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  1. Advice on Norbury to Stourport for a newbie

    Stick with the original plan. The southern Staffs & Worcs is beautiful and much nicer than the northern leg. It looks an achievable week but if not you can turn before Stourport. Overnight stops at Compton and Greensforge after Brewood and then Stourport look about right. Agree with advice not to overnight in Kidderminster; not least because almost everywhere else you could go moor is nicer. Pubs available at Compton, Swindon, Greensforge, Wolverley and Stourport. Bratch should be staffed and you probably won't have to touch a paddle. Even if you did there are instructions on how to operate. It isn't difficult. JP
  2. Advice for Upper River Severn Please

    The Salwarpe goes up and down very quickly and mirrors local rainfall. The section of river navigation which is part of the Droitwich Canals also isn't between the Severn and Droitwich; it's east of Droitwich on the way to the Worcester & Birmingham at Hanbury. JP
  3. Going through tunnels

    It takes its inspiration from the Japanese Toblerone train.
  4. Going through tunnels

    Absolutely do not fit those wheels Dave. Terrible idea. Personally I love tunnels. Just calculated I have transited over 50 miles and spent over 16 hours in tunnels in the past two years. Not a scratch on the handrails. Judging by the quality of that photo in the first post what the OP actually needs is something to steady his hand on the tiller. 14 pints of lager is a medically proven remedy. JP
  5. Road and Canal atlas

    Yes, because paper is failsafe. As you have proved by losing your atlas.

    Hence it's described as a PH2M. M for missing cooling.
  7. Kobe Steel

    Roll markings. Obviously.
  8. March of the Wide Beams

    Agreed and that should be the challenge for CRT to resolve. It would be nice to think we could have a properly maintained width and depth of channel used by a range of boats and that would be to everyone's overall benefit. After all we are only really talking about a small proportion of the network in terms of wide beam capability where there is an issue with capability. Back to the original point and it could be argued that Braunston to Hillmorton is a trade off for the places designed for wide boats where they can't go anymore - Middlewich, Nantwich, Droitwich. (It seems BW must have had a saltist policy). As you say the demand for usage changes. We don't live in the past. JP
  9. March of the Wide Beams

    That's undoubtedly true however as the published dimensions are 12' 6" minimum on this canal it should be maintained for such craft including being able to moor. It isn't the fault of any boater that it isn't. I would far sooner boat on the sections north of Braunston with a channel clear of vegetation from bank to bank and a wide dredged channel and share it with wide beams than the current scenario of overhanging tress right across the canal and risk putting my cabin top hardware and crew through trees at the slightest movement out of the middle of the channel. JP
  10. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Those are the only tolls that apply because it is only the boats listed (commercial carriers) which have the "free liberty" to use the canal. There is no provision stated for the charging of tolls for pleasure craft because there is no "free liberty" for the use of pleasure craft i.e. you have no explicit right to use the Bridgwater for navigation purposes as a pleasure boater (I think that is what Nigel was hinting at earlier but happy to be corrected). That would turn your earlier argument about needing express legal permission to carry out an act on its head since by your own logic you shouldn't be there at all. It's therefore in your own interest that you were wrong on that score even though you don't acknowledge it. The reciprocal arrangement with CRT provides you with permission to use the Bridgwater as a CRT licence holder but only if abiding with the constraints of that arrangement. By all means gain support and work to ensure they are adhered to by Peel and even lobby for better terms but if you don't want to abide by what is contained within them you have to arrange permission to use the Bridgwater direct with Peel. There is a mechanism for that which is of course to buy a Bridgwater licence. All the above is based simply on what I have read and understood here. I don't claim to know the legislation personally and I may have an incomplete picture. However it looks to me that you are trying to pick an argument one grounds where there isn't one to pick. JP
  11. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    I don't know. I am not qualified to rule on such things. I struggle with the idea that they are legally prevented from levying charges for pleasure craft unless it is some provision wrapped up with the fact there is a long standing reciprocal agreement with CRT through which CRT licence holders are deemed to have already paid for the ability to navigate the Bridgwater. That would be a different thing from Peel not being able to levy charges per se which logic tells me would be perverse. There is an argument we should either get reasonable access through the reciprocal arrangement or have no arrangement and pay at point of use but not both. The current situation does not seem to be in keeping with that logic since the restrictions on use are dubious in their reasonableness. JP
  12. eco-efficient-houseboatchanger this been on before?

    I think my initial post on that subject may have been a little obtuse. If you set out to build an "eco-efficient" boat and at the first stage end up with a hull design that requires 42 tonnes of steel and 18 tonnes of concrete you should immediately conclude you have failed miserably and start again before even considering the inside of the boat. JP
  13. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    You are missing something because your logic is flawed. You appear to be arguing that because a person does not have an unrestricted right to do as they please they must require explicit permission to do anything. Let's suppose you ask the question from the opposite point of view;- You: Under English law do I need specific legal permission to do something? Me: No You: So I can do whatever I want then? Me: Yes; providing that what you are doing is not in breach of the law. You seem to be so emotionally wound up in the issue that you lack clarity of thinking. That doesn't bode well for your chances of success. Over on TB you are mostly conversing with like minded people and will get a sympathetic hearing. You may not like some of the responses you get on CWDF but they are probably going to be more objective in respect of the overall picture. Use it to help you rather than fight it. JP
  14. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Unfortunately I can't take a photo of a tree that isn't there. However I have cut down two trees in my garden since I moved in 13 years ago. No permission needed because no legal constraints were in place. I have two other trees remaining and both branch out over the public highway. That obliges me to maintain them in a way that does not obstruct the highway because there is specific legislation that does not allow me to cause an obstruction on the highway. Other than that I can do what I like with them. As others have said the law works the opposite way round from how you suppose. JP
  15. Mooring rings - how far apart?

    I regularly end up tied almost dead square at both ends which leads me to think that newer rings are installed at 35' intervals. That certainly appears to be the case on the new rings at Rugby. In a way it makes sense but it would mean they are convenient for 57' - 60' boats contrary to the observation above. Perhaps it's a just the case that the awkward experiences stick in the mind and we tend to recall them more easily than places where there was no problem. JP