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  1. Christmas presents

    Isn't that pretty much what everyone who isn't actively religious is doing? JP
  2. Broken paddle...

    I too thought it was obvious as far as the theory goes but my initial thoughts were that leakage might simply be proportional and therefore not a factor. It turns out I was wrong. I see folks are still trying to complicate it with spurious factors. JP
  3. Broken paddle...

    I gave Horace42 a green thing for introducing a bit of science. The relationship between rate of flow, head of water and area of opening confirms that the lock will in theory fill in twice the time with the assumption that the paddles are the same size. However this doesn't hold true with the effects of leakage at the bottom gates. Bottom gate leakage has more effect than top gate leakage when filling a lock. This is true even where the leakage at top and bottom gates is the same at the same head of water. A change in head of water has a different effect on the rate of flow than a change of area. This is seen in the formula. The result is that in practical terms the lock will take slightly more than twice as long to fill. I have tested this with some numerate examples (units are not a factor). The results also emphasise the realism about pushing against the pressure difference before a level is reached. JP
  4. Brotherly Love?

    I think I am vaguely related to some of them. Explains a lot. JP
  5. It didn't actually freeze overnight in Worcestershire and there is about 16 hours worth of continuous snowfall now melting into the rivers. The Severn is rising and though it is well below levels that would cause concern I wouldn't be suggesting that novices leave Gloucester right now as they would need to book passage and they probably won't make it off the river until Wednesday (it's closed tomorrow). The level of the Severn isn't entirely dependent upon what happens in Wales. I'd go with what I could see rather than relying on a forecast read in... er... Lancashire??? JP
  6. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    No consideration around this sort of boat is going to be rational when it comes to efficient use of space or financial considerations surely? It's a matter for the heart not the head. Naturally a butty for Vulpes would be Lupus. Maybe you should buy Grinstead JP
  7. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    That's a much larger number of boats than I would have anticipated. Perhaps then I shouldn't worry about my plans to buy a butty and chop it down to 35' so I can have a motor and butty combination for working together through narrow locks. JP
  8. Historic Boats for sale online

    I recall a very credible argument in response to a similar claim a while back that the term butty pre-dated motor boats. The argument being that it was used in relation to horse boats which were worked in pairs by a single horse, which was a common occurence. JP
  9. Lister lpw2 head gasket replacement

    If Sue hasn't received a call yet it could just be because you have got your own phone number wrong
  10. University pay

    Or perhaps the system has just evolved with changes to society and the nature of employment. Whether it's better or worse wasn't really relevant to my point. I don't think the content and difficulty of Bachelors degrees is any different but the whole range of professional qualification requirements has been uplifted. Personally I think I would have been better prepared for employment with more practical skills and less academic study. My engineering degree taught me more about mathematics than anything else. Something I am considering for my son who wants to follow a similar line but is less academically minded and far more practical than I am. JP
  11. University pay

    I think you may be seeing degrees for what they were. Times have changed. The framework of qualifications in England is set out by the Regulated Qualifications Framework and I suspect that the requisite level for nursing corresponds to level 6 and that's a Bachelors degree. There are certainly many more vocational degrees available today. 25 years ago when I graduated into a traditional profession the norm was to study to Bachelors degree level whereas to attain the equivalent professional status today requires a Masters degree. I suspect most of the traditional professions have the same requirement so it isn't that nursing now requires some form of academic rigour akin to say the legal profession but more that it does need a high level of vocational training which is deemed to be a Bachelors degree. JP
  12. Wolverhampton Locks

    Indeed. It's a narrow canal in the Midlands, what else would you expect?
  13. Wolverhampton Locks

    As stated above there are longer pounds lower down but I also agree with the sentiment that it's not a place I would plan to stop. Three hours should see you to the top (if indeed you are going up). The locks are straightforward but have a ready supply of anti-vandal keys. I think every paddle on every lock needs one and it gets a bit tedious. JP
  14. Steelcraft

    But it's in 'Build Blogs' and isn't a blog of a build. Needs moving into the main topic. I tried hard to pitch my response at the right level too. JP
  15. Steelcraft

    The clue in my answer was that the products that are imported aren't necessarily the same as the ones that are exported. Think of it being like your village but on a much much grander scale. You don't have access to all the necessary services in your village and even for those that are available they may not be able to supply to your timescales or at an acceptable price and so you look further afield. With something as big and expensive as steel the same applies but the scale is international. Most steel import and export from the UK is to and from other EU member states, not least because the same companies own plants across Europe and don't keep the same capability and capacity in every country; that would be hugely inefficient. If you were to consider the steel in manufacturing imports such as cars and white goods rather than just steel products the UK is actually a net importer. JP PS - isn't this thread in the wrong section?