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  1. Charging of domestic batteries

    Many thanks, gentlemen. That's me educated!
  2. Charging of domestic batteries

    Okay - which the definitive, no arguments method of determining when to stop battery, tail current or Smartgauge showing 100%??
  3. Cheap boating experience

    Er, based on hire companies on the K & A western end, the above behaviour is mandatory
  4. Remote oil filter kit!

    I have a Beta BV1505 in my boat, and Beta sell a remote oil kit for that so I would expect they will have one for your engine. It may not be the cheapest option, but everything needed was in the kit, and fitting it was not unduly difficult, plus the folk at Beta are exceptionally helpful if you need it.
  5. New batteries - problem

    Relax, Smiley! Just revel in the knowledge that there is no better solution than the one you devised!!
  6. New batteries - problem

    If you mean the third diagram on the Smartgauge page, what I posted above should give you all the necessary and doesn't need any "clever use of cabling between the batteries". If you mean the last diagram on that page, the 'SmileyPete' option, what looks to me like the 4th option then remove the -ve and +ve connections between the second and third batteries in your bank so that you have 2 pairs of 2 batteries. Now you need a new interconnect cable to connect the -ve of the first battery in the first pair to the -ve of the first battery in the second pair, and another new interconnect to join the +ve of the second battery in the first pair to the +ve of the second battery in the second pair. The diagram on the Smartgauge page really is your guide, but the important thing to note is that these two new interconnect cables should be the same length, so if one looks significantly too long you are about to do it wrong. With the two pairs of batteries connected you can use existing cables to connect to the inverter - if you use the +ve connection from the top battery in your diagram, that frees up the cable from +ve connection on the bottom battery in your diagram, which may be long enough to provide the cable for the new +ve interconnect. The bad news is that you will probably have to buy new cable for the -ve interconnect, unless you've got a spare length kicking around somewhere. Just so it's been said, all cables connecting battery => battery or battery => inverter should be the same size. For what it's worth, I reckon that the 12v connections to the battery bank are pretty much correct, other than to move the +ve connection from the 2nd battery in your diagram onto the top battery.
  7. New batteries - problem

    Sorry, should have read what I'd typed before posting it. Yes, you will need a remote post for the battery -ves to connect to, and another for the +ves.
  8. New batteries - problem

    To your first point - that is what option 2 on the Smartgauge is suggesting e.g. that there should be a single link from the battery pack to the inverter, and that the -ve link should be from the battery at the other end of the pack from the +ve link. As for cable size, I'd guess that having them both the same is a good starting point. To your second point, it looks like you a single cable from each -ve to a common post, which should be 'beefy' enough to take the maximum current the inverter could draw - your existing inter-connect cables seem an obvious candidate. Then same again for the +ve side. You then need 2 cables, 1 from the common -ve to the inverter (the existing link between the battery and the inverter seems a potential candidate), and 1 from the common +ve to the fuse - you can probably guess what's coming so I won't say it! Thise are my thoughts, someone who knows what they are talking about will, hopefully, be along soon.
  9. New batteries - problem

    Reading through the last page or so, the 2 +ve links from battery to inverter are an attempt to distribute the load across the batteries more evenly. I guess this means making each inter-connect cable see the same Amp loading. If that is the case, should there not be 2 -ve links also, so that both sides of the same battery see the same load?
  10. New batteries - problem

    Just out of curiosity, is there any advantage in having 2 +ve connections from the batteries to the inverter?
  11. CRT disgruntled staff

    'Unhappy staff' is one way of looking at it. Another is that there are staff who are prepared to provide constructive criticism, something that many would regard as a 'good thing'.
  12. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Just out of curiosity - I've never been on the Trent so have no idea about those locks or how they work - would they not have an 'emergency stop' button? If so, would that stop the lock gates immediately, or would there be a 'stopping distance'?
  13. Portable radios

    Many thanks for the info, gents. That Roberts vintage radio that Nightwatch linked to is exactly the kind of thing she's after, and it's not even hugely expensive, considering that's a John Lewis price!
  14. Portable radios

    Lady wife has decided that she would like a radio onboard, and that she would like it to be 'retro' style. The difficulty is that none that I have seen so far have a socket for an external aerial, so the obvious question is what is the best way of improving, or maybe that should be getting, some reception inside the boat?
  15. Has anyone used a dehumidifier on their boat?

    I'm still finding my way through the wonderful world of electrics, but:- if it's 12v that's 15Ah, which would get a full capacity 110Ah battery to 50% DoD in about 4 hours; if it's 240v, that's about 18Ah, allowing for the inverter, which gets the 110Ah to 50% in 3 hours; if you're plugged into a shore-line then the batteries should be unaffected. More knowledgeable others will be along later or, more accurately, before me!!