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  1. Wet bilge (engine bay)

    Ive got a semi trad and used to get a lot off water in the bilges after a heavy rain storm a bucket or so. Had a good look at it when i repainted it and found that in the drainage channels were ok but found where they run under the deck they was welded to the deck but where there went under the gunnels the were open at the top where they raised up and the water was gushing in there. As a try it and see i cabled tied some twin wall roofing stuff to the open bits that was a few months ago and all I've had is maybe a few mop full of water in that time.
  2. Armourguard Alternatives

    Jotun tankguard dw but think you can only get it in a big tin. Ive just redone mine using the bitumen stuff. 4 coats done by the roller with the thought of draining every year inspecting and revisiting and flaking patches.
  3. Water tank sealer

    I went down the blackjack route. Done 4 coats with a roller. Sunday when I go back it would have been drying for a week. So should be dry. The cover had been off. I'm going to blast clean with a hose and a new mop. Fill leave soaking for the week drain and refill. Would it be worth sterilising it on the second week fill and leave for a few days?
  4. Our macerator toilet started to smell a bit. It smelt like fermenting wee. Found out it was the pipes going to the holding tank, replaced them cleaned the macerator pump all ok now but we do sometimes get a whiff from the vent when we flush off rotten sprouts. When we use the boat for the week it's not to bad as we are flushing and venting it, it's when we only go of a weekend and not Beeb flushed all week. I've tried odourless but don't think it's as good now as it used to be. I was advised rubberpiped should be replaced every 5 years or so as the smell starts to permeate through the rubber.
  5. Water tank inspection cover resealing

    Thanks im going to try some hatch tape. I've got some spare on the boat to see how it goes.
  6. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    I will look when I'm on the boat tomorrow. It's however it was when we bought the boat. You learn something every day.
  7. How to best connect up 3 x leisure batteries

    Got me thinking now to wire my bank of 4 up like method 2. I've got to remove them to paint under them in the engine bay.
  8. I'm in the finishing throws of resealing my water tank its got me thinking about resealing the cover I've got some silicone sealant marine stuff. Or could I use the stuff you use on the weed hatch cover. I want to do a yearly inspection what would be easier to get off the last lot of silicone was a right pain to get off.
  9. Plastic Deckboards

    I sealed my edges with a mixture someone on here gave me. A dollop off silkiflex, egg cup off white spirit and a egg cup off black gloss mix well and apply. It dries rubberie ish.
  10. Plastic Deckboards

    I thought about this to when mine needed replacing. But decided not to. I opted for buffalo board bought a big 8x4 sheet from http://www.advancedtechnicalpanels.co.uk/products/buffalo-board-birch-plywood they delivered it to my house I had enough wood to make two engine covers one split one, one whole one which I will use winter time when the boat is not in use so much. And four new seats. Two front and two at the rear ive left a small off cut untreated in the garden to see how it lasts it's been there a few months. Ow and compared to the so called marine ply I had it's not been affected at all.
  11. Engine won't start!

    Just a thought Rich how about the red cut off switch breaking up. I say that I lost my 12v domestic side while out on the canal a few months ago lights dimmed then just stopped working and that was the red cut off switch. My son rode back to the marina shop got a new one all worked well.
  12. Need a new fridge.

    Nothing yet. I'm still away in the boat. Will have a good look when I get home in the next few days where I can look on the computer rather than this stupid phone. Not rushing into it still not sure which way was thinking 240v when we go out the inverter is always on. Will only be using the boat for a few nights at a time until October so can cope with a cool box till then. But will keep you all informed.
  13. Open Canal Map

    Looks good my son for the fun off it has started to make an app for the iPhone for the Gloucester Sharpness Canal. I don't understand a single thing he is doing it's beyond me. Think he is going to submit it soon to Apple.
  14. Need a new fridge.

  15. Need a new fridge.

    Thanks I'll look into more detail when we get home at the kWh. Maybe a fridge with ice box. In the meantime I'll keep drinking my ice cream.