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  1. Calorifire immersion heating.

    Sounds like the removable plug for an immersion heater. You then need an immersion heater and suitable cable to go into 240v mains, isolated from your inverter. (if you have one) I have all of this ready/in place but for me removing the plug is another matter as it's an old calorifier with a seized plug in an awkward position.
  2. Canalworld - Fundraising

    We have a couple members who kindly make donations via the old system and recently PM'd me asking if they could have a star next to their name. I obliged and thanked them for their donations and all was well... The reason why there's a small number of users who donate regularly but don't have a star is due to a technical limitation. The new donation system is directly integrated with the forum software and automatically displays the star when new donations are received. In contrast, the old system does not have this capability. That said, the old system works and as such we're not going to shut the old system down for those who are using it all because of a non-critical technical limitation. That said, if anyone has a subscription via the old payment system and wishes to have a star as a small token of recognition for their contributions then feel free to drop me a PM.
  3. Canalworld - Fundraising

    Well I guess we all have views on it. As I say it is optional, I can remove it if people don't want it. No problem at all, just drop me a PM. It has been there for more than 6 months so it's not new. - I am surprised nothing has been said about it until now.
  4. Canalworld - Fundraising

    To add, it helps to raise awareness of our donation system without (I hope) being intrusive and at the same time, showing some form of recognition to those kind enough to donate. - Again, without going overboard about it. That said, I appreciate some may not want it and with that in mind I can remove them individually as and when requested. In any case, thank you all for the donations received so far. It will help towards the running costs. Cheers RichM
  5. 05/12/2017 21:30 Good evening, As you may know, Canal World is funded entirely by our loyal members. However due to a steady increase in operating costs, current donations are not meeting our full running costs each month. Over the last 5 months our monthly costs have averaged around about £180 while average donations have been around £160 which means we need to raise around £240/year more to avoid running out of money in the pot! Our operating costs consist mainly of the techy stuff. - Canal World is hosted on a new powerful UK based web server. Not only that, we have also invested in our storage capability enabling us to store all forum images and attachments securely and without members having to use a third party site such as Photobucket. As a result, we don't have to worry about running out of web space and members can upload photos freely to Canal World, not to mention the site is still 100% ad free! Some benefits are less noticeable but equally as great; It also helps keep the forum stable too with the new host contributing directly towards our 99.94% up-time this year. Stable, Online and Ad free. Great! The downside is that unfortunately this comes at a cost and this cost is dependent on how much we use, a bit like our energy bills. As such, we would greatly appreciate any additional donations from our valued members. To make a donation, you may click the "Donate" button at the top right of the page, or click here. Donations can be annual, one-off, or monthly. £24/year is just 46p a week and makes all the difference to keeping our valuable site and community stable and online for years to come. As a small token of appreciation to those who donate to Canal World, we will display a small next to their forum name. Thank you The Canalworld Team
  6. Stove glass cleaning.

    Windowlene glass cleaner or the supermarket own brand equivalent does the trick.
  7. Someone recommended I try Taybrite but what a load of rubbish I found it to be. It was not easy to get going, it did not get very hot but come the following morning my stove had a mountain full of ash, not impressed. I've had better luck with Aldi's cheap smokeless coal and being bagged in 10kg bags, it's easier to handle too. At £3.99 a bag I can't complain. RichM
  8. Freelance work for live-aboards

    Some people increase their earnings by filming and publishing videos on YouTube to include all sorts of things like DIY, showing the canal network, cooking aboard to general vlog (video blog) content. They earn commission from Youtube advertising revenue but how much they actually earn, I don't know. If it's something you wanted to consider, you could potentially combine that with your teaching ability. You would likely need to gain a lot of subscribers however to see any real return from it, though it's not something I have done myself. We did feature a few "tubers" on our homepage for a short time. Narrowboats are certainly more expensive to purchase than what they were only a couple years ago as boats seem to be selling for more than what they did then. Living aboard may cost less than renting an apartment but you'd need to be prepared for the expected and unexpected maintenance bills. - something many underestimate.
  9. locks; can you do it on your own

    It is no doubt possible but I personally wouldn't do it single-handedly with both a widebeam and a 7 year old to consider. It can be demanding enough with just a 55ft nb and a fairly well trained dog aboard! Part of the challenge is endurance, in that there's a big difference between doing a few locks to spending an entire day cruising and doing flights of locks single-handed.
  10. Should I replace my Eberspacher?

    I haven't done anything like this before. What's involved in swapping them over? Do you find the Webasto to be quieter and more economical than your previous Eberspacher?
  11. Can not reply to topics

    That's interesting to note as the skin/design of Canal World is not optimised for IE, but is optimised/recommended for use with the following browsers: - Chrome - Safari - Firefox - Microsoft Edge The reason for this is because without going into technical detail, IE does not support as many web design technologies, or at least some of the ones Canal World makes use of. Initially this seemed odd to me but then when looking at the stats I noticed most of our users do not use IE. Of course, Canal World will still work in IE, just not quite as well. Canal World browser usage stats for anyone who is interested:
  12. I have a 16 year old Eberspacher D5W SC 12 volt, 5 kW. It's used to heat one rad + 2 fin rads and 1 towel rail, plus a 62 litre calorifier in a 55ft narrowboat. It is great when it works except for when temperatures get down to freezing, whereby I use my solid-fuel stove in combination. I'm not sure on their lifespan but 16 years sounds like some age and it doesn't surprise me it needs regular maintenance. Would it make sense at this point to replace it with something newer/more reliable and if so would a similar Webasto unit be better? Cheers RichM
  13. Is longer better or worse?

    Anyone willing to contribute/attach a photo relevant to this topic so I can feature it on the homepage? Much appreciated!
  14. Site Chat

    There's currently an issue with the main chat software we use (ArrowChat), so I've added the old ChatBox back temporarily which you can see on the right-hand side on the homepage. Cheers RichM
  15. Eberspacher D8lc

    Not sure I really understand this topic but I have a Eberspacher D5W SC, 16 years old. I've had it serviced twice in the two years I've have had it. I use it as my primary source of heating but also have a multi-fuel stove as my secondary source. I don't see why it's not suitable for this purpose? Works well for me on the whole but I've learned not to use it for anything less than an hour at a time as they carbon up causing them to fail on startup checks & subsequently shut down. That said I would not be surprised if it needs servicing again next year but considering the convenience it provides, it has (so far) been a small price to pay. It's nice being able to schedule it to fire up so I can awake to a warm boat and a piping hot shower in the morning!