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  1. Weighing in batteries

    I got £65 for 4 x 135 ahr in March. Very pleased.
  2. hot or cold

    When built we had a bar type thetmostatic shower valve. Worked perfectly ok but with wet, old hands it was difficult to gripl the controls. So we bought a new, single lever one from Bathstore after telling them the pump pressure. When I fitted it it would only give hot water, treading the instructions it said to remove the cartridge andcrrpkacebit the other way round. Then it would only give cold water. Bathstore sent me a new cartridge but had the same results. Sent the whole mixer valve back to the manufacters who could find no fault so Bathstore replaced it with a bar type, like the original but with levers we could grip. Works perfectly.
  3. Obstruction near Burton Waters, Fossdyke

    Other that 2 people from the marina cutting back the tree growth at the entrance, we didn't notice anything when we passed by yesterday just after lunch.
  4. Mooring naivety

    Many of their mooring prices are per berth, not by the metre. Moreover, they often get the lengths wrong. The moorings on the Engine Arm in Smethwjck are all to ft, and all the same price, but they are advertised at different lengths. According other residents thrre becsuse that was the length of the last boat moored there. We had a moorkngvat Sneyd for a while. It was advertised as 54 ft. I measured it at 58 ft so bid for it and won. Despite our length being registered on our CRT account details it was nevrf queried.
  5. Improve Fridge Efficiency

    I found drilling 100mm holes through a solid oak floor difficult so drilled a few 50mm ones thennset 2 computer fans on a board, wired in series to slow them down and reduce noise. Board is at 45 degrees across the back of the fridge housing so as to direct air up the innards.
  6. Many have their stoves burning yet?

    We are wimps then. The temperature didn't rise above 14 here at Bardney so finally succumbed and lit the fire, but only after the boat in front lit his!
  7. Notice board type locks.

    Don't know how I hit the submit button without noticing the gobbledygook. In defence I've only had this tablet 2 days. On another point, how do I get rid of that box that appears in the bottom right corner that says 'mobile chat'? It sits right over the submit button.
  8. Notice board type locks.

    Yes. Amongst other things I used to fit slamlocks and deadlocks to vans. The slamlocks required a similar hole but at least had 2 roll pins o gkbinto holes tk stol thd lock being twisted. Was made much easier when the manufacturer introduced a special punch.
  9. Notice board type locks.

    Theyvrely on you cutting a perfect hole which is not round.
  10. Ely area moorings?

    There's always this http://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/business-news/it-s-insanity-three-of-ely-s-riverside-businesses-could-be-set-to-sink-if-environment-agency-can-find-buyer-for-75-000-mooring-plot-1-5135796
  11. Ely area moorings?

    And the guided bus stops right outside the Marina entrance.
  12. Mooring in Preston

    Actually you can breast up, get the drink out and share it with your neighbour. At least that's what we did.
  13. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    All these boats on the Witham but I was surprised to see how empty the Boston moorings were. Just 3 visitors, only 2 of the permanent moorers plus another 2 that are said to be overstayers, though I think one has permission.
  14. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    Wasn't us honestly. Nice talking to you last week at Tattershall Bridge. We're leaving Boston today and heading back upstream but doubt if our speed will bother anyone. 6 or 7 cruisers have already left, presumably for Sunday lunch somewhere. Just hope there's room to moor.
  15. C&RT Smart Electric System

    I do know this and do this to stay safe. But, when I was connected I was interested to find out how things worked. And I wasn't on a pontoon but a linear mooring.