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  1. Plane Under Pontcysyllte Aqueduct?

    The Winchester bridge was believed to be a P40. There has been some discusson that actually it was a different bridge. This is a photo, there has been some serious discussion weather it is a real photo or not. But this was spitfire bridge in Winchester.
  2. Moored in the wrong place.

    Don' worry. It's the MLAT page. Your not missing anything. It' a group for having a laugh but some take it far too seriously. You wont learn anything about this boat by going on there. IAIN, I'm not knocking you for putting up the link. I find the group great to put a smile on my face.
  3. Cheap boating experience

    We hired from Kate boats Oct 2016. We went half term week and had a six berth for the whole week. It only cost around 600 quid. No extra costs either. A wonderful boat and a lovely part of the country.
  4. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    I wonder if trebby91 Will come back and tell us if, after its been three years. Worth having their cover.
  5. Coal to Wigan power station

    I can't comment on the people, however the boat they are stood one is under current ownership of former member Kris88. Which maybe of interest to some.
  6. Lock keeper beaten up

    Yeah. That was my experience. They normally hand it over when approached. That must be evolving. Now they threaten to beat you up or stab you. I suppose because nowadays most retail staff will protect themselves first and back off. We don't. Unless they really do have a knife. They make the threat but they haven't started carrying out. I remember one day a plain cloths policeman approached me and informed me off someone stealing. Outside the thief went to punch the copper and they ended up struggling on the floor. Amazingly I saw a beat Bobby and waved him over. Two cars and a van later matey was well nicked. I suppose the point is they will do anything to get away. I suppose they have so many offences that they have commited. We just try and make their lives difficult so they go elsewhere. They don't care if we catch them or throw them out they just keep coming back and on the tenth go they will get away with stuff. But back to your point. No I wouldent approach these boaters and I guess other people at the scene also worked out it wouldent end well.
  7. People with names similar to famous people

    I went to school with Michael Jackson and my the other halfs brother is called Robert Redford.
  8. Lock keeper beaten up

    I once made a citizen arrest. Much to the disgust of the thief. The policeman informed me I had done the right thing as I had witnessed the crime and knew he had committed it. Which seems to be backed up by earlier posts.
  9. Maybe they should find a better way of launching their boats. I'm not sure I would be impressed if that was my new build .
  10. Email from cart

    I wonder when they said it was confusing, there were talking about themselves. There is a reason to consult. To raise their income stream. It will be interesting to see as a percentage, how much it rises and compare this to the increase in the maintenance budget.
  11. Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Our first attempt at just entering the marina ended in us getting blown across the entrance. Que boater going past. Camera straight out. I did smile and wave. Look forward to seeing that on the internet.
  12. Hit and run

    If the first hit was at a certain velocity and momentum, would the following three be at a lesser rate than the previous one with the last being quite a gentle hit. I'm not sure if having the accelerator on will make a difference or not. As after the first hit the momentum to build up speed is lost. Or am I confusing myself as well as others? Seemed logical in my head. Eta. Still not a nice thing to happen and I hope the insurers deal with it.
  13. Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Hello everyone. Although I have been a member for 18 months or so. I thought I would reintroduce my self. I had been a hirer as a child with my family and have introduced my own family on to narrowboats. After taking the in laws on a lovely trip in and around Birmingham, with thanks to the good advice here. And another up north. They enjoyed their time so much they have brought a narrow boat. And me and my family will also enjoy use of the family boat. We are moored in the delightful caen hill marina. And yes a couple of people may of noticed our rather windswept first attempt at mooring in a marina environment during the rather breezy storm Brian on Saturday. Thanks to the great boater who actually did it for me. I am really looking to meeting some of you out there and I must thank you all for the advice I have picked up on here already and looking forward to hearing more as no doubt I will need. Now I'm of to find threads on getting onto a pontoon in the wind. Or is that into as you neither get on or in it. Adrian.
  14. Email from cart

    Personally I don't. I was questioning the previous post , where he quotes the alleged below rules. Consultations should have a purpose Do not consult for the sake of it. Ask departmental lawyers whether you have a legal duty to consult. Take consultation responses into account when taking policy forward. Consult about policies or implementation plans when the development of the policies or plans is at a formative stage. Do not ask questions about issues on which you already have a final view." Which he based his opinion of "MUST allow that consultation to form and shape its policies" On. I felt, and still do feel that it was a valid question based on his opinion. Although consulting is to have discussions typically before undertaking a course of action. Which although does not say it but does imply to me that discussion should assist in the course of the action.
  15. Hit and run

    He is licensed. So I presume insured.