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  1. Battery chargers

    I need a charger for permanently conectod when not on the nb
  2. Battery chargers

    Thanks lads looks like Ii will be looking for a new battery charger one that can charge 4 110 and that can be permanently
  3. Battery chargers

  4. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    Just been to the NB today. To check battery's as I had 2 on charge 1 is good the other on holding a charge ,put the other 2 on charge I will check the in the morning ,so the dud one must have been taking the other 3 down ,going to renew all terminals and put all new cables on hope this sorts my problems out
  5. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    i did have the engineer but he only looked a the cables running to the 12 volt fridge and he said they are fine ,going to get all new battery terminals check all battery cables and put Vaseline on the terminals dont think half the battery's were delivering power ,when trying to get at the battery's is awful and nearly 71 years old dose not make it easy. filled all with distilled water and put 2 batteries on charge ,might be no good now as some sells where bone dry
  6. Think I have found one reason why my voltage dropped at the 12 volt control panel oh dear some terminals nuts where loose and completely full of corrosion, and it took six pints of distilled water to top up four 110 battery's think the battery's were in some desperate nead of maintenances PS getting to my battery's is a right pain
  7. Carrying spares

    Just join the RCR let them fix it if you brake down
  8. New fridge on. Start up

    Ha Ha its finely sunk in thanks lads
  9. New fridge on. Start up

    Just had a look what i need to wire from battery's to the new 12 volt fridge 10 mm2 hell thats think stuff ,might get away with 8 mm2 i will have to see how fare away the fridge is away from battery's
  10. New fridge on. Start up

    What I am going to do is pull all the domestic battery's out and check for distilled water while there out and clean all the terminals then back put vasoline on them ,and work back through the wiring to the fridge and check all connections for loose or corrosion
  11. New fridge on. Start up

    I know a marine electrician that has been working on boats all his life as its a bit to complicated for me