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  1. Sign writing/Vinyls ?

    I couldn't get anyone interested in painting the name on our narrowboat in central Scotland and found SAC Boatnames had a great selection of fonts and styles along with various decals etc. Prompt service and good price with clear instructions included. Job done
  2. Scottish Canals require you to contact their Assisted Passage team to book your times through locks and bridges. Also contact Falkirk Wheel Basin for times up/down the Wheel between Union and Forth Clyde Canals. Hope this helps. Allan
  3. Recieved it in the post today

    I hired Golden Eye out Wrenbury with ECC I'm the late 70's. In 1997 I received an invite from Alvechurch part of ABC to an open weekend. I think that Alvechurch still hire out of Wrenbury with some of their boats
  4. I used oil spill pads and socks from screwfix to deal with diesel leak into my bilge. I keep one in to monitor if there is any further leaking, they turn red as diesel is absorbed.
  5. Info on residential moorings in Edinburgh

    We didn't fancy being surrounded with all the buildings at Edinburgh Quay and so chose Ratho which is about 8 miles east of the city centre. Should read "west of city"
  6. What Boat Haulier Do You Recommend?

    Tuckeys brought my 42 footer from Daventry to Grangemouth. Very pleased with the service, their driver updated me with his journey for time of arrival as he travelled.
  7. wide beam

  8. Suggestions please as how to clean and remove mould from canvas stern cover on my semi-independent narrowboat.
  9. Viewed at both Venetian and Whilton one day, stayed the night before at a travelodge. Used A B Tuckey as haulier for our 42 foot boat Pleased with the way everything went.
  10. Hi Becky, I was in a similar position as you last autumn. I ended up by going south to find a suitable boat and having it transported to Grangemouth and lifted in at Stevie Kelvin's. We managed to look at about 10 boats on 2 Marinas in one day. We saw a few we thought suited on paper but not in the flesh so to speak. We found one ideal for us and wish you well. Allan
  11. Union Canal - Falkirk to Edinburgh

    This transit charge from Bowling to Stockinfield is described on Scottish Canals website as being "a pilot scheme" and not be in place this time next year.
  12. Union Canal - Falkirk to Edinburgh

    It is a bit of a "Marmite" situation regarding Scottish Canals involvement in cruising the Forth and Clyde can. Personally for my wife and myself the need to advise our desired route and times is far outweighed by the convenience of having locks set for you as you arrive and closed behind you as you leave. This our first cruise from Ratho and are now in Kirkintilloch heading back tomorrow. These are two different canals, the Union being lock free and in places narrow with features such as the aqueducts and the Falkirk Tunnel compared to the wider Forth and Clyde with locks and lift bridges. Both are equally pleasant to cruise. We are still discovering overnight stops but so far I can recommend bridge 41 the Park Farm Bistro on the Union, Falkirk Wheel Basin. Auchinstarry and Southbank Marina Kirkintilloch. I hope you find your time on the Scottish Lowland Canals to you delightful.
  13. Navigation Lamp

    It would depend on the type of bulb it uses. If it has a bayonet fixing then perhaps soldering a negative return lead onto the lamp casing could be a solution.
  14. Falkirk Blog

    Just relax and enjoy the rest of the time. The tunnel you passed through was the Roughcastle tunnel. Further on you go through the Falkirk Tunnel. Once through lookout for the keystones either side of the "Laughing Greetin" bridge as you pass under it.
  15. Hi Iainw, is the community moorings featured in the July edition of Waterways World? AllanD