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  1. Residential Mooring Bridgwater Canal

    Have a look at the Bridgewater Canal Company website to find a full list of moorings and also other information that you may need.
  2. Stern deck cover - taking down for cruising

    Mine has two brackets which hold it just above the tiller.
  3. Many Thanks Posters & Swanley Bridge - Newbie on the Cut!!

    Three young kiddies. I hope you have WiFi, that was the first thing my 3 younger grandkids asked about when they came out with me 3 weeks ago.
  4. New Islington Marina

    Just seen it on the Manchester Evening News that the marina has been given a reprieve and that boaters can stay ufn.
  5. Buying Narrowboats

    Welcome to the forum Russ. There are a few marinas and moorings at and within a few miles of Barbridge on the Shropshire Union Canal
  6. Unlicenced boats!

    Yes, mine is on the Bridgewater Canal which is owned by the Bridgewater Canal Company.
  7. Moving boat Manchester to Bath options?

    To be lifted out of the water you could enquire at Hesford Marine or Lymm Marina on the Bridgewater Canal. Approximately 4 hours cruising from Manchester.
  8. Hoods

    There was someone based at Nantwich Marina when we went past a few months ago.
  9. Towpath Improvement

    Did I not read somewhere that it is now CaRT official policy to leave the cycle barriers open. The majority of the cycle barriers on the Leeds and Liverpool in the Wigan area are left open.
  10. Llangollen trip

    Cotton Arms, Wrenbury
  11. Wigan area restrictions

    The flight can only be entered from either end between 8.00am and 9.00 am daily.
  12. Bilge pumps and Bilges

    Our Liverpool boat has bilge pump below the stern gland. It has an automatic setting which seems to activate when water is a few inches deep and a manual setting which we use at the end of a days sailing.
  13. Wigan area restrictions

    Passage through Wigan has been restricted to twice daily ufn. The locks will be padlocked at all other times due to water shortages.
  14. Pomona Lock Manchester

    That's the one. All the info is there for Dean.
  15. Pomona Lock Manchester

    Dean Contact the Bridgewater Canal Company for an up to date booklet of conditions. In my copy (2008) it says that a Certificate of Seaworthiness or BSC or Declaration of Conformity is mandatory so you should be ok.