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  1. Stern deck cover - taking down for cruising

    A pic would help us to visualise what you're asking. On Halcyon, the pram cover stays connected to the frame which folds down behind the tiller. Kevin
  2. Diesel fuel consumption

    Just a quick re-calculation on mine, 100 litres in 65 hours, almost exactly 1.5 litres an hour also. Kevin
  3. Diesel fuel consumption

    I've been keeping a close eye on fuel used. Halcyon has a Perkins 4108 and is 36' in length. Recently I've been managing almost 2 miles to the litre. On the recent trips, first to Leeds, second to Boston. I filled up before the Leeds trip and again in Burton Waters marina, I'd used 103 litres and covered 197 miles. Kevin
  4. Many have their stoves burning yet?

    Back in Thorne, I didn't succumb, but my next door neighbour did! Luckily, the rain stopped here about 7-00 this morning after 36 hours and it's quite pleasant now. Kevin
  5. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    Nope, Bardney is a good centre for cycling and the Trent holds no fears :-) Kevin
  6. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    Thanks Cal, I'll get the engine suped up before I return :-) Kevin
  7. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    Thanks for all the comments, just had another interesting solo journey from Torksey To Keadby, where I managed to run aground making my turn into the lock!! A quick 360 degree pirouette, followed by a 180 and I was straight in, without running aground, it almost looked like I knew what I was doing!! Anyway, nice to be back in Thorne. Back to the Witham and Fossdyke, I did wonder if some of the larger cruisers were actually going as slow as they could! However, is the speed limit really 6mph? I saw a sign asking for 3mph as I left Lincoln, then another asking for 6kph outside Burton Waters marina (very friendly people in there when I stopped for diesel) and then a 4mph one between Saxilby and Torksey, but never anything with 6mph on it. Anyway, it's a nice stretch of water with some interesting places along the route. I'm sure I'll be back, but will probably only go down as far as Bardney, the long straights and the weed after there did do my ead in a bit!! Kevin
  8. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    Are you sure? :-) It was nice getting the Brompton out this morning, first day without strong wind for a couple of weeks! Enjoy the rest of the trip, see you in Thorne if you're ever passing again. Thanks Cal, think it will be slower on the Chesterfield, which is my next trip :-) Kevin
  9. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    I've just spent the last 10 days travelling from Torksey to Boston and am now in Saxilby ready to go out of Torksey tomorrow. I've been surprised at the amount of speeding boats that I've seen. Now, I know it's a river, but the etiquette of going slow passed moored boats appears to not be adhered to along this waterway. I'm not going to blame cruisers, as most of the boats on this section are cruisers, and some of them very large. Last night in Saxilby I counted 9 boats going past, 8 of them, 7 cruisers and 1 narrowboat, went past anything from 4 to 7 mph! I re-tied the ropes 4 times!! Is this just me, or is it normal for this navigation? Ah well, back on the Trent to Keadby in the morning. Kevin
  10. Stamp End Lock, Lincoln

    Just looked, 'The lock has now been repaired and is open for use'
  11. Approaching Wigan

    Last year, I turned right off the Leigh branch and moored there, about 50 yards from the first lock. It was very peaceful, no problems. Just be aware that there is a new building on the opposite side and they worked 24 hours, as the light faded, this factory was lit up with bright floodlights, not good for darkness in the boat, but good that there is plenty of light outside. Kevin
  12. Kyme Eau

    Thanks for the quick replies. Halcyon is only 36' long so I'll see how much time I have when I get down there.
  13. Kyme Eau

    Going to take a trip along the River Witham in a week or two and fancy turning along the Kyme Eau and up to South Kyme. Collins shows that this stretch has a headroom of 5' 6" and a draught of 2' 0". I have seen pictures of narrowboats at South Kyme, but don't think I'll be able to take Halcyon up there as my draught is 2' 4". Has anyone attempted this in a narrowboat and is it worth attempting? Thanks, Kevin
  14. Anything useful we should take?

    Treat it like a camping holiday and you won't go far wrong. Camping chairs are very useful, also tea, coffee, milk, sugar and breakfast for tomorrow. You can do some shopping when you're on the move if you don't want to take much with you. Camera, binoculars, hat, sunscreen etc. Bottled water, I personally don't drink the water from the tank, but fill plastic bottles from the taps on the canal side. Sure I'll think of something else once I've sent this! Have a good week :-) Kevin
  15. Very true, hadn't thought my reply through!! I knew there was a reason why I inset the tape by 5mm. Kevin