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  1. New fenders - source?

    I use go-kart tyres but then I am frequently on a 100ft wide canal where there's boats weighing in excess of 80 tonnes. With the colour of my boat, I think I can just about get away with it without making the boat look ugly. Low cost and effective.
  2. Looks interesting. How does it look when fitted to a boat? Most port hole retro-fits I've seen look untidy where you can see the welding/indentations but your approach looks different so I'm interested to see how it looks when complete.
  3. Portable radios

    I'm also a fan of using car radios aboard, I have one forward and the other aft. Both are DAB and Bluetooth. They have USB ports as well so provide the additional benefit of being able to charge phones which is useful as I normally stream from my phone to my car radio via USB. Being small/compact, they don't get in the way. I'd recommend Sony or Pioneer units. I have JVC units which are not the best. Most have phono outputs which are useful if you want to connect up a sub-woofer. RichM
  4. I am (again) contemplating a more powerful engine to replace a 16 year old Barrus Shire 30. If I go-ahead at any point I've pretty much narrowed it down to either a Barrus Shire 45 or a Beta Marine 43. I'd be interested to see opinions of them both especially those which take both in comparison. Given she has a Barrus Shire at the moment, would there be less involved in replacing it with another Barrus Shire rather than one of another make? Cheers RichM
  5. Forum Technical Help Section

    This should be fixed now RichM
  6. Monthly paypal payment " bounced"

    Did it fail before or after removing your cards? If the subscription has cancelled and if you wish to renew it you may do so using our new donate system linked here: https://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/store/category/6-make-a-donation-to-canal-world/ Cheers RichM
  7. Which Computer anti Virus programme?

    Most paid-for versions come with a 30 day free trial so makes sense to download the fully featured trial before spending a penny. I personally use Bitdefender. You can often find discounts on https://www.vouchercodes.co.uk. Just type "bitdefender" or another AV of your choice. I also recommend the free version of Malwarebytes. It will detect malware that some AV programs won't.
  8. Editing

    Last time I checked the time period was set to 1 hour. If you need something edited for genuine reasons you may submit post report stating why and advise what you would like the post to be amended to and the mods will review. Cheers RichM
  9. Loss of power

    I just put my hand under the gearbox and on the starboard side, it feels wet. It is also a little wet underneath/murky but it has never been the driest of bilges. I imagine this is the likely suspect? It whizzes round absolutely fine in forward and reverse gear. Gave it some welly too. Had another look, admittedly I did not give the rudder a thorough check initially but it's free of debris.
  10. Loss of power

    Thanks both. The gearbox is a PRM 150 and the oil was changed only last month. The boat has been out 2/3 times since the oil was changed.
  11. Afternoon, Yesterday I noticed a loss of power on my boat. I had to use significantly more revs to get the boat to turn 90 degrees even though there were virtually no winds. It seemed to be engaging forward and reverse gears OK and the engine sounds/revs OK but there's an evident lack of power even when cruising along. Suspecting a fouled prop, I opened the weed hatch only to find the prop to be 100% free of any debris but after inspecting the blades, I noticed one is slightly bent with a 1/2 inch cut in it. Problem is I am not sure how long it has been like that and although it shouldn't be like that, I don't know if it may be a red herring in regards to the loss of power. Any thoughts? Cheers RichM
  12. Replacement water pump

    I had this problem with my Shurflow. Most recommended I replace the pump as there's no guarantee replacing the gasket will fix the leak. Very easy to replace, though I replaced it with a Whale pump.
  13. Video

    Last time I checked, it was a mixed result when considering all votes. The videos featured are what's known as a YouTube "vlog" or video blog. Viewed by thousands of viewers, they provide a visual perspective of boating and the lifestyles that come with it. Some of the individuals who produce the featured videos also make references back to Canal World and in doing so, they're increasing our internet exposure. I guess you could call it as a form of promotion which works for them and Canal World, without costing anyone anything. As with any forum, people come and go and as such we're keen to keep people coming, both new and existing users. I will see if we can find a way to hide them for those who would prefer to do that. Though, I understand a few users do this via browser addons. Feedback is always welcome. RichM
  14. Engine emissions

    If you have a budget of £60k but like the idea of having space (judging from your blog) then you will find some very nice 70ft narrowboats for that money. I too get claustrophobic but strangely, not on a narrowboat but I guess it helps that I am quite a minimalist so don't have much clutter. It may be worth having a look at some of the longer narrowboats out there as you may be surprised and it would certainly fit your budget. RichM
  15. Engine emissions

    Looking at your blog it looks like you're having a Dutch Barge style boat built? Arguably the two most important things of a boat are: - The hull - The engine Putting in any old engine or an under-powered engine isn't ideal, perhaps moreso on a big heavy Dutch Barge. As for the Chinese engines - you will find many horror stories on here. It's probably best to go for something more reputable like a Beta, Barrus Shire or Isuzu to name a few. If your budget is a constraint, it may be worth sacrificing in other non-key areas. RichM