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  1. Another Inverter Problem-Possibly

    VE Net diagnosis didn't show anything amiss and, of course, it didn't play up whilst there. Kevin turned off the UPS option on the reckoning that it will take the inverter slightly longer to react to any glitches in supply, one of his thoughts being that the generator output might be fluctuating. Except when we left the boat on a shoreline for a week at the end of last month, when we returned it was obvious that the power had gone off and then back on. We'll see how it goes. Whatever the fault is in my experience it will get worse. I'll have to get my Windows laptop sorted out so I can plug my own VE Net interface in.
  2. Anyone watch the wasps at Ricoh.

    We moored at the other end but that was to visit Tesco.
  3. Anyone watch the wasps at Ricoh.

    Certainly no problem with mooring. BW as was must have been expecting a lot of waterborne visitors to the Ricoh Stadium going by the number of mooring rings on that stretch.
  4. Another Inverter Problem-Possibly

    Yes, it is N - E bonded and has worked fine for 5 years. Am passing On board Energy tomorrow and have phoned to say calling in. I see it is supposed to have a 5 year warranty which expires tomorrow! The problem is it doesn't do it often enough or long enough to do a proper diagnosis. (Reminds me of working in the motor trade when some diagnosis was really educated guesswork)
  5. We are a gas free boat with 6 kva generator and Victron 3 kw inverter/charger. Almost exactly after 5 years use the Victron stopped passing mains voltage through it due to failure of the mains transfer relay. The relay then was rated at 30 amp so was always on the edge. Victron were unable to repair it but offered a new unit at a discounted price. The new unit had a transfer relay rated at 50 amps. About 3 weeks ago on two occasions after switching on the generator and waiting U till the Victron had established a main service output, the mains immediately dropped out as soon as something was switched on, but after waiting a couple of minutes came back on. At the time I thought I was just being to quick to switch something on. Then we left the boat for a week in a marina on a shoreline and on our return it was obvious that the mains had gone off and then switched back on. Yesterday, about 30 minutes into cooking dinner the mains disappeared then came back after a few seconds. Today at lunchtime, we started the generator but after a minute or so there was still no mains. Looking at the inverter and mains cabinet, the neon that says 'generator' was illuminated, the others 'power available' and 'correct polarity' were not but then suddenly the lights came on and everything was OK. Tonight, cooking dinner was no problem. So, are we looking at another failing transfer relay? Edited to add this inverter is 5 years old tomorrow.
  6. Fake pumpout card

    Sorry but I don't have a pump out so don't use CRT cards but I'm well aware of what they look like. And, I doubt these fake cards are being sold through legitimate outlets so surely you would be wary when buying them.
  7. Fake pumpout card

    Google goes RAM it would seem they print the Divi cards so presumably print the real CRT ones. So perhaps someone came across the RAM branded ones and thought it a good idea to sell them on.
  8. Parking at Nuneaton?

    Need to hire a car next week. Is there any parking within easy walking of the canal. And easy for Enterprise to find.
  9. Digital odometer failing

  10. Cleaning Sanitation Hose

    Leesan list 2 different hose. Their own brand and one from Dometic at twice the price but whilst the mors expensive might not leach smell through it wouldn't make any difference to limescale build up. My new one actually came from Midland Chandlers and looked identical to the one I removed. Just to be a bit anal I've weighed my cassettes. The new one is 3.4 kilo. The 3 year old one 4.1 and the two 10 year old ones 3.6 and 3.9. I've tried putting in the descale that Leesan sell in sachets but doesn't seem to make a lot of difference. Get the most crap out by putting a few kettles full of boiling water in them. Perhaps come winter if we can more near an elan I'll remove the inlet valve (the bit with the O ring in) and fill it with a solution of bleach or the descaler mentioned earlier and leave it to soak overnight.
  11. March of the Wide Beams

    Coming from Braunston to Hillmorton yesterday Bridge 88 is has been struck a few times with chunks of brickwork missing on the offside corner and the Armco piling on the opposite has pulled away from the brick thus reducing the width. I'm not saying it was wide boats but the sticking out piling could cause problems to the wider boats. Like the one at Braunston that we too came past.
  12. Cleaning Sanitation Hose

    Lee Sanitation give an 8 year life to the hose. They said that whilst it does not leak, smell can permeate through the hose. I imagine the amount of solids deposited in the hose depends on hose length, dips and bends, hard or soft water, etc. The photo is from about the middle of the hose. The ends had hardly any deposits. We have 4 cassettes which are rotated in use. I have 2 new ones, bought from Australia, stored in our sons shed and now have another new one from the kit I just bought. From new they weigh 3.5k, after some months of use they have put on a kilo no matter how well I flush them.
  13. Cleaning Sanitation Hose

    But we wanted a cassette that was divorced from the tank (so my wife couldn't complain about any smell) with a china bowl with a seat height the same the one in the house. The Dometic Vacuflush Cassette system gave us all that (and doesn't need any blue) I know some people have had trouble, as have we, but nothing I couldn't cope with. I was offered a complete, brand new system for £200 and, given that it hasn't been made for 8 years took the opportunity to renew it and gut the old one to give me enough spares for the next 10 years. But from the answers above replace the connecting pipe after 5 or 6 of them.
  14. Cleaning Sanitation Hose

    It is a cassette system.
  15. Replaced our toilet system yesterday including the hose between bowl and cassette tank. We've had problems over the past few months with it blocking on occasions and needing a flexible rod pushed down the pipe so had assumed that there had been some buildup of limescale mixed with the other stuff over the 10 years of use but was really surprised how much there was when I cut the hose in the middle. A 38 mm hose reduced to 20 mm so not surprising it blocked at times. Is there a proven method of cleaning the pipe?