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  1. Cheap boating experience

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCllSDQA1A6ZbIWdQ1cHo5yQ?view_as=subscriber There's a few video's of my Chesterfield trip earlier in the year. Kevin
  2. Cheap boating experience

    Just give as much information about yourself as you feel confident with (remembering that this is an open forum), any dates you would like to travel, areas you would like to travel in etc. There will probably also be boaters who will be happy to give you a day trip from and back to their home mooring. If you're ever in East Yorkshire, I can take you on a good trip from Thorne which includes an electric pedestrian bridge, and electric lock, followed by a manual road bridge, then an electric road bridge and a manual lock. In a 12 mile round trip, that's experience of the majority of obstacles you'll encounter on the canal system. Kevin
  3. Cheap boating experience

    Have you thought as offering yourself as crew? There might be another single handed boater who would welcome the help and company for a trip or two. Kevin
  4. Handmade in Hull, lots of boat related items.

    You'd only get East Hull for a fiver now, you'll need to break the bank for us in the West! Seriously, it's a very interesting programme. Kevin
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09g0l2v/handmade-in-hull Includes a ships compass maker, wooden boat builder, carver plus several others. Interesting even for those of you who aren't lucky enough to live in Hull :-) Kevin
  6. Boating holidays in the school holidays : price-wise

    Just a suggestion. Many schools take pupils out of school during term time, they call them 'field trips' and class them as extending the child's education. My suggestion, advise the school that you intend to take your son/daughter out on a field trip during the said dates and that you will take full responsibility for them during this period of time. Well, if it's good enough for the school to do, it must be good enough for the parents to do also. Kevin
  7. Google Earth Canal & River Map.

    Be good to see some of the Northern waterways appearing :-) Kevin
  8. Huddersfield Narows

    Thanks folks, also thinking of a trip to Ripon instead, keep the options open. Kevin
  9. Huddersfield Narows

    Thanks Mac, forgot about the Marple flight! Kevin
  10. Huddersfield Narows

    Just thinking about a trip next Easter and fancy going over the Huddersfield from east to west. I last went over west to east 2 years ago. I've checked winter closures, and all appears to be okay. Has anybody been over recently and could give any update to problems encountered? I'm hoping to get from Huddersfield to Slaithwaite in 1 day, then up to Marsden the next, then expecting 3 days to get through Standedge and down to the Peak Forrest. Easter is early, so expecting to try this during the last week of March 2018. Thanks folks Kevin
  11. Touching Up Bodywork

    If you're only touching up, this does an excellent job https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cmft250-multi-function-tool/ You'll have a sander, a saw and a scraper, so a good general tool to keep on your boat. Kevin
  12. Perkins 4108, cold start manifold

    Thanks for all the help here. I came back to boat yesterday and had a good clean around the engine and checked all the joints were tight. I noticed there was a small leakage from the join between the top copper and rubber pipe. I managed to fit another hose clip and proceeded to go through the startup procedure. It took a lot of coaxing into action! I've just been out to the engine again, joint was still dry, set it to pre-heat, after 5 seconds the air filter was showing signs of smoke, after 10 seconds I heard the 'putt' noise as the manifold opened, another couple of seconds there was a nice flame briefly from under the air filter, turned the key to ignition and fired up after 2 or 3 turns of the engine :-) Obviously that minor seepage from the joint was causing the pressure to drop resulting in the problems I had starting her up. Kevin
  13. Perkins 4108, cold start manifold

    Thank you again Tony, I will look into this next time I'm onboard, going home in an hour or so. Kevin
  14. Perkins 4108, cold start manifold

    Thanks Tony. I know that a previous owner, 5+ years ago, would use the 'sure start' spray to get it going, this is something I have never resorted to. When I purchased Halcyon, she was raw water cooled. 3 years ago I decided to have skin tanks fitted. This obviously required the engine to be removed. I asked the boat yard to check the bearings and it was found that the crankshaft needing a regrind. We also found a problem which meant the gearbox had to be scrapped and I had a PRM150 fitted. Once re-built and tested, everything was fine. Engine would fire up without any pre-heat most of the year, and when needing the pre-heat, it would only be a few seconds, even in the depths of winter. The last 2 years I cruised for a good 3 months with no engine problems, apart from burning a bit of oil. Early this year the engine wouldn't start and it was traced to the cold start aid. I bought a new one, fitted it myself and was very pleased when the engine started, albeit after the pumping procedure I've mentioned. I'd changed both fuel filters November last year with genuine Perkins parts, then in April I was having a short trip out when the engine stalled just outside the boat yard who had done all the work previously. The filters were clogged and black and when the diesel was being drawn off, it also had a black tinge to it. As I had 2 trips planned which included journeys on the Trent, I took their advice and had them clean the tank out. It wasn't diesel bug, just years and years of dirt. They tested and fitted 2 new fuel filters. I've started the engine at least 50 times since the work was done and I would say 45 of those have needed the priming procedure to get the engine to fire up. I appreciate the points that the priming shouldn't be doing anything, but it does work and I get exactly what the video posted earlier shows, without the priming, I just get a coil glowing red. I will also add that this is the first engine I've ever owned, being a non driver, so everything is new to me. Also, the engine runs and purrs sweetly once it has started up. Also, anyone who know Thorne will know that the people who carried out the work are very good and have an excellent reputation. Thanks again folks, Kevin
  15. Perkins 4108, cold start manifold

    Thanks Tony, I haven't tried priming from the fuel pump, but will give that a go in the morning. I can stand directly above and when the pre heat is activated, withing 3 seconds the plug glows red, but however long I leave it, there is no flame. It is confusing because everything people are saying should happen is happening, apart from the valve opening to let a small amount of fuel through. Thanks to everyone for the advice. Kevin