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  1. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    I have a 12v Lec Inlander. Works well
  2. Can not reply to topics

    Please kindly take a screenshot and attach it to this topic or email it to me at richard@canalworld.net. Without being able to see and with the information provided thus far, it's a little difficult to diagnose though I suspect it will be something simple.
  3. Wood veneer.

    Not sure which you're using butt for Rustin's Danish Oil, it says: "It is an easy to use wipe on finish, which brings out the beauty of the timber and gives a natural, open grained, soft lustrous finish. Danish Oil is a unique formulation developed by Rustins. Danish oil contains tung oil and other ingredients which penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water resistant seal. The oil primes, seals and finishes all woods, including interior oak, teak mahogany, pine and all veneered surfaces. It does not leave a surface film to chip or scratch. May also be used as a primer before painting and varnishing. Excellent for use on all turned work including wooden handles of kitchen equipment and tops of storage jars." Personally I like it because it does the job with very little mess.
  4. Inundated with emails - why?

    I thought putting a big notice at the top of every page might help but it appears I am mistaken? I have marked this as best answer but it wasn't caused by an update. I just noticed that "Notify me of replies" wasn't automatically switching on even when selected to do so. To fix this, I had to reset the notifications system which unfortunately means people may need to update their preferences if they don't like the default options. This isn't necessarily a bad thing given users may not have updated them in years.
  5. Wood veneer.

    Mine is similar and I use Rustin's Danish Oil on it when needed. Very minimal fuss and virtually no mess. The dirty rags can then be used to help get your stove going afterwards!
  6. Abnormal data usage

    If that is your primary means of connectivity, 25GB data is not really a lot in all fairness, mediocre at best. - Especially if you use the internet daily and even moreso if you stream online content. I use approximately 4-5GB a month just keeping my apps up to date on one phone and that's not including Windows updates for my laptop which add significantly to that. (some can be in excess of 3GB) Having said that there are people who get by with much less but I'm certainly not one of them! While turning off automatic updates will certainly conserve data, it's not advisable because apps are updated for several reasons and as an IT professional myself, I have seen serious consequences as a result of out of date software over the years. I could write an entire essay about the subject if I had to!
  7. Engine won't start!

    All is OK now. Turned out to be a bad earth in an awkward place! Cheers all RichM
  8. Thoughts on this boat?

    Thanks all, does anyone know much about Narrowcraft? What sort of offer would you suggest is reasonable for a boat of this condition? (from what's visible in the photos/videos)
  9. Thoughts on this boat?

    I have found a boat which meets most of my requirements, though a little over budget. What are your thoughts? http://rugbyboats.co.uk/listings/longships-60-ft-narrowcraft-semi-trad-2008/ Cheers RichM
  10. solo parallel parking

    I guess that makes sense but equally where's the fun in that? For me, half the fun is about maneuvering a boat into position while taking into account the surroundings and weather conditions at the time but I suppose your suggestion is more practical for a 22ft boat.
  11. Engine won't start!

    Thank you. I gave that a thought but I also took a jump lead direct from the battery to the starter in attempt to bypass everything in between with the negative from the battery to the engine block but still no joy. Now I'm back at work on a late shift meaning I don't have many daylight hours to troubleshoot it much further and I need her up and running asap. I'm currently in someone else's berth, albeit with permission. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and splash out so I've got a marine engineer coming out on Wednesday to have a look. I'm hoping it won't be anything serious as she's booked in to be dry docked come the autumn. Thanks all! RichM
  12. solo parallel parking

    Many say "Boating is a contact sport!" but there will be just as many who will say "No it is not!" Personally I'd go with the former especially if you're caught out by gusts for example, though it's no excuse to be careless of course... It probably goes without saying that it's advisable to be fendered up! If you're still uncomfortable with the surroundings of your mooring or feel out of place, you could always ask to move.
  13. Why ? - How ?

    Sorry, missed this. "Followers" were previously called "Friends" in the last version of Invision. Likely a browser issue as it wasn't doing it for me. Reset cache if you have any further issues. Also, the site is not optimised for or designed for IE so may be problematic if you're using that.
  14. Engine won't start!

    Did you disconnect, cleanup & reconnect all the connections? What should I do with it specifically? I am only good at fixing things if it has a keyboard and generally doesn't involve getting dirty, though I am keen to learn. Cheers all RichM
  15. Why ? - How ?

    Thanks for confirming. That's what wasn't working before.