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  1. Barton Aqueduct closure dates 2018

    Annual 2 week closure for maintenance of the aqueduct is as follows :- Closing Monday 5th March 2018 Opening Monday 19th March 2018 Info from the Bridgewater Canal Company
  2. How to tackle the damp???? Any ideas??? Thanx

    We have a couple of the moisture traps on our 40ft narrowboat and although they do work I don't think that they will cure your problem. Heat and adequate ventilation needed I think.
  3. Defibrillators

    More and more people are being trained nowadays and they are simple to use. If you have not been shown just follow the instructions inside the box and listen to what the machine says.
  4. RIP Leon Bernicoff

    Highlights of this year are on channel 4 tonight at 9.00pm.
  5. Etiquette!

    As I am deaf I would obviously miss all the beautiful sounds that you all mention.
  6. Fill Yer Tanks and Top Up Yer Coal

    That sounds like a plan. Try my leaf blower on the roof after it has snowed.
  7. Canal charity launches new pontoon in Wigan

    The new pontoon has been positioned below the dry dock lock where the towpath walls are are very high. There is one water point there and I can only assume that CaRT intend to put waste disposal bins in the adjacent yard. If anyone does moor on the pontoon they will be blocking access to the water point and waste disposal site.
  8. Boat swap

    Have a look at the canaljunction website.
  9. Yank - Books on Canalside Plant Life

    Think about going down onto the Montgomery canal as well as there are canalside nature reserves on the route.
  10. Bridgewater Canal closure 20.11.17 - 29.11.17

    Reminder that this stoppage starts next week.
  11. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    You have not said what you were going to do so just in case you have gone on the Bridgewater Canal have a look at the CWF stoppage page for information about a stoppage next week at Castlefield basin.
  12. Bridgewater Canal notice no 11/2017 The canal will be closed for the inspection and cleaning of Merchants bridge in Castlefield on the following dates:- Closed Mon 20.11.17 to Fri 24.11.17 8.00am to 4.30pm Navigation open Sat 25th and Sun 26th Closed Mon 27.11.17 to Wed 29.11.17. 8.00am to 4.30pm Please note that during the closure of navigation boats will not be able to navigate in or out of Castlefield basin or access lock 92 on to the Rochdale canal.
  13. Private Vs Broker

    Pick up a free copy of Towpath Talk at your nearest chandeliers.
  14. Brittany Cruising

    Have a look at the billybubbles website. Bill Davies spent a few years boating in France and you may pick up some tips.
  15. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    To avoid this in future you should go onto the CaRT website and sign up to receive stoppage information for the canals of your choice.