canals I have navigated.
  8. Basingstoke Canal

    I would totally disagree with that comment. The Basingstoke is the only canal where I have run completely aground mid-channel (and not on a short pound). It is also the only canal that I have had to moor overnight in mid-channel. I rammed the bow into the mud at the sides leaving the boat in the middle where there was water. I have never experienced that anywhere else.
  9. Basingstoke Canal

    It is is a nice canal to look at - but not nice to take a boat on. It is shallow, has a poor water supply and the lock gates leak so much that you must be accompanied by a Ranger through the locks. CaRT ownership could only improve things.
  10. 42 tons being propelled by a food blender on a big powerful river. Madness! In winter the river itself moves at more than 3mph. Even with a calm river, how do you stop the thing?
  11. Nothing new... https://cleantechnica.com/2012/06/28/bauhaus-boatbargehouseboat-sale-completely-solar-powered/ http://newatlas.com/solar-powered-bauhaus-barge/21674/ And the position of that stove chimney is their way of announcing to the world that they know nothing about boating.
  12. New home sought for cat

    If you refer to a cat as 'it' then you probably are not the kind of person who wants a cat! ;-)
  13. New home sought for cat

    A picture would be useful. And it would be useful to know it's gender. Personally, I could only live with a Tomcat.
  14. Sky News in Brentford

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with this story: these boats are moored alongside a public park. The boat pictured in the ES article above is by far the 'least decrepit' of them all. The moorers pay absolutely nothing to moor there. I appreciate that London has a massive housing crisis but I don't think that a floating shanty town beside a public park is a good idea. I moor in Brentford, I pay a fee, I keep my boat tidy, and I don't misuse public spaces set aside for others to enjoy. I am against wildly expensive gentrification but I am also against freeloaders who complain when their luck runs out.
  15. Brentford Thames Lock

    Thames Lock is operated by staff, not volunteers. By contrast, I often use the River Thames when it is on Yellow Flood Boards. The lock-keepers there will offer their good and learned advice about conditions, sometimes recommending that it might be better to wait it out. But at no point do they ever attempt to overstep the law - the river is available for navigation at all times regardless of the conditions. I have been coming through Brentford Locks for over a decade, maybe four or five trips a year. This is an isolated phenomena. It is the veiled threat of "I might not be here" that really gets my back up.