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  1. Boat Prices

    Just for the record, it is academic to me what I paid for my boat or what I may or may not get if and when I come to sell. I am very happy with my choice and the price I paid. I am not comparing it to house prices (which people usually expect to increase in value) or cars (which people usually expect to fall in value) I was just trying to see how other people see the market at the moment as, I am sure, most boat owners keep an eye on it. Years ago we bought a 1967 VW Campervan from America (on a well known auction site). Our neighbour had one and we thought it would be cool to buy one too. On a warm August Bank Holiday weekend afternoon, and I have to say having consumed a small amount of pop we pressed the 'buy it now' price of £20k. It arrived 3 mths later and was in incredible condition, as though it had just left the factory. The previous owners had collected every available piece of original VW bits and pieces plus other things of the era (like Coca Cola bottles/radio/camera etc) It took us a week to unwrap everything. The van was too good to drive really so we just went to meets and entered competitions (winning 1st prize in all of them). It featured in various magazines and was great to 'show off' but my partner hated it so, at the 50th time of asking, we agreed to sell it to a guy 8 mths later and asked a tongue in cheek £34k. He never drove it, or got in it, he just arrived with a bankers draft for £34k and asked to take over the storage unit where we kept it. Now, given the prices they fetch, I wish in some ways I had kept it but at the time it was (to me mainly) a great deal of fun and we were pleased with the price we sold it for. So I guess we were lucky but we never set out to make a profit. If any is that interested I will try and dig out some photos of 'Lola'
  2. Boat Prices

    Well I guess that is true At the time we bought we felt we had seen enough to know that, a) is was the one for us and it was worth the price. I guess it is just like watching the housing market Just a general point really........
  3. Boat Prices

    We bought our nb last november and have not regretted it. The survey showed nothing and the valuation was spot on. We have spent a fair bit since, our choice, and are very happy. We do, however, keep an eye on the market and not only have we not seen anything we would have preferred to buy but what is available seems to be highly priced for what is on offer. What do others think of current prices, are they static, rising or just not enough choice around today?
  4. Just starting to look......

    The OP originally asked what should they be looking for, having owned a boat for just under 12 months now our experience would say chuck out the lists of what you THINK you want & dont want, pay as much as you can, there is no rythe or reason as to what boats costs, get out there and LOOK LOOK LOOK, it is like a home you will know the right boat for you once inside her. I would strongly advise you to have financial back up plans as in the plural not just the one to fall back on because what ever you think the running costs are they will be higher. If you looked at the cost of keeping it afloat common sense would tell you no but we love it and you cannot put a price on that.
  5. Engine Oil

    The previous owner of my boat had it from new and was meticulous, money was not an object. He left me volumes of instructions for everything plus loads of extras & odds and ends including enough oil to do the last service. He used Morris Servol Performance Plus 15w-40 Premium Engine Oil, which I have no problem buying, but will I be paying over the top when there may be something else which is more than adequate? My engine is a Nanni Kubota 4.2 and uses the same oil for engine & gearbox.
  6. Pullman's dinette upholstery

    Went to Birmingham's Famous Rag Market when we were doing the BCN last month and bought 6mtrs upholstery fabric (which was Next seconds/end of roll) at £4.50 mtr (Next selling it at £80) Four reels cotton, 50 roll of piping cord......... Job done Bought some brand new curtains from a Charity shop (Dunelm Mill navy blue with blackout) for £7 to replace the two fitted cushions in for the bow....... just got to finish them off.....
  7. Changing moorings

    I ain't no expert but..... if it was 4yrs ago it might be construed as a 'verbal' agreement or contract then it's down to who said what to who. Depends if they want to be a***y about it. If it was me, I would send a registered letter then it can be argued you did the best you could.
  8. Personally I don't like it but then I am an anti social old groat. I always make it obvious, without being rude, that I don't want a picture taken. God knows where it might end up. To me it's a bit like people invading my personal space, which these days is about a one mile perimeter. Plus I think it should be polite to ask. I don't have to answer to anyone but fancy having your picture taken anywhere doing any thing, it ends up on Facebook or any other stupid site and the next day your boss calls you in and asks why you were on the Death Slide at Alton Towers when you said you were virtually dying and couldn't come in to work
  9. Manchester Attack

    Because they are soft options. They (the jihadists) want everyone to feel threatened and frightened and to disrupt everyday life so that we end up being too scared to go anywhere where there may be large social groups for pleasure or employment etc. Eventually they hope to disrupt democracy/capitalism totally. Most of the tickets sold for this particular concert were Christmas presents, what parent today is not going to think twice before letting their children go to any such event today? Ask yourself, honestly, whenever you are going somewhere where there are groups of people, to a wine bar, a football match, a concert etc have you ever had even the slightest thought for your safety? If you haven't then you will do because that is what these daemons want ( I won't grace them with the term human or even creature), they are not true Muslims, they are terrorists and therein is their aim, 'terror', and unfortunately the sad thing is that, whilst everyone may not agree with the whole of the Islamic faith, all Muslims are being blamed. If you think about the Irish situation and the atrocities performed by the IRA (another terrorist group based loosely on 'Religion' and absolving their actions through it) the public hatred and fear was not directed at the whole of the Irish people or their particular choice of religion. I may be an old cynic but I am becoming a Luddite, I rarely use my computer and avoid all social media, (why would anyone want to publish the most intimate (or boring) moments of their lives to strangers, but that's another story) I have only just bought a mobile phone ( a basic Nokia 101 £10) for emergencies on the boat and I live in the back of beyond. I don't particularly like being in any group of people anymore. What does amaze me is the reaction from the public in these situations, "we are here for each other, we will stand up together, we are one" etc, etc, so why are the general public such selfish ****'s the rest of the time? If there was a war today would you survive on 2oz of butter a week? The shelves of the shops would be stripped within hours and loaded up into the ubiquitous 4x4, that is if anyone survived the first attack. I do not believe in conspiracy theories but I would advise anyone to watch 'The 4 Horsemen' on You tube. It is frightening to realise how manipulated we all really are........ rant over. My heart goes out to all those killed, hurt, injured or affected in anyway by this latest appalling act but I fear it will not be the last.
  10. thanks for all the comments guys, having cruised at an average of 1200 revs I am getting 50% more from my fuel,,,it takes me twice as long but sine we have no timetable who cares!
  11. Droitwich Junction Canal

    The barge is a delightful canal,,,,,,the locks are a pain not just heavy but awkward,,,wouldnt put me off using it again
  12. Droitwich Junction Canal

    Many thanks !!! much more reliable than CART!!!!
  13. Droitwich Junction Canal

    Good morning one & all Does anyone who knows what the current height level is for passing under the M5, if all is well I will be going through tues/weds? I sent an email to CART asking the same last Friday with no response so I will ring them this morning, wish me luck. Cheers
  14. Ok I have done a few searches but couldn't find what I was looking for so apologies if this has been covered before. On this trip, compared to the one over Christmas, we seem to have used far more fuel than normal yet we have hardly used the Mukuni and we try to keep around the 2 mark on the rev counter. We have however, as previously posted, been using the Coventry Canal and had to stop at least 10 times to un snag the prop, everything from plastic bags and rope to a fully hoody complete with zip. Could this have affected consumption? The RCR did a full engine check before we set off, no problems, oil & water & stern gland checked each day. I read somewhere that 8 hours cruising = 10 litres of fuel. Does anyone have any comments/suggestions/opinions? Thanks
  15. Coventry Canal- Detritus

    We are moored in the basin and no complaints. Coventry itself is a mixture of historic buildings, St Mary's Guild Hall is stunning (free entrance and they let dogs in!!) and the ubiquitous shopping 'malls' but the centre is actually very clean and tidy, as were the towpaths along the canal, it is just the amount of rubbish actually in the canal which is impossible to avoid. When we moored last night I checked the weed hatch and the prop was again snagged, mainly with plastic bags, but there was also a certain item of ladies clothing which took more effort to untwine