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  1. Can not reply to topics

    Try disabling any ad blocker.
  2. But my poiint is that the defendant has to prove that the statement is true. It might be quite hard to prove that he beat his wife. This is why celebrities use UK law to sue for libel. The law changed in 2014 to give some protection to websites but is still quite complicated. I'm not a lawyer so I am only going by my understanding. Many websites on the subject are misinformed or don't apply to the UK.
  3. solo parallel parking

    It's much easier to manoeuvre a boat against wind or current. If manoeuvring against a current you can move the boat sideways by matching the speed of the current, remembering that the current may be less as you get alongside. Wind, being more variable, is a little trickier!
  4. In the common law of libel, the claimant has the burden only of proving that the statement was made by the defendant, and that it was defamatory. ... The claimant is not required to prove that the statement was false. Instead, proving the truth of the statement is an affirmative defence available to the defendant. UK libel law is complex - don't take chances! Any solicitor can give a 30-minute consultation which is normally free of charge.
  5. I suggest you don't make any 'accusations' in a public forum like this since you could be sued for libel. It's OK to talk in generalities. But I think you should be taking legal advice already.
  6. Alternator light

    Is it a red light or a green light? What did it do before?
  7. Engine won't start!

    The batteries are knackered! They don't have enough energy left to turn the engine over. I suggest you buy some cheapos and then figure out why they were not getting fully charged. Perhaps the battery charger has failed or the alternator or both! Get someone to give them a good charge for 24 hours but I'm not optimistic. Something has flattened them and unless it was very recent they have probably suffered.
  8. Mobile Chat Bubble Removal

    I confirm that it has gone from my phone, after I cleared the cache and restarted the browser.
  9. Improve Fridge Efficiency

    I suspect each person would get slightly different results as it will depend on the boat design, weather and amount of use. Why not use a KillaWatt type plug to measure the daily energy use with and without the fan? ( I realise you will need a 12v version) So, here's one to look at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60V-100A-Watt-Meter-Digital-LCD-Battery-Voltage-Amp-Monitor-RC-DC-Power-Analyzer-/162468670184
  10. Change to first screen

    Time spent learning a few keyboard shortcuts will be paid back with interest. Can really get you out of trouble if you lose or break your mouse! Try Googling .mac keyboard shortcuts'.
  11. Change to first screen

    Near top-right, press the key marked Prt Sc (print screen). Then, with the cursor in the body of the message area hold down the CTRL key and press 'v' then release both keys. Unless it is a Mac!
  12. Change to first screen

    How about a screenshot? (not you MtB!)
  13. Still can not reply

    Also, temporarily disable any ad-blocker(s).
  14. plug to plug

    How will you feel when you kill a friend or relative? It's so obviously dangerous and just plain lazy, moronic even.