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  1. locks; can you do it on your own

    where do you get all these men?
  2. Shore line not working

    Are you calling him a drama queen?
  3. Water filter

  4. Shore line not working

    I suppose, if the 3-way switch internals fell apart, it could backfeed and make the 13A plug pins live? Admittedly unlikely.
  5. Water filter

    but it does contain Benzalkonium chloride 2-Bromo-2-nitropropan-1,3-diol Citric acid Trisodium citrate Blue dye Presumably, the dye is there to ensure it gets fully flushed through until clear again, or can you leave it in? The Benzalkonium chloride is v good because it is effective against norovirus.
  6. Shore line not working

    At least he got some rapid responses which may have helped him think of different solutions. After all, the OP didn't understand the situation initially. I mistakenly took him at face value when he said he couldn't get shore power to work. With hindsight and re-reading the OP, it's obvious that shore power was working and that he assumed it wasn't because the red light on the bollard wasn't flashing. I posted a suggestion this morning because it appeared that he was still without shore power. Then some posts came in that seem out of sequence, They were not there when I first opened my custom view.
  7. Water filter

    When I first bought a Brita filter, there were two teabags in the box. They encouraged you to make a cup of (black) tea with filtered and unfiltered water. The difference was clearly visible. The 'unfiltered' tea was a bit murky and had a little scum floating on it. The 'filtered' tea was clear and had no scum. I think Brita filters are useful, depending on where you live and where your water comes from.
  8. Shore line not working

    My guess is that the shore cable is wired incorrectly. Borrow a cable from another boat and eliminate this possibility. I know you say it has been checked but the correct polarity should be lit and it makes sense to heed this warning. no longer relevant
  9. Chinese Solar Controller Instructions.

    It's easy to find the price on the internet. I found your comment a bit patronising, But I must have been especially irritable yesterday! Sorry.
  10. Chinese Solar Controller Instructions.

    I wasn't asking you - why do you have to be such a smartarse? I know what it costs. But what they paid is a different question. It's $19 in the States.
  11. locks; can you do it on your own

    You should not do it on your own until you have some experience. But, yes, it's definitely possible. In winter its a little more hazardous because of the risk of slipping and hurting yourself on frosty, wet or icy surfaces. The &-year-old is also an added worry, unless it is well trained and obedient!
  12. Chinese Solar Controller Instructions.

    What did you pay for this fine piece of kit? (If you don't mind my asking)
  13. Chinese Solar Controller Instructions.

    Sorry, I spent half-an-hour looking on Google and can't find any better instructions. But unless you wish the load to disconnect after sunset the default settings will probably be fine. If it's only connected to the battery then the load settings don't matter.
  14. Chinese Solar Controller Instructions.

    Any details for manufacturer, model number? Maybe we can source a better translation or even find the Chinese original and translate that. 任何製造商的詳細信息,型號?也許我們可以找到一個更好的翻譯,甚至找到中文原件,並翻譯。