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  1. Cycling law review

    there was sort of a test case around here last year. a motorists ran down and killed a cyclist. the sun blinded the driver and he dident slow down or see the cyclist. the courts said that as it was only advisory to slow down when blinded by the sun he had committed no offence.
  2. Greenham Island Newbury.

    does this cost include what he would probaly be charged, the cost of water is nothing but they whack you for returning it to the sewer system. I will add that a fiver still is a lot.
  3. Cycling law review

    Any review of cycling rules/laws is a waste of time because ultimately the police will not police it. What is required is the police to actually use the powers they have and take action against cyclist that break the law. asking for cyclist to have registrations and such like is a waste of money and resources and will ultimately go against government policy by pitting people off cycling. I would also hope, in the event of a review , that they will actually decide to put in proper cycling infrastructure and srop putting in mixes use paths.
  4. Cycling law review

    I would say. they could only use footage of the current journey. they may have issues with proving who the driver is otherwise.
  5. So in the same token. why should anyone be concerned if people use both?
  6. Brexit 2017

    I get what you are saying. however I bet people vote or don't vote for parties because of who the leader is. lots of people voted Labour because of Blair but not so many when Brown was in.
  7. Boat fire at iron wharf

    let's hope the man arrested is nothing to do with the company involved so there is no complications paying out to the boat owners.
  8. Brexit 2017

    where did I say it dragged people down. I was commenting that the bigger issue is too many people mix up the EHRC and EU. However you point out about employee rights. the bests ones came from the EEC not the EU. I do not believe I argued any of your points.
  9. Brexit 2017

    however. let's not mix up case law that the ECHR creates and the stupid red tape law that the EU make.
  10. Interfering at locks

    thats ok, I don't work for them. they can do what they like. they are quite a big independent society though. much like a franchise. They can go bust as it won't affect me. It's those type if ones that give us a bad name. we're the big one with over 3000 stores. they are the expensive one with queues that give all co-ops a bad name. I have had interference at a lock. some woman demanded my crew shall go to the next lock while they finished that one. but it's a boring story really.
  11. Interfering at locks

    I hope not. we do too much for our local communities and I would have no job. A few years ago when the bank went belly up we were about two hours away from going bust. dark times and a credit to every colleague that we have turned it around. it may of been decisions at the top that saved it but none of could of been carried out with out us.
  12. Interfering at locks

    yes it is. that is a nod to the cloverleaf branding we used to have. Athy, I apologise. did some digging and officially it is co-op now, seems most of my colleagues never realised either. I'm sure it got added after the rebrand launch. I suppose if I had not jumped the gun and thought about it, it's because our latest mantra is back to being co-op. mainly to forget the bad times and indeed bad press the business went though whilst known as the co-operative. But also to go back to the principles that the co-op was built on. Perhaps it worked as we reached our mission of becoming Britains no.1 convenience store.
  13. Best maps

    we use both too. I have the nicholsons at the back and she has pearsons down below so they can keep track and see what might be worth stopping for.
  14. Interfering at locks

    just a small point, the shop was known as the co-operative and is now known as the coop as it used to be known many years ago.
  15. A near miss

    proper mates won't help someone out of the water. they would be to busy laughing and taking photos for facebook