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  1. aldi inspection camera

    Is it stiff? I hear that some cheapos are too floppy to poke round corners or into pipes.
  2. Brass Plaques

    You could design your own https://www.theengravingshop.co.uk/brass-plaques-signs/brass-plaques
  3. Brass Plaques

    But what about stuff you have drunk? And toilet paper? They should be OK.
  4. Brass Plaques

    "Mind your P's - poo, pee and paper only"
  5. aldi inspection camera

    You can get a USB endoscope that plugs into a phone much cheaper. £11 on wish.com Is the Aldi one colour? £40 seems steep.
  6. aldi inspection camera

    Did you intend to add a link?
  7. Cycling law review

    Even the North Yorkshire Police seem to be confused. They claim that, "“Rule 163 of the Highway Code states at least the width of a car should be left between cyclist and vehicle." https://northyorkshire.police.uk/news/drivers-advised-keep-safe-distance-overtaking-cyclists-north-yorkshire-roads/ But it doesn't. It says, "give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car" I don't think I normally leave quite as much as 1.5m when overtaking cars unless they are parked and I think the driver or passenger might open his door without looking. On motorways there often isn't 1.5m available, especially in the middle lane in traffic (obviosly I'm not talking about bicycles but lorries, SUVs etc). This nonsense from the police gets picked up and repeated and soon becomes folklore amaongst the angry two-wheelers.
  8. Has anyone used a dehumidifier on their boat?

    Amps man, not Amp-hours.
  9. Do not run the engine with low oil pressure. It will cost you ten times more than identifying and fixing the problem. If the oil has gone grey it's not diesel fuel in the oil, it's water.
  10. Cycling law review

    In Australia, they made helmets compulsory for cyclists. So many stopped using their bicycles that the overall effect was increased deaths, due to the loss of the health benefits from exercise!
  11. Cycling law review

    It's in the Highway Code. But prosecution would be under laws concerning inconsiderate or dangerous driving. Durham police says 1.5m is the minimum safe clearance. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/16/west-midlands-police-release-shocking-cycling-near-miss-footage/
  12. Cycling law review

    The British Cycling organisation is promoting this as the correct road positioning for cyclists! https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/cycletraining/article/ct20110110-cycletraining-Bitesize-Bikeability--Part-4--On-Road-Positioning-0 But elsewhere on the same website, it has the more sensible advice "There are two main positions to use when you are riding, the default position about a third of the way into the lane and taking control of the lane. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/knowledge/skills/commuting-leisure/article/izn20170317-Commuting---Leisure-Correct-Road-Positioning---Commute-Smart-0
  13. Cycling law review

    You actually said, "simples - in the event of a collision or similar incident involving a pedestrian and a cyclist, the faster person/vehicle (i.e. the cyclist) is to blame by default and may be liable to prosecution for careless or dangerous riding (mirroring what currently happens between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian), unless he can provide evidence that the pedestrian deliberately caused a collision. " If a pedestrian steps out, he is not deliberately causing a collision! Why should the onus be on the poor motorist to prove that? It would come down to witnesses and skid marks (on the road, not the underwear).
  14. Cycling law review

    Lucky the police didn't see you, they would have nicked you. I believe we have to give cyclists about six feet. But I agree that some cyclists are a PITA. I think this position is a policy of some cycle clubs - defensive riding or something. I know cyclists want to avoid drain covers etc so they ride a couple of feet from the kerb.
  15. Cycling law review

    It's the will of the people that got us into this mess! (Brexit) Too many fools voted, with no idea what they were doing. The majority of the UK now oppose Brexit.