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  1. bowman end cap

    I have seen BMC's with Bowman Heat exchangers used as heat exchangers with a Jabsco pump circulating the skin tank water, in the same manner as raw water cooling. If this is the case, leave the tubes. As has been said, a few pictures would clarify.
  2. aldi inspection camera

    Just make sure you have the gastroscopy before the colonoscopy.
  3. Buying a new boat

    The Perkins 4108 is not very tolerant of overheating, and it will be 'of an age' and you should expect some wear. Is it a factory marine unit, or an automotive that has been 'marinised'? Parts are still available at a reasonable price, but a total rebuild might warrant a new replacement with a current make.
  4. lights

    Plenty on Ebay for £7 ish for2, 300mm with about 4o individual led's under ashade. Have had them for a couple of years and work well
  5. Trickling water sound on fire/back boiler

    Or contamination/failing bearing in the heating circulator? If you have pump valves, isolate the pump and listen to it. If you cannot isolate the pump, try usinga long screwdriver as a stethoscope. Any rumbling in the pump will be noticeable.
  6. I love a really hot Shower!

    My Morco works sooooo much better with a 37psi pump. On hot setting with the flow rate turned down 2/3rds, the pump cuts in and out, but the flame stays. As with all multipoints, water pressure is paramount, and if the flow rate fluctuates especially towards the lower operating parameter, you probably are not opening up to full flame in the first place.
  7. brown sludge in fresh water

    If from the hot side, then contamination in tank is probable, but you say 'mainly from the hot side' so there may be something that is more noticeable in hot water. I can only suggest when you empty the cylinder you flush it thoroughly, and when refilling the system, use some purification tablets, available from most chandlers.
  8. brown sludge in fresh water

    Did you use silicone to seal the top? If so, you may find that if it has come into contact with the bitumen, and will be dissolving it. (Guess how I know!)
  9. Jabsco pump running on

    Whilst the pump sounds as though it is working, it will not be pumping sufficiently to produce the required pressure.
  10. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    You need to learn to wave in Polish/Hungarian/Latvian etc.
  11. simple water tank gauge

    This is a simple version of an oil tank contents sight tube, available from plumbers merchants. They incorporate a push button at the base of the tube which would prevent leaving the gauge open.
  12. Mattress Storage

    Pleasantly warm, and the steam saves you having a shower!!!!!
  13. Quick Smartgauge question

    You beat me to it!!!!
  14. Mattress Storage

    Ours is on an upholstered drawer divan base and we don't seem to have any problems. In the autumn and winter, or cool times, we always light the fire for a few hours before sleeping on it.