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  1. York to Ripon

    Plenty of mooring in the basin at the very end. Ripon has plenty to see and do. You would struggle to do it justice in the 48 hours you are only supposed to stay. A bargain https://www.amazon.co.uk/North-East-Waterways-Derek-Bowskill/dp/0852880995
  2. Victron combi versus Separates

    5 years ago the transfer switch on our original Victron Combi failed. The switch (actually a relay) was rated at 30 amp and we were feeding a 6.5 kva generator through it. Given the occasions when my wife thought we were still in a house and over loaded the system it probably just had enough. We bought a new unit which now has a 50 amp transfer switch so is now working well within its limitations. When it failed if took about 5 minutes to diagnose the problem. 2 hours to walk to somewhere I could buy some heavy duty connector block and another 5 minutes to connect the 2 lots of tails together. The biggest problem was that we and Onboard Energy thought the unit repairable, we were due to go away to Italy for a fortnight, we had a 12 volt fridge/freezer and no way to keep the batteries properly charged whilst away. Could have bought a marine charger or just empty the freezer. So we eat all we could and dumped the rest. The irony was that on our return Onboard said the Victron was unrepairable. So we bought a new one which we could have done a fortnight earlier. But such is life.
  3. Victron combi versus Separates

    Or just join the wires together.
  4. Where’s the water

    Well it would if I checked the post after autocorrect had its way. Should be ask, not admit.
  5. Victron combi versus Separates

    If the transfer switch on the Victron fails it is an easy job to remove the cover and connect the mains input to mains output to continue supplying mains to your sockets via the shoreline. In its default setting the Victron dies switch to float before the batteries are fully charged. On our setup with a built-in generator I have it set to 'no battery type, fixed charge curve' so it won't go to float until the tail current is minimal. If on a shoreline for any length of time I switch it back to 'Adaptive Charging, battery safe'.
  6. Where’s the water

    If the valve hasn't been operable for several years, you have to admit why it wasn't attended to when the reservoir was drained down and considerable work carried out a few years ago.
  7. Boatman stove, help?

    The tags on our Boatman have slowly broken up over the last, the first 2 I replaced with penny washers but when the glass cracked last month, and 2 screws broke (the first ever in 10 years) I cet and drilled two steel strips. With silicone tape around the front edge abd side of the new glass and another strip of tape on each metal strip the glass is a good fit and cleaning the inside is much easier than trying to clean around the tags. The screws are M3 x 8mm cheese head by the way. I wouldn't use stainless as they will be more difficult to drill out if they break.
  8. Diesel Bug - Ensure You Fill Your Tank

    About 25 years ago our local Ford dealer were supplying British Gas with Transits. Part of the spec was a fuel heater. Lucas CAV did a very nice kit which sandwiched between the filter head and spin in filter. We did about 300 of these but it hot a big more difficult when Ford switched to Bosch equipment. We also fitted a number of heated fuel lines to D series trucks. I recall stories from the past of drivers in the far north lighting fires under the tanks to warm the diesel.
  9. Holed up on the Coventry today

    At the highest point of the BCN now.
  10. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    There's a nice pontoon visitor mooring below the old railway bridge. Can't recall name.
  11. Vetus Iskra Alternator identity

    The Cargo site it gives the same Iskra part number. Also says that Cargo number is 14.7 volts too.
  12. Where’s the water

    What's the problem at Chasewater? Haven't read anything.
  13. Where’s the water

    According to this some very low levels. 34596-november-2017-reservoir-watch.pdf
  14. We've tried this twice. The first lot was about 3 years ago from Little Ouse Moorings on the Anglian Waterways. It was horrible stuff, difficult to light and keep in. But it was at least 9 months old when we bought it, if that makes a difference. Then last year bought one bag from Turners at Wheaton Aston. Completely different.
  15. Aluminium Gangplank

    I got a scrap aluminium ladder from the tip and riveted aluminium chequer plate on top. Cost about £40